Chapter 1352 Nine-Claw Purple-Gold Sacred Dragon


The two tremendous Law Domains collided, and the shock waves from the impact spread across a radius of one hundred thousand li, destroying numerous spaces. 

All-heavens experts stared dumbstruck as the Sacred Law Domain broke out from Zhou Yuan’s body because they could feel the vast and terrifying power it contained. Not even third Law Domain stage experts could possess a Law Domain of that level.

They were a little baffled because it had taken them many years of polishing to reach their current level at the Law Domain stage, but Zhou Yuan, who had reached the Law Domain stage less than half a day, had already surpassed them. 

“What level of the Law Domain stage is he at?” someone asked puzzledly.   

However, no one answered because the so-called Law Domain level system didn’t seem to apply to an abnormal person like Zhou Yuan. He could be said to be at the first Law Domain stage but he also surpassed people at the third Law Domain stage. 

Space crumbled where the Law Domains collided, creating an empty hole. 

Tai Xuan’s face was emotionless because he already knew that other third Law Domain stage experts couldn’t be compared to Zhou Yuan when he first encountered him. And now, Zhou Yuan was indeed qualified to threaten him.

Since Tai Xuan was highly regarded by the Sacred Race experts and they even helped him create an opportunity to break through to the Saint stage, he couldn’t allow himself to fail.

“Endless Sea of Blood,” Tai Xuan uttered.    

A sea of blood suddenly roared across the area, swallowing all vitality where it passed. Even Law Domain experts were instantly turned to blood if caught in the sea and their Genesis Qi became nutrients. 

This was one of Tai Xuan’s killing move.   

Everything was corroded and engulfed as the sea of blood swept across. 

Everywhere that Zhou Yuan looked, he could only see a sea of blood. It was as though he couldn’t escape from that sea of blood wherever he went.

“Such tyrannical Law Domain power,” Zhou Yuan exclaimed. If he were to fall into that Law Domain before his breakthrough, it would have been disastrous for him.

Fortunately, he had completed his breakthrough. 

He also possessed Law Domain power!

As Zhou Yuan lifted his hand, ancient and sacred light flowed down his Law Domain before quickly converging. After a few seconds, a sea filled with ancient and sacred aura emerged in the center of the Sacred Dragon Law Domain. 

If his opponent's sea of blood was said to possess corrosive and engulfing power, the sacred sea seemed capable of washing away all filth and unclean power in the world. 

“This is called the Divine Sacred Sea.”   

With a flick of his finger, Zhou Yuan brought the Divine Sacred Sea roaring out to meet the sea of blood releasing ominous power. Countless thousand-feet waves were whipped up and frantically crashed together, constantly dissolving the opponent’s power. 

The sea of blood surged violently, producing enraged roars, but no matter how it bombarded the Divide Sacred Sea, it couldn’t swallow it. 

Both the all-heavens army and the Sacred Race Army solemnly watched the battle between the two. No one dared to intervene in a battle of that level because they were worried they wouldn’t be able to come out alive if they charged in. 

Everyone could tell that the final outcome of the war depended on the battle between the two. 

They could only become spectators, waiting for the outcome to come.

As the two monstrous seas continued to collide, the chill in Tai Xuan's eyes grew increasingly intense. Then, he folded one hand in a seal and a low voice sounded, “Immortal Blood Demon!”


The sea of blood suddenly bubbled frantically and a wave of blood was lifted high up. Then, two incomparably fierce rays of blood-red light shot out from the wave. A several thousand-feet demon covered with razor-sharp blood-colored thorns strode out the wave. It lifted its head and roared skywards. That roar caused the Sacred Dragon Law Domain to shake violently.   

Chi Jing and the others paled when they saw the hideous-looking blood demon and the monstrous fiendish qi it emitted. They uttered with difficulty, “Is that Tai Xuan’s Law Domain spirit? It’s so terrifying!”

They realized that Tai Xuan hadn’t displayed all his strength. 

They were fortunate to have hid into the boundary. Otherwise, they likely would have been single-handedly wiped out by Tai Xuan. 

The blood demon roared and locked its blood eyes locked on Zhou Yuan. It took a few steps forward, smashing through space and appeared before Zhou Yuan. It slammed out a giant fist wrapped in a sea of blood. The force of that punch could flatten a one-hundred-thousand-li mountain range. 


As Zhou Yuan hovered in the air, the blood demon’s giant fist was reflected in his eyes. However, he didn’t evade. Just as the giant fist was inches away from him, endless rays of light erupted behind him with an earth-shattering dragon roar. A dragon claw covered with golden-purple scales slashed through the air, meeting the blood demon fist head-on. 


Space violently vibrated as the giant blood demon was blasted back. Every step it took caused even the vault of heaven to quake. 

Countless people shifted their gaze to the dazzling light rays behind Zhou Yuan to see a giant dragon emerging. The giant dragon looked unbelievably huge as it hovered in the sky. It was covered in a purple-gold scale armor, and even the space wailed when it moved its powerful body.

The dragon exuded an indescribably ancient aura, as if it was formed from a wisp of the Ancestral Dragon aura when the world was created. 

Many Mystic Dragon Clan members on the all-heavens side stared at the giant dragon that seemed to be real behind Zhou Yuan with complex gazes. It was said that two dragons were born when the Ancestral Dragon created all beings. One was the Mystic Dragon Clan’s ancestor,  the Imperial Dragon, created from the flesh and blood of the Ancestral Dragon and was once a top Alpha Holy Beast of the world. 

The other dragon was as ancient as the Imperial Dragon but more illusory. It was called the Sacred Dragon, which was formed from a wisp of aura of the Ancestral Dragon. It didn’t truly exist but was transformed into the most mysterious Blessing. 

Since ancient times, the Sacred Dragon had only revealed itself very few times. Who would have thought they could see it with their own eyes that day. 

“Is that the spirit of Zhou Yuan's Law Domain? He’s able to develop a Sacred Dragon?!” Many Law Domain experts exclaimed in astonishment. They had never heard someone could transform the Sacred Dragon into a Law Domain Spirit!

Chi Jing wore a ruminative expression. She knew that Zhou Yuan possessed the Sacred Dragon Blessing and that a part of the Sacred Dragon Blessing was in Wu Yao’s body. She speculated that Zhou Yuan had completely restored his Sacred Dragon Blessing when his team was struck into the underground. That allowed him to break through to the Law Domain stage, and the complete Sacred Dragon Blessing allowed him to develop an extremely rare Law Domain Spirit when he opened up a Law Domain.

Under astonished gazes, Zhou Yuan peered up at the nine-claw purple-gold sacred dragon, the product from the combining of his Sacred Dragon Blessing and Law Domain. He looked forward to seeing its power with anticipation. 

As though it sensed Zhou Yuan’s expectation, the purple-gold dragon’s huge body slowly moved, locking its eyes on the Immortal Blood Demon, who was roaring skywards. It opened its huge mouth, displaying its razor-sharp teeth.


An ancient dragon roar resounded.     

The purple-gold dragon breath gushed out, smashing space to powder where it passed. The power it contained made all third Law Domain stage experts’ scalp numb and even the Saints outside the Stone Dragon Secret Domain narrowed their eyes.  


The dragon breath that contained the nine-claw purple-gold sacred dragon’s power slammed into the huge blood demon, causing terrifying power to break out and blasted the demon back repeatedly. Even the sea of blood beneath its feet was rapidly vaporizing. 


In just a few breaths, the Immortal Blood Demon was blasting across the air, its huge body rapidly shrinking. In the end, it let out an unwilling roar before it was eliminated by the purple-gold dragon breath!

The sea of blood that seemed unstoppable was forcibly tore apart and the flecks of purple-gold light flashing within the sea made it impossible for the sea of blood to recover. They were like extremely hideous scars.

One gush of dragon breath destroyed the blood demon and tore apart the sea of blood!

The people on both sides couldn’t stop their expressions from changing. 

The Sacred Dragon’s power was too terrifying.  

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