Chapter 1354 Zhou Yuan’s Counterattack

When the blood-red rings surrounded Zhou Yuan and imprisoned him, the all-heavens army troops frowned with worry. 

Who would have thought Tai Xuan would hold a lotus seal Sacred Genesis Weapon!

Even Saints wouldn’t so easily give up on such a sacred object, but one was in Tai Xuan’s possession. This showed how much effort the Sacred Race had put into their plan!

“Zhou Yuan, the Blood Spirit Rings are formed from a lotus seal. Anyone below the Saint stage would be reduced to blood once caught in it.” Tai Xuan swept an indifference gaze over Zhou Yuan like he was a prey fallen into a trap. 

“Don’t worry, your blood won’t go to waste because I will completely absorb it.”

Standing inside the blood-colored rings, Zhou Yuan felt a terrifying corrosive force as the rings spun around him. Even he sensed danger from that power.

With a flick of his sleeve, purple-gold Genesis Qi roared out like two giant dragons and rammed into the blood-colored rings barrier. But that only made it ripple. 

“It’s no use, you think you can counter a lotus seal’s power?” Tai Xuan sneered.

As he was talking, he manipulated the blood-colored rings to constrict, causing the space inside to shrink and a terrifying force enveloped Zhou Yuan.  

Studying the blood-colored rings barrier, Zhou Yuan snorted, “Your lotus seal is blessed by the Sacred Race Saints and isn’t a real lotus seal.”

The so-called lotus seal mark was a mark imprinted into Tai Xuan’s Sacred Genesis Weapon by the Sacred Race Saints. However, such a seal mark could only be classified as a consumable and could only be used once. Thus, it couldn’t be compared to a true lotus seal.

Tai Xuan put on an act and tried to scare Zhou Yuan to increase the pressure on him. 

Even the Sacred Race Saints would need several years to refine a lotus seal treasure. How would they give one to Tai Xuan?

Tai Xuan looked a little surprised but he immediately smiled and said, “You have sharp eyes. You saw through it but so what? A lotus seal mark can still bring you huge trouble. You, who has no  lotus seal Sacred Genesis Weapon, can’t easily destroy it.”

“Is that right?”    

Zhou Yuan's eyelids drooped. Then, he stretched out his hand and pressed it on the tip of the Heavenly Yuan Brush. Purple-gold Genesis Qi gushed out, and a drop of blood appeared at Zhou Yuan's fingertips. It glowed brightly like a purple-gold gemstone.

“Stop pretending!”  

Tai Xuan’s eyes grew cold and he manipulated the blood rings’ power to their peak. As blood-colored lights flashed, the barrier rapidly shrank and a terrifying force that seemed capable of destroying everything crashed down on Zhou Yuan who was trapped inside. 

“Turn to blood!”   

Zhou Yuan seemed unconcerned and just stared at the brush tip indifferently while rays of purple-gold light wildly flashed in his palm. Suddenly, he uttered, “Although no Saints had blessed me with a lotus seal, I can create one myself!  

“How could your simplified version be compared to the real Ancestral Dragon Scripture?

“The Galaxy Sacred Dragon Qi...the Art of Rising Dragon Seizes Heaven.”


Dazzling rays of light erupted like a blazing sun from the blood rings and a terrifying force was spewed out like thousands of volcanoes. The blood rings formed from the lotus seal were directly severed as the rays of purple-golden light passed!

Even the world seemed to split apart when the purple-gold light streaked across the sky. 

Tai Xuan’s expression changed dramatically and he cried out, “How is that possible!?”  

Although the blood rings were only strengthened by Saints once, it still contained tyrannical power and even Tai Xuan would be in great trouble if caught in it, if not in fatal danger. But how could Zhou Yuan split it apart like that?!

The black brush in that guy's hand clearly hasn't reached the level of the lotus seal!


However, no one answered him. Zhou Yuan appeared in front of Tai Xuan with a flash. Wearing an indifferent expression, he lunged his mottled black brush forward.


That lunge seemed weak and powerless, but as the brush tip flashed, a dark crack spanning thousands of li appeared in the sky. Streaks of purple-gold light flowed out from the tip of the brush, making the tip appear made from gold.

Additionally, a golden lotus seal loomed from the hair of the brush’s tip, releasing an indescribable power. The brush seemed capable of piercing through even the vault of heaven.  

The golden lotus seal on the Heavenly Yuan’s Brush’s tip immediately caught Tai Xuan’s attention. His pupils shrank and his face twisted with disbelief. 

“How would his Sacred Genesis Weapon have a lotus seal?!”

Tai Xuan had experienced the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s power when they previously clashed and it was at most an ordinary Sacred Genesis Weapon. It was still far from refining a lotus seal so how could a lotus seal suddenly appear?!

“No, it's not right, this lotus seal is illusory. It’s not a real lotus seal!”

But even so, Tai Xuan still felt storms turning his heart upside down because no Saints were present to help Zhou Yuan, which means it was summoned by Zhou Yuan himself!

How could it be possible? Only Saints could do that!

Thoughts flashed across his mind but he didn’t dare to be careless because the power contained in that Sacred Genesis Weapon could already threaten him. 

“The Yama Door of the Blood Sea!” 

He frantically drew back, waving his sleeve. He summoned waves of blood roaring across the sky to form iron walls. Each one was a fierce screaming face spewing out blood qi.  


The Heavenly Yuan Brush didn't seem to care about the many obstacles. The ghost-face walls exploded to pieces as a purple-gold torrent pierced through them. The 18 layers of defense were destroyed in just one breath.  

By the time Tai Xuan snapped out of his shock, Zhou Yuan was already standing in front of him clasping the Heavenly Yuan Brush. His face was indifferent but murderous intent leaped about inside his eyes.

The purple-gold lotus seal on the brush’ tip grew increasingly weak.

“Genesis Spirit!”  

Zhou Yuan tightly grasped the mottled brush body and tremendous Genesis Qi as well as Spirit power erupted. The two mighty powers fused perfectly, as if forming an earthshaking attack. As Tao Xuan’s pupils shrank, the power poured towards his body with thunderous force.

At that moment, it was as though a scorching sun exploded. 

Indescribable shock waves raged out and wreaked havoc. Even the experts far away paled with horror and the Genesis Qi within their body violently vibrated from the impact. 

But they continued to fix their eyes on the source of the shock waves.

They could see clearly Tai Xuan's figure plunging from above and eventually smashed a thousand feet deep abyss into the ground before being buried by boulders tumbling down. 

The scene was similar to when Tai Xuan struck Zhou Yuan into the underground.

That scene had a huge impact on the all-heavens experts because no one ever thought Tai Xuan, who was invincible at the Law Domain stage, would fall into such an embarrassed state! 

When the countless all-heavens experts peered up at the figure standing tall in the sky, their eyes blazed with amazement and awe. 

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