Chapter 136 First Encounter with Wu Huang


A surge of powerful Genesis Qi swept out from the figure in golden robes like a storm. The flesh, blood and bones in his body seemed to vibrate at this moment as a faint dragon roar echoed.

A mighty and dignified aura spread from his body as if he was a king.

The other diners in the vicinity were also caught in the aftershocks, their sorry figures backing away one after another. Although they were pretty mad inside, they could only swallow the angry yells that were about to escape their mouths when they saw who the figure was.

The mighty aura converged into a maelstrom of power before sweeping towards Zhou Yuan.

“Hee hee, my word, isn’t the crown prince of the Great Wu Empire being a little too tyrannical? This place isn’t owned by your family, can’t you let others...

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