Chapter 1350 Zhou Yuan Returns

Chi Jing opened her eyes, staring dazedly at the familiar young figure in the air. His fingers were curled like claws and he was still standing in the same pose as when he destroyed the lightning spear. However, his eyes were filled with a smiling expression when he looked at Chi Jing’s.

Chi Jing fell silent for several breaths and eventually cried out softly, “Zhou…Zhou Yuan?!” Her voice was filled with unconcealable disbelief.

She didn't think the person who saved her would be her little junior brother, who she thought had been killed by Tai Xuan!

“You’re not dead?!” After being shocked for several breaths, Chi Jing’s face lit up with surprise.

Zhou Yuan nodded with a smile. 

Chi Jing studied Zhou Yuan and the solemn look in her eyes deepened. This was because she sensed a faint pressure from him. Additionally, she couldn’t perceive the strength of his Genesis Qi foundation as though he was a bottomless abyss.

She felt a storm turning her heart upside down. She couldn’t understand how Zhou Yuan could undergo such earth-shaking changes in less than half a day. 

While Chi Jing spaced out from astonishment, the all-heavens army within the broken boundary also noticed Zhou Yuan’s appearance and broke into an uproar.

“Is that Zhou Yuan?!”  

“He’s not dead?!”  

“How did he become so strong? He crushed Tai Xuan's lightning spear!? Or did I see right?!”

 “You saw right…he really did it! How terrifying!”  

“His strength has soared again…”  


The all-heavens army broke into an uproar and many people were dumbfounded. Looking at Zhou Yuan, who resembled a god descending upon earth, they couldn’t understand what could have happened to make him undergo such a transformation. 

Many third Law Domain stage experts wore grave expressions because they, who had a stronger perception, could perceive how terrifying Zhou Yuan’s strength was.

However, although they were confused on how Zhou Yuan's strength suddenly skyrocketed to such a level, they still felt relieved. It was undeniably good to have another top expert on their side. However, they didn’t think Zhou Yuan could compete with Tai Xuan because Tai Xuan had caused negative psychological damage to them.

Xu Beiyan’s face turned overcast the second that Zhou Yuan appeared, and anger and panic leaped about in the depths of his eyes. He roared in his mind, Why is he not dead?! How is that possible?!

He plotted against Zhou Yuan and made him suffer a deadly attack from Tai Xuan, and that attack could severely wound or even kill top third Law Domain stage experts. However, Zhou Yuan managed to survive? How was that possible?! 

But what numbed Xu Beiyan’s scalp the most was that he sensed an extremely dangerous aura from Zhou Yuan.

Damn it! Why isn’t the little bastard killed by Tai Xuan! Xu Beiyan fumed inwardly. His plot was so perfect that nobody noticed any flaws and he was even proud of it. But Zhou Yuan’s appearance made his mood hit rock bottom.

He shouldn’t have noticed my plotting, right?

Xu Beiyan took a deep breath, suppressing the anger in his heart, and immediately furrowed his brows in a worried frown.

He wasn’t in the slightest afraid of Zhou Yuan before, and if it weren’t for Cang Yuan and the goddess, he would have no scruples to make Zhou Yuan disappear. However, Zhou Yuan clearly had undergone a transformation and he didn’t dare to underestimate him anymore. He even became cautious and vigilant of him.  

While the all-heavens army was in an uproar, Tai Xuan stared somewhat astonished at Zhou Yuan. 

“You survived?” He smiled in surprise.

He was well-aware of the strength of his attack. How could Zhou Yuan, who is only at the Nascent Source stage, survive? 

“But you seem to have changed a lot…”

A strange light roamed around Tai Xuan's sacred pupil as he locked his eyes on Zhou Yuan. He narrowed his eyes and said, “You...opened up a Law Domain?”

Tai Xuan indeed possessed tyrannical strength. The others couldn’t see this, but he immediately noticed that Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi had changed.

“Interesting…” Tai Xuan smiled.    

Zhou Yuan's gaze remained on Tai Xuan for a good while, and then, he turned and said to Chi Jing and other third Law Domain stage experts. “I will deal with him. You guys watched the other Sacred Race people.” 

“You want to fight him alone?!”

Everyone looked shocked and even Chi Jing’s expression changed. She hurriedly persuaded, “Zhou Yuan, don't let your anger affect your decision. Your strength has soared and if you have our help, your chance of winning will be even higher!”

She was worried that Zhou Yuan was too reckless and wanted to get back at Tai Xuan for severely wounding him. However, this wasn’t the time to show off his ability.

Zhou Yuan smiled helplessly, saying, “It’s because you guys probably can’t interfere in our battle.”

Everyone stared speechless at Zhou Yuan. If it wasn’t because of the current situation, they would have asked ‘kid, we haven’t seen you in half a day, how did you become like that…’

Although Zhou Yuan had intercepted Tai Xuan's attack, that wasn’t Tai Xuan's full-strength attack. Additionally, no one really thought Zhou Yuan would be able to stop Tai Xuan.

Chi Jing finally said after some hesitation, “Let’s trust Zhou Yuan.”

She then whispered to Zhou Yuan, “Be careful. Retreat if the situation isn’t favourable. We will help you at any time.”

She drew back, staring at Zhou Yuan.

Other third Law Domain stage experts could only shoot an annoyed look at Zhou Yuan before stepping back.  

“You actually want to fight me alone?” Tai Xuan couldn't help smiling, but there wasn’t the slightest trace of a smiling expression in his eyes. Instead, they were filled with coldness. “You have a death wish.

“You want to die? It won’t be that easy. You think you can be a hero in front of me?”   

As Tai Xuan’s voice died away, the space above Zhou Yuan suddenly tore apart and an incomparably huge fist slammed down. The fist glimmered with thousands of stars and even the surrounding space broke apart as the fist smashed through. 

Chi Jing’s and others' countenance simultaneously changed because they could feel Tai Xuan was really infuriated. 

That punch was far more terrifying than the one he severely wounded Zhou Yuan with!

“Zhou Yuan, be careful!” Chi Jing anxiously reminded.

The others furrowed their brows, and only Xu Beiyan wore an imperceptible smile. That idiot is so arrogant. If he dies in Tai Xuan's hands, I won’t have to worry anymore.

However, amidst horrified gazes, Zhou Yuan's expression remained as usual. With a stomp of his foot, a vast amount of Genesis Qi rushed out from the top of his head. The Genesis Qi was purple-gold and incomparably bright. Additionally, upon a closer look, one would notice dragon scales partly hidden and partly visible on the Genesis Qi surface.

The Genesis Qi was displayed in full majesty right away. It filled the world, obscuring the sky and covering the ground.

Many Law Domain experts couldn’t stop their expressions from changing. They stared astonished at the Genesis Qi soaring into the sky like a dragon.

“That’s…grade-9 Genesis Qi?!”   

Amidst shocked gazes, the purple-golden dragon qi rushed into the sky, followed by a giant dragon fist blasted out. The dragon fist was extremely fierce and its dragon scales produced a dazzling sheen. The fist, containing vast, boundless powers, directly smashed the vault of heaven.

The dragon fist head-on met the starry sky fist smashing down.


Waves of thousand-feet Genesis Qi erupted. 

Many people’s faces blanched during the collision because the dragon fist unleashed an earth-shaking roar and the starry sky fist was exploded into pieces!  

Countless specks of light were scattered like a shower of rain.

The all-heavens army stood stupefied. Then, flushing with excitement, they roared out loud. Even their eyes seemed to be brimming with tears because this was the first time that an attack from Tai Xuan, who was invincible to many people, was single handedly destroyed by someone!

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