Chapter 1356 Battle at the Pinnacle Level

The infinite blood prison descended, blocking all escape routes. 

Under terrified and worried gazes, Zhou Yuan lifted his hand and a gourd shining with strange lights loomed and eventually became a tangible object. 

There wasn’t a ripple of expression on Zhou Yuan's face. He stared at the rainbow glass gourd in his hand and instilled vast amounts of grade-9 Genesis Qi into it. He had used the rainbow glass gourd once before, but he had to sacrifice all of Silver Shadow’s Genesis Qi to activate it then.

But he no longer needed external help.

His own Genesis Qi foundation coupled with his grade-9 Genesis Qi were enough to use such a super Saint Genesis Art by himself!

Zhou Yuan could fully display the power of the super Saint Genesis Art.

As vast amounts of Genesis Qi poured into Zhou Yuan’s body, the dazzling luster on the rainbow glass gourd gradually faded, and seen from afar, it didn’t seem as strong as before.

Only some third Law Domain stage experts could perceive that the waves of dangerous aura emitting from the rainbow gourd had reached an indescribably terrifying level. Even looking at it from afar, their hair stood on end, as though a calamity was about to descend. 

The feeling was as though they would no doubt die once the gourd locked onto them. 

Mysterious qi spiralled out from the gourd’s mouth, converging to form a short rainbow shuttle.

The shuttle was less than an inch, but that inch seemed to be engraved with endless ancient runes, which seemed to have been born since the world first began. Each one was incredibly ancient, obscure and difficult to detect even if one exhausted their Spirit power. 

When Zhou Yuan previously performed this art, he only managed to form a red shuttle silhouette, but now, the silhouette had transformed into tangible substance and also changed from red to a mysterious rainbow color. 

It resembled a divine object that accumulated the essence of the world and possessed the power to split the sky and slay saints.

A faint layer of scarlet light surrounded the shuttle’s blade. Although it appeared insignificant, it contained terrifying heat that could incinerate the land within a radius of one thousand li. This, combined with its razor sharpness, it seemed capable of splitting and setting the sky ablaze.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was very calm as he stared at the short rainbow shuttle that had accumulated all his strength. He gently flicked his fingers.

The rainbow glass gourd quivered and the rainbow shuttle at the gourd’s mouth produced a long and clear cry. As the sound waves vibrated, cracks split nearby space. This was caused by the soundwaves’ razor-sharpness.  

“Go.” As Zhou Yuan uttered, the rainbow shuttle vanished with a flash. Many Law Domain experts felt a chill in their hearts when they saw such demonic speed. They wouldn’t have the time to react, let alone evade if it came for them.

They peered up to see a stream of rainbow light directly colliding with the infinite blood prison crashing down.

One was like a mountain, its crushing strength spanning thousands of feet, while the other was just a beam of rainbow light. In terms of size, it was like an ant trying to shake a giant tree. However, when the two collided, monstrous Genesis Qi waves erupted and raged across the world. 

Moreover, the infinite blood prison was blocked!

There were just giant waves of Genesis Qi, but even third Law Domain stage experts felt pressure and a tingling sensation rush across their skin.

The collision was astonishing.    

Above the sea of blood, Tai Xuan coldly watched the collision with his scarlet-red eyes, and a trace of anger flashed across his face. This kid really is tough.

“You are my biggest obstacle to becoming a Saint. I must kill you today!”

Vicious tendencies rose to Tai Xuan’s eyes as he folded his palms together. His body began to wither faster and blood qi as vast as an ocean rose and flowed along his body before tunnelling into the Sacred Pupil between his brows. 

The Sacred Pupil grew increasingly brighter while Tai Xuan’s body almost turned into a dried-up skeleton.  

The eight stars in his Sacred Pupils began to spin and a blood-red light diagram was taking shape. 

Wisps of blood-red sticky smoke curled up from the light diagram and immediately shuttled through space and entered the infinite blood prison.


Changes began to happen within the infinite blood prison. Creatures started to appear in it, but those creatures were tortured inside the blood prison and were in utter misery. They could neither live nor die.

Resentments were accumulating inside the prison, and due to the resentment’s influence, the infinite blood prison underwent huge changes again. The suppressive pressure erupted from it suddenly skyrocketed and even the rainbow light from the rainbow shuttle showed signs of being suppressed. Many all-heavens experts’ hearts sank when they saw this. 

Zhou Yuan also sensed the changes within the infinite blood prison and couldn’t help marvelling at its power. Tai Xuan is indeed tricky to deal with. He is worthy of being called the strongest at the Sacred Race’s Law Domain stage. 


“You won’t win today,” said Zhou Yuan calmly.

“Ridiculous! I want to see if you would still act tough when I suppress you inside the infinite blood prison?" Tai Xuan sneered mockingly. 

Zhou Yuan didn't respond. Staring at the rainbow shuttle, he whispered,


“Earth Saint.”    

“Heavenly Punishment.”  

“Mysterious King.”   

Every time he whispered, an ancient Saint Rune floated out from the rainbow shuttle’s tip and drifted along its edge.

“Four Saint Runes, transform!”  

As the four Saint Runes were operated, the mysterious rainbow light around the shuttle gradually faded and the four Saint Runes released a chaotic color. In just a few breaths, the rainbow shuttle transformed into a chaotic shuttle. 

Moreover, the power gathered around also started to change in a special way. 

It released waves of power that made the heaven and earth quake.

Tai Xuan's pupils suddenly shrank because he could feel that the rainbow shuttle’s power was similar to Saint power!  

“How could he possess Saint power?!” A storm again surged in Tai Xuan's heart. Although that wasn't the true form of Saint power, it was an early form.

It should be said that Saint power could only be created when one’s Genesis Qi transformed after one reached the Saint Stage and formed a deeper connection with the world. 

However, under his horrified gaze, the short shuttle that had become a chaotic color unleashed a clear and resounding noise. It echoed in every corner of the Stone Dragon Secret Domain, drawing responses from the world. Vast amounts of Genesis Qi rolled across the sky, forming a Genesis Qi storm above the battlefield. 

However, no one noticed such a strange spectacle because the infinite blood prison crackled as though it couldn’t bear a heavy load, and cracks rapidly spread across the prison. 

The cracks only lasted a few breaths before they reached their limit and the blood prison exploded to pieces.  

The countless Spirit seals it contained were also obliterated. 

Those Spirit seals were people that Tai Xuan had suppressed and killed in the past!


Tai Xuan was also affected when the infinite blood prison broke apart. A jet of blood spurted from his mouth and his face blanched with horror and resentment. 

That infinite blood prison was the result of his many years of hard work, but Zhou Yuan had destroyed it and it couldn’t be used ever again. 

But before he roared out in fury, a chill came to his heart and he felt a stream of chaos light pierced through space and locked onto him with lightning speed as though it teleported.

All Tai Xuan’s hair stood on end and a feeling of death, which he had never experienced before, suddenly rushed to his heart. 

In the blink of an eye, Tai Xuan hurriedly drew back and shot out a bronze bloodstained spear. It was his Sacred Genesis Weapon.

It was just that he didn't think that his Sacred Genesis Weapon, which had lost its lotus seal, would be able to block the chaos shuttle. Therefore, he gritted his teeth and self-exploded the Sacred Genesis Weapon that had accompanied him for years.


The bronze spear explosion created a terrifying force that gushed towards the chaos light.

The two forces collided. Although the chaos light still penetrated through the force in the end, its chaos light became much weaker than before. 

After passing the multiple layers of Genesis Qi defenses that Tai Xuan set up in front of him, it exhausted all its strength and gradually broke to pieces.

Tai Xuan breathed a sigh of relief. He was already drenched in sweat, which made him extremely annoyed because he had never tasted such embarrassment in his life!

“Zhou Yuan!”  

He shot a ruthless glare at Zhou Yuan, who was in the distance, and just as he was about to spew out some vicious words from his mouth, an indescribable chilling feeling rushed to his heart and he sensed something wrong. 

Then, he saw a bizarre fragment shooting out from the smashed chaos shuttle. 

The fragment emitted an extremely ancient aura as if it had lived as long as heaven and earth. Moreover, the power it contained seemed older than the prime Saints in the Sacred Race!

All his defenses were useless. 

He could only watch the ancient fragment speed across the sky and pierce right through his chest. 

The Genesis Qi between heaven and earth suddenly stilled at that moment.

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