Chapter 1360 It is Time

Tai Xuan’s death marked the end of the Stone Dragon Secret Domain battle.

The Sacred Race army’s morale was already crumbling when the all-heavens army launched their crazed counterattack. The scenes of Tai Xuan and the Sacred God phantasm being destroyed had extinguished their will to fight.

Moreover, the elite Sacred Race Law Domain experts had already handed over their vital energy to Tai Xuan earlier. As such, they were currently in a weakened state, making them incapable of resisting the all-heavens army.

What’s more, Tai Xuan’s killer, Zhou Yuan, was closely watching them from the sky. His cold gaze made their hearts shiver, and no one dared to look back in fear that he would notice them.

Hence, they did not hesitate to retreat when they saw the all-heavens army flooding towards them.

The Sacred Race army were now defeated troops.

In the sky, Zhou Yuan’s expression gradually relaxed as he observed the all-heavens army tear into the Sacred Race army. This battle had been extremely dangerous to him. If the sacred dragon blessing had not been made whole again at the most crucial juncture, and enabled him to ascend to the Law Domain stage, they would be the ones who would be desperately fleeing instead.

Tai Xuan was very powerful and had been an exceptionally difficult opponent.

Although he had slain Tai Xuan, his heart could not help but feel somewhat heavy. After repeatedly clashing with the Sacred Race over the years, he felt an increasingly tremendous pressure as he came to experience more and more of their terrifying power.

Moreover, he also understood that everything he had seen so far was merely the tip of the iceberg.

There had been growing friction between the Sacred Race and the all-heavens for the past few years, and he was not the only one who could feel the approaching storm. He knew that it would not be long before the Sacred Race began the second world-ending war.

When that time came, it would be a true storm of blood that no one could avoid.

When the war eventually started, even the Law Domain stage would not be enough to protect his family and friends, especially because of Yaoyao’s special identity.

There would be huge changes in the future and if Zhou Yuan wanted to have the power to influence some of these changes, he would, at the very least, need to reach the Saint stage.

Only by becoming a Saint expert could one consider oneself part of the group that stood at the apex of this world.

Zhou Yuan, your current power is still not enough.

A determined light slowly grew in Zhou Yuan’s eyes.


Outside the Stone Dragon Secret Domain, where the all-heavens Saint experts were.

Everyone was in a rather good mood, the Saint experts unable to stop themselves from smiling. Their gazes were filled with admiration as they looked towards a certain young figure in the secret domain.

Even prime sovereign Jin Luo was stroking his long brows as smiled at Cang Yuan and said, “Cang Yuan, your disciple is really amazing. It seems that you won’t be able to escape having a three Saint faction.”

The other Saint experts sighed, a little envy in their eyes as they looked towards Cang Yuan. They were all overlords in the all-heavens that ruled over powerful factions. It was impossible for ordinary matters to draw out such feelings from them, but a three Saint faction was a great accomplishment even for Saint experts like them.

Although the all-heavens Saint experts belonged to the Omega Shrine, it was not completely peaceful within and there were often differing opinions. For example, Cang Yuan had been left with no choice but to steal the Ancestral Dragon Stone Egg, forcing him to hide amidst the countless spatial cracks for many years.

It was because he did not have enough influence.

A triple Saint faction would greatly increase his influence. After all, the close relation between master and disciple would make them far closer than any other group.

While the many Saint experts were giving their congratulations, supreme sovereign Lu Liu’s face twitched. Although he was at loggerheads with Cang Yuan, there was nothing he could do now but keep these bitter and jealous feelings inside.

This should have originally been a stage for his disciple, Xu Beiyan, to shine and gain the favor of many Saint experts. When that happened, numerous precious resources would naturally pour in, improving Xu Beiyan’s odds of becoming a Saint expert.

Who could have imagined that Zhou Yuan would be the one to steal the spotlight instead.

At the thought of Cang Yuan’s triple Saint faction, Lu Liu could feel his face turn green with jealousy and frustration.

Due to the numerous times they had butted heads, he would of course hope for his own disciple to become a Saint expert. When that happened, their influence would surely surpass Cang Yuan’s group.

Cang Yuan’s expression remained composed despite the many congratulations he received. He looked deeply at the Stone Dragon Secret Domain and said in a seemingly casual manner, “My disciple can’t stand any grain of sand in his eyes, it’d be best not to praise him so quickly prime sovereign.”

The other Saint experts were a little confused. Only prime sovereign Jin Luo began to frown as he helplessly sighed as if faced with another problem.


While the all-heavens were celebrating their victory, the atmosphere was rather heavy on the Sacred Race side.

Numerous Sacred Race Saint experts had stormy expressions, their anger causing the domain to shake as if unable to bear the terrible power.

“Useless trash!” A Saint expert angrily cursed, clearly blaming Tai Xuan.

“So much support and such a good plan but they still failed to win. How disappointing.”

“Tai Xuan is useless!”

Many Saint experts were clearly enraged. In the end, their gazes looked towards a certain direction where space collapsed into itself, forming a black hole. A silhouette could be seen in the black hole that gave off a terrifying pressure.

It was prime saint Tai Mi.

As he felt the numerous Saint experts’ gazes, his tightly shut eyes cracked open a sliver as an emotionless voice sounded, “What’s there to bicker about, if they failed then they failed. Moreover, no one can take food from the Sacred Race’s mouth.

“Rules are merely for the weak. Who can possibly make our Sacred Race abide by the rules in the Tianyuan World?”

The gazes of the Sacred Race Saint experts flashed. Soon after, a chilling light filled their eyes.

Prime saint Tai Mi waved his sleeve. Spatial undulations suddenly rippled in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain as spatial cracks appeared in front of the defeated Sacred Race army. The troops hurriedly swarmed in like dogs that had lost their homes.

The pursuit of the Sacred Race army came to a stop. The thick stench of blood spread across the battlefield. Only god knew how many Sacred Race experts had been killed.

Everyone had violence in their eyes, the strong smell of blood wafting from their bodies.

However, they finally relaxed when the Sacred Race army escaped and soon erupted into deafening cheers, causing the entire domain to vibrate a little.

Gaze after gaze filled with respect turned towards the young figure in the sky.

After this battle, everyone knew that Zhou Yuan would become the true number one expert under the Saint stage in the all-heavens!

Under their watching gazes, Zhou Yuan waved his hand and said, “Prepare to occupy all of the battle zone anchor points.”

The army swiftly acknowledged.

Zhou Yuan slowly descended from the air and walked towards a certain direction with a completely composed face.

Although he did not display any emotions, the surrounding all-heavens experts could feel that something was wrong. Hence, the crowd hurriedly parted, opening a path for him.

As Zhou Yuan continued to advance, a figure whose expression was rapidly changing appeared at the end of the path.

The crowd looked over and were slightly taken aback by the sight of Xu Beiyan.

What was Zhou Yuan going to do?

Under the crowd’s bewildered gazes, Zhou Yuan’s footsteps ultimately came to a stop in front of Xu Beiyan.

The corners of Xu Beiyan’s eyes twitched a little as he forced a smile and said, “Congratulations grand elder Zhou Yuan on your amazing contributions.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were as calm as a deep pool. He stared at Xu Beiyan as a voice tinged with faint killing intent softly sounded, “Xu Beiyan, it is time to settle things between us.”

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