Chapter 1359 The Final Outcome


When supreme power poured out from the stone dragon’s giant mouth, time seemed to stand still for a moment, Genesis Qi rapidly retreating as if in the presence of the emperor.

It was power that could directly lock onto fate itself. No matter what the target did, it was near impossible to avoid once it appeared.

Hence, when everyone returned to their senses again, the supreme power had already landed on the mysterious Sacred God phantasm.

There was no noise nor any earth-shaking collision. As the power swept past, the Sacred God phantasm that gave off an endless pressure, began to disintegrate little by little. In the end, it completely disappeared from this world under the horrified gazes of countless Sacred Race experts.

The stone dragon also slowly fell still.

The entire place was silent.

It was not just the armies, even the Saint experts on both sides could not stop their expressions from changing.

“Zhou Yuan managed to rouse the remnant Ancestral Dragon’s power?!” blurted out a Saint expert, clearly astonished.

Although the Ancestral Dragon will was extremely faint, they were shocked because they could not understand how Zhou Yuan had managed to draw it out. One must know that was supreme power beyond even Saint experts like themselves. Moreover, Zhou Yuan was merely a new Law Domain expert! 

Prime sovereign Jin Luo slowly said, “It must be due to the appearance of the Sacred God phantasm.

“There is a substantial amount of Ancestral Dragon will present in this domain, naturally allowing for Ancestral Dragon power to gather. The appearance of the Sacred God phantasm likely caused a reaction from the Ancestral Dragon power here. Due to these reasons, Zhou Yuan was able to act as the catalyst and rouse the Ancestral Dragon power in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain to destroy the Sacred God phantasm.”

The eyes of the other Saint experts flashed in understanding. This made sense. Although the Sacred God phantasm was, strictly speaking, not even a proper projection, it was still a provocation to the Ancestral Dragon power. 

Like how a tiger would be chased out when it entered the territory of another tiger.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo stared at the Stone Dragon Secret Domain. Although Zhou Yuan had succeeded in rousing the Ancestral Dragon’s remnant power most because of the Sacred God phantasm’s appearance, the primal divine rune he drew previously also played a significant part.

It was likely some kind of super Saint Genesis Art that was closely related to the Ancestral Dragon. 

A Saint Genesis Art of that level was something that even Saint experts would have difficulty learning.

However, it was not strange when he took into account Zhou Yuan’s relationship with that person.

Regardless, the Sacred God phantasm had been destroyed and the other party no longer had any tricks left. The outcome of the Stone Dragon Secret Domain battle was now clear.


“The Sacred God phantasm has been destroyed?!”

“Impossible! Impossible!”

“Even a phantasm of the supreme Sacred God is not an existence that Zhou Yuan can contend with!”


In contrast to the all-heavens Saint experts’ astonishment, the Sacred Race army on the battlefield was falling apart. Their faith told them that the Sacred God was a supreme being and was the apex of power in this world.

However, a Sacred God phantasm had been destroyed right before their eyes, dealing a substantial blow to their beliefs.

Compared to the defeated and mourning atmosphere on the Sacred Race side, the all-heavens army was in a shocked daze. Even the mouths of the third stage Law Domain experts twitched faintly, unable to utter a single word for a time.

After all, destroying a Sacred God phantasm was unimaginable to them.

Zhou Yuan’s complexion looked rather pale as he stood in the air. The technique he had used earlier was naturally the Ancestral Dragon Moves the Heavens art, through which he was just barely able to rouse the sliver of remnant Ancestral Dragon power here.

At the end of the day, Tai Xuan was just too foolish. It would have been impossible for Zhou Yuan to do anything if the Sacred God phantasm had not been summoned.

His gaze turned towards the nine-star Saint Pupil. When the Sacred God phantasm disappeared, the Saint Pupil froze in place, no longer able to respond.

“It seems that your last-ditch attempt has failed.” Zhou Yuan chuckled.

The nine-star Saint Pupil trembled as it rose upwards, staring at him. Zhou Yuan could sense a feeling of fear from it.

The power earlier had likewise terrified the last wisp of Tai Xuan’s Spirit.

Moreover, he also understood that he had lost completely.

He had nothing left.

“I...I can’t accept this!” howled Tai Xuan as countless veins suddenly appeared in the nine-star Sacred Pupil. He could not accept this outcome. This should have been his greatest opportunity, he should have been able to use this stage to step into the Saint stage!

Everything had been going smoothly all along. Who could have imagined that Zhou Yuan would suddenly sweep in!

Tai Xuan was filled with endless regret. He regretted not doing all he could to destroy Zhou Yuan earlier, allowing him to ascend to the Law Domain stage!

This tiny mistake had changed the entire outcome!


More and more veins appeared in the nine-star Sacred Pupil as the power within it grew increasingly berserk. With a loud bang, it exploded under countless shocked gazes.


A mournful and frustrated cry echoed.

Everyone was dumbstruck. They understood that Tai Xuan was thoroughly dead this time...

The battle between the apex experts of the Law Domain stage had finally been decided.

It was an outcome that surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Zhou Yuan won and Tai Xuan died!

The Sacred Race army’s faces turned deathly pale as if their mothers had died.

After a brief silence, thunderous cheers erupted from the all-heavens side, their faces turned red with excitement and jubilation as they screamed Zhou Yuan’s name, their booming voices dashing the clouds above.

In this moment, Zhou Yuan was the hero who had held up the collapsing sky!

Chi Jing could not help but grin a little as she looked at Zhou Yuan’s figure. The little Divine Dwelling practitioner she had met back then had created countless miracles over the years. She had a premonition that even their master might only be able to look up to his disciple’s future accomplishments.

Perhaps, his legend had just begun.

“It’s been hard on you, junior brother. You are the hero of our all-heavens.” She placed a hand on her chest and breathed a deep sigh of relief, finally letting go of the long suppressed worry and anxiousness.

Xu Beiyan’s face twitched, his eyes filled with envy as he watched the all-heavens experts cheer for Zhou Yuan. He understood how great Zhou Yuan’s status and fame would become in the all-heavens after this battle.

In a certain manner of speaking, he could already stand shoulder to shoulder with the Saint experts.

It was everything Xu Beiyan had originally wished for...

Why did this guy always snatch away everything he wanted?!

Zhou Yuan was clearly beneath Xu Beiyan’s level previously. If not for Cang Yuan and the goddess, Zhou Yuan would not have even been noticed by him. However, the same Zhou Yuan had now surpassed in him both strength and reputation.

Xu Beiyan’s cultivation journey had always been smooth-sailing. Everyone said he was favored by the heavens and he was very popular and respected. At this moment, however, he finally learnt the meaning of jealousy.

In the air, Zhou Yuan gazed at the spot where the nine-star Sacred Pupil had disappeared and breathed a heavy sigh of relief. He looked towards the cheering all-heavens army as his calm voice sounded, “This is not the time to relax. Everyone, hear my command and attack! We will chase the Sacred Race out of the Stone Dragon Secret Domain! Victory belongs to our all-heavens!”

He extended his hand and pointed towards the Sacred Race army that had fallen into disarray.

“Understood!” He was replied by a thunderous response. Even the proud third stage Law Domain experts obediently acknowledged Zhou Yuan’s command.

The all-heavens army rushed forward like a flood, torrential Genesis Qi brimming as they charged towards the Sacred Race army.

All of their pent up frustration and anger was finally let loose.

By this stage, anyone could see who victory belonged to...

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