Chapter 1353 A Battle at the Pinnacle Law Domain Stage

A crack split the vast surging sea of blood and the purple-gold light leaping about made it impossible for the sea of blood to recover. The sea of blood violently bubbled as though suffering immense pain.

That purple-gold dragon breath evidently inflicted severe damage to the sea of blood.

Many people’s eyes were wide with astonishment because the dragon breath’s power was beyond their imagination.

As Tai Xuan stood above the sea of blood, his face that was always apathetic suddenly darkened. He looked at the striking crack in the sea of blood and a chilling aura was released from his body. 

Even he didn’t expect Zhou Yuan to possess such tyrannical strength. 

“I never thought there would be someone at the Law Domain stage in the five lower heavens who can match my strength,” said Tai Xuan indifferently, his voice filled with undisguised murderous intent.

Zhou Yuan shook his head. “We’re different.”

“You’re only able to temporarily achieve it with the help of other Sacred Race experts’ blood qi, but I relied on my own strength…”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips were curved in a mocking smile. “So, how can you compare to me?”

Uproar broke out from both the all-heavens and Sacred Race side. Zhou Yuan's words were too crazy. Tai Xuan was the strongest and fiercest expert in the Sacred Race Law Domain stage and he had single handedly pushed many all-heavens third Law Domain stage experts to a state of despair, but Zhou Yuan said that Tai Xuan wasn’t qualified to be compared to him?

But although the audience was wild with commotion, no one thought Zhou Yuan was a lunatic. Even Sacred Race experts only wore icy and displeased expressions. Moreover, they couldn’t conceal the grave expression between their brows.

After all, Zhou Yuan had displayed his power with the purple-gold dragon breath and it was clearly not inferior to Tai Xuan’s.  

The most important thing was that what Zhou Yuan said was right. Although Tai Xuan possessed terrifying strength, it was only because he absorbed the blood qi of many top Sacred Race experts.

One relied on foreign means and the other relied on himself. There was indeed a clear difference between the two. 

Tai Xuan peered at Zhou Yuan and the chilling aura surrounding him was enough to make many third Law Domain stage experts shudder with fear. Anyone could tell that Zhou Yuan’s words infuriated him. 

“Zhou Yuan, only the outcome matters and not the process. No one would care how glorious a dead person was. You are going to be my stepping stone today.”

Tai Xuan's eyes grew sharp as he lifted both hands into the air. The sea of blood bubbled with killing intent and a thousand-feet blood demon once again took shape in the center of the sea of blood. It lifted its head and unleashed a deafening roar.

“Do you think that the Immortal Blood Demon will be destroyed so easily? You are too naive!

“Tear it apart!” Tai Xuan pointed to the purple-gold sacred dragon above Zhou Yuan. 

The fierce blood demon roared as it sped towards the purple-gold sacred dragon. 


Facing the blood demon’s provocation, the purple-gold sacred dragon also unleashed a majestic dragon roar. It moved its tremendous body and met the blood demon head-on. 


The two colossal creatures clashed, destroying everything where they passed.

Neither Zhou Yuan nor Tai Xuan had glanced at the destruction on the other side. Although it seemed earth-shaking, the Sacred Dragon and Immortal Blood Demon were both formed from their Law Domains and thus their power originated from Zhou Yuan and Tai Xuan, respectively. The outcome of the battle still depended on the battle between their real bodies. 

Their gazes collided with unconcealable killing intent.  


Storm raged as the two Law Domain collided, distorting the world. 


The two vanished without a trace almost at the same time. No one could capture how they disappeared and by the time they returned to their senses, they saw two demon-like figures colliding like meteors. 



Every movement from the two figures were wrapped in power that made even the third Law Domain stage expert’s scalp numb. The two collided over one hundred times in the blink of an eye. 

Everyone could only hear thunder rumbling and the space wailing brought about by the collision of Genesis Qi. 

Ordinary Law Domain experts couldn’t see the two figures inside the boundless and violent Genesis Qi with the naked eye and only third Law Domain stage experts could capture the terrifying battle. 


Space shattered and the two figures slammed out their fists at the same time, sending destructive Genesis Qi shuttling through space like a starry river before colliding with the opponent’s. 

It created a spectacular display of fireworks, but it contained the aura of death. 

Zhou Yuan and Tai Xuan quivered, but they both ignored the impact caused by the Genesis Qi shock waves and speedily whizzed away, leaving countless images in the air. 

Tai Xuan’s face was icy-cold because Zhou Yuan was able to take all his attacks during the thousands of rounds they fought. Even Tai Xuan couldn’t help feeling jealous of Zhou Yuan's strength because, as Zhou Yuan had said, part of Tai Xuan’s power was from top Sacred Race experts. 

Although this was considered his unique ability, in comparison to a monster like Zhou Yuan, he still was inferior. 

“He has terrifying potential. If he managed to make it through this calamity, he will have the qualification to reach the Saint stage. I must kill him before that!” A fierce light flashed in Tai Xuan’s eyes as he clenched one hand. Then, endless blood-colored light rapidly gathered in his palm and a bronze blood-stained spear appeared in his grip. The spear’s appearance immediately caused an explosion of monstrous fiendish qi and made even Zhou Yuan narrow his eyes. 

It seems to be a Sacred Genesis Weapon!  

When this thought flashed across his mind, Tai Xuan was already thrusting the spear towards him.

As the spear waved in the air, an endless sea of blood emerged in the world, suppressing heaven and earth. It flooded everyone’s line of sight and was impossible to resist.   

However, Zhou Yuan didn’t evade. Instead, he lifted his hand into the air when the spear whizzed over like a wave and summoned a mottled black brush. Mighty aura surrounding the brush and the eight ancient Genesis Runes on it sparkled brightly. The intensity of the brightness was never seen before.  

It was clear that as Zhou Yuan’s strength improved, he could fully display the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s power to its fullest. But unfortunately, the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s ninth rune still hadn't been awakened. 

But even so, clasping the Heavenly Yuan Brush, Zhou Yuan could truly feel the astonishing power of the Sacred Genesis Weapon.

“Million Whale!”  

As he swung his brush across the air, countless ancient whale roars resounded between heaven and earth and the Heavenly Yuan Brush seemed to have become extremely heavy. 


The mottled black brush collided with the bronze spear. A resounding metallic clang echoed throughout the entire Stone Dragon Secret Domain. Many Law Domain experts furrowed their brows because the sound wave brought discomfort to even them. 

The two Sacred Genesis Weapons even seemed to have created a black hole where they collided, swallowing everything.

However, as the collision continued for several breaths, a sinister look came to Tai Xuan's eyes.“Do you really think this is just an ordinary Sacred Genesis Weapon?”

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes, but before he could respond, a mysterious glimmer of light bloomed from the bronze spear in Tai Xuan’s grip, as if it contained the power of the entire world.

That glimmer of light shrank, forming a simple lotus mark.

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank when he saw the lotus mark.

That’s a…Lotus Seal!   

Tai Xuan has already refined a Saint Lotus Seal with his bronze spear?! This is something that only Saints could achieve!

“Swallow him, Transformed Blood Spear! Take everything away from him!” Tai Xuan roared with laughter as the bronze spear in his hand turned into multiple red rings of light. They circled around Zhou Yuan before rotating at various angles, which, from a distance, resembled a blood-red dome prison and completely trapped Zhou Yuan. 

The rings of light rapidly shrank, and everything within it, including the universe Genesis Qi, was turned into nothingness.

Many experts on the all-heavens side sensed a wisp of mighty force that brought boundless pressure, and their face immediately paled. Who would have thought that the Sacred Genesis Weapon in Tai Xuan’s hand had refined a lotus seal. It should be said that such a lotus seal would only be born after many years of cultivating even for Saints!

A lotus seal Sacred Genesis Weapon was very highly regarded even to Saints!

Moreover, not many people below the Saint stage could mobilize a Sacred Genesis Weapon with a lotus seal! How could Tai Xuan do it?!  

Their hearts sank when they saw Zhou Yuan imprisoned in the scarlet blood prison. 

They understood that Zhou Yuan was in great trouble. 

His opponent was unimaginably tricky to deal with.

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