Chapter 1355 The Nine Seals of the Blood Prison, the Prison Suppresses Nine Heavens

When Tai Xuan plunged into the ground and smashed out a deep abyss, the all-heavens army broke into wild joy while the Sacred Race army broke into a commotion. 

They couldn't accept such an outcome.   

After all, Tai Xuan had previously suppressed the all-heavens in an invincible manner. How would he be crushed by a kid who was only at the Nascent Source stage?!

“Hmph, Tai Xuan is just a spear that shines like silver. He looks impressive but is so useless!”

“He wasn’t worth us sacrificing!” Top Sacred Race experts fumed and seemed to be very dissatisfied. 

After all, they became the background to make Tai Xuan stand out in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain. This was also the Sacred Race Saints’s wish and so didn’t dare to disobey.

No one complained when Tai Xuan single handedly swept away the enemies, but now that the Sacred Race had fallen into a disadvantaged state, they began to feel that it wasn't worth going to such effort to combine their strength to help Tai Xuan and become his stepping stones. 

“Okay, stop talking nonsense. Whatever you guys say won’t help the present situation. You shouldn’t boost other people’s courage and reduce our morale. That kid isn’t ordinary, but do you think Tai Xuan is easy to deal with? Even if you don’t believe in him, you should trust the Saints’ eyes!” Their complaints didn’t continue for long and were soon stopped by some calmer people. 

Many top Sacred Race experts fell silent, and their resentment gradually subsided. In truth, they were unhappy that Tai Xuan occupied the spotlight in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain and were jealous that the Saints chose Tai Xuan and even planned this opportunity for him. If he succeeded he likely would become a new Saint of the Sacred Race and there would be a world of difference in status between them and him. 

Reaching the Saint stage was everyone’s ultimate goal. 

But even if they were jealous of Tai Xuan’s opportunity, they understood that the outcome of the Stone Dragon Secret Domain was in the battle between Tai Xuan and Zhou Yuan. Of course they hoped that Tai Xuan could suppress Zhou Yuan and make the all-heavens army tremble at the Sacred Race’s name. 

Hovering in the air, Zhou Yuan peered down at the giant abyss-like rift. The depths showed how fierce his counterattack was. 

He glanced at the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s tip, where the golden lotus seal had disappeared.

After all, Zhou Yuan wasn’t at the saint stage and he was only just barely able to form a special lotus seal with the help of the mysterious grade-9 Galaxy Sacred Dragon Qi. Even so, Zhou Yuan was still shocked by its power. 

It was one of the strongest powers in the world. 

But Zhou Yuan knew that although the attack could wound Tai Xuan, it was impossible to kill him.


While Zhou Yuan was pondering, the ground suddenly vibrated and he heard rushing water. Then, everyone saw blood-red water roaring out from the thousand-feet-deep abyss like a dragon. 

Fiendish qi filled the sky.    

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes, his gaze penetrating the blood water, and he found a figure lying on his back in the depths. 

Tai Xuan’s eyes were tightly closed and his white hair had become blood-red to the tip as though fused with blood. Even the sight of him would make one shudder with fear.


As thought sensed Zhou Yuan’s gaze, Tai Xuan suddenly opened his eyes, which had become scarlet-red and without any pupils. Moreover, they contained boundless fiendish aura like those of a world-devastating blood demon. 

Waves lifted high up from the sea of blood and nine tremendous whirlpools took shape, shooting pillars of blood-colored light into the sky.  

Within the blood-colored light were nine blood seals expanding with the wind. Moreover, Tai Xuan’s body was gradually withering with the nine blood seals’ appearance. 

All all-heavens experts’ eyes went wide with horror because they could tell that Tai Xuan was summoning a killing move. 

Many top experts on the Sacred Race’s side lit up with joy.

“That’s...the Nine Seals of Blood Prison?! A top super Saint Genesis Art of our Sacred Race!”

“This is the first time I saw someone other than Saints summon a complete Nine Seals of Blood Prison!”

“Tai Xuan is amazing. Make the lowly race know that they can’t free themselves from our Sacred Race’s suppression regardless of how they resist!”

“The victory will surely be decided now that that super genesis art has been activated!”


They all felt a heavy weight had been lifted from them. Tai Xuan was clearly angered by his failure and didn’t hold back his attack anymore. With such a powerful Saint Genesis Art combined with his terrifying foundation, he could destroy all enemies. 

Zhou Yuan’s expression grew grave as he stared at the blood seals within the nine beams of blood-colored light. The power they emitted was indeed devastating.

Even Zhou Yuan felt great danger.    

“A super Saint Genesis Art…?” A fierce light flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. He knew that he couldn’t have any reservation in a battle of such a level. Otherwise, if he retreated, it would be difficult to turn the situation around again.

The nine blood seals rushed out from the nine pillars of blood-colored light, colliding and fusing in the air. 

Nine Seals Unite!  

As blood-colored light roamed around, an infinite blood prison formed around the nine seals. The terrifying power it released could suppress even Genesis Qi upon contact.

As the sea of blood surged, Tai Xuan’s body was much more withered compared to before and his skin was pale as paper, but his red eyes that seemed to be dripping with blood emitted much more terrifying fishing qi than before.  

He locked his eyes on Zhou Yuan, and without saying anything, he raised both hands into the air.

“The Nine Seals of the Blood Prison, Prison Suppress the Nine Heavens!”

As his low voice died away, the infinite blood prison smashed through space and appeared directly above Zhou Yuan with a slight shake. The blood prison had completely suppressed and sealed the entire space. Then, it suddenly crashed down. 

The heaven and earth turned blood-red as a boundless foul wind started to rage. 

The infinite blood prison echoed with millions of painful roars. Both sides’ Law Domain experts’ faces twisted with pain and their Spirit quivered or even showed signs crumbling when they heard those roars. 

But fortunately, they were only affected by the shock waves and were able to prevent their Spirit from crumbling by circulating their Genesis Qi.

The experts on the all-heavens side frowned with worry. Even they could feel the terror of Tai Xuan’s counterattack outside. This was evidently a battle that could determine the victor. 

They didn’t know how Zhou Yuan would counterattack…  

Zhou Yuan similarly stared gravely at the infinite blood prison that was descending without any reservation. Once it crashed down, even death would be a luxury.

“I have fought with my life for many years. When have I ever been afraid of anyone?!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes glinted fiercely. A trash who relied on external means to strengthen himself wants to suppress me?! 

Zhou Yuan raised his hand and a gourd shining with extraordinary splendor emerged in his palm.

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