Chapter 1349 Boundary Shatters

The dragon head battle zone. 

The tremendous boundary light barrier was covered with patches of sticky red blood-like light, which possessed a peculiar corrosive ability. As time passed, the defense boundary that gathered the strength of the all-heavens troops was gradually dimming and weakening. 

A blood mirror stood in the distance, where scarlet torrents were constantly reflected.

The Sacred Race army watched with mocking sneers and ruthless smiles particularly when they saw the all-heavens army panic. 

Once the defense boundary was broken, they could slaughter the all-heavens army like pigs.

Hovering in the sky, Tai Xuan indifferently watched the scene. He swept his gaze over Xu Beiyan, Chi Jing and the others and shook his head boredly.

“The all-heavens is so could such trash be compared to the noble Sacred Race? As I thought, the Sacred Race and the Sacred God are the best in the world. The beings created by the Ancestral Dragon creator have no potential at all.

“But it doesn't matter, they are going to be wiped out, and the world’s power will return to our god.”

Tai Xuan shook his head, saying indifferently to those inside the boundary, “When the boundary breaks, anyone who surrenders and becomes a slave of the Sacred Race will be spared.”

All troops of the all-heavens army reddened with fury. This person has such evil intent, and even wants to attack our morale.

“How funny, a crocodile’s pity. Our all-heavens would rather die than surrender!” Chi Jing coldly snorted with icy eyes.

“Our all-heavens would rather die than surrender!” Fighting spirit blazed in many all-heavens experts’ eyes, and fierce and heart-stirring roars resounded. 

Tai Xuan smiled and said indifferently, “How touching. If that's the case...then go die.

“There is half an hour left until the boundary breaks...this is your last moment, enjoy it.”

His hands were clasped behind his back and his eyes were slightly closed. Although he stood alone in the air, the pressure exuded from him made many all-heavens Law Domain experts unable to breathe and couldn’t conceal the fear in their eyes.

His strength was so terrifying that it made many people despair!

They never thought someone could reach such a terrifying level at the Law Domain stage. The present Tai Xuan might be the strongest person below the Saint stage in the world.

The atmosphere within the boundary was so tense that it almost solidified.

Half an hour slowly passed.

The despair in many experts’ eyes deepened as they looked up at Tai Xuan, who was still imposing and formidable. They retreated to the boundary to wait until Tai Xuan's strength dropped from his powerful state, but the boundary seemed like it wouldn't survive till then.

Xu Beiyan's expression also didn’t look good. He clenched his fists, but a trace of fear flashed in the depths of his eyes when he looked at Tai Xuan.

“Everyone, the boundary is about to break. We have no other option. We should get ready to fight to death.” Chi Jing's cold voice resounded and her face bore a look of determination. 

The third Law Domain stage experts nearby all looked at her. They admired Chi Jing’s fearlessness and determination in such a situation. After all, not everyone could remain fearless in the face of such a powerful enemy. 

“The present Tai Xuan is a product from the accumulation of the Sacred Race’s powers. Even if we all self-destruct our Law Domains, it will be worth it!”

Chi Jing ran her eyes over the others and said indifferently, “It just depends on…if we dare to or not.”

self-destruct their Law Domains?   

Many Law Domain experts shuddered and their expressions were unusually complicated. That was the last resort of a Law Domain expert, and once used, there would be no chance of surviving. They would no doubt die. 

When Xu Beiyan saw the fierce and unwavered look on Chi Jing’s face, his throat rumbled and he said hoarsely, “Grand elder Chi Jing, there is no need to do that, right? Everyone here are the elites of all-heavens. Why don’t we retreat? The most important thing is to preserve our strength.” 

Chi Jing’s eyes grew cold. “If we retreat now, it means we give up on the Stone Dragon Secret Domain. Many powerful Sacred Race experts would be born after that. When the Sacred Race invades all-heavens, where will we retreat to then?!

“Xu Beiyan...are you scared?!”

Facing Chi Jing's aggressiveness, Xu Beiyan felt cold sweat beaded on his scalp and he scolded her crazy woman in his mind. If he admitted that he was scared, his reputation would be ruined.

He forced a smile. “How is that possible?”  


While they were arguing, a little crackle suddenly sounded. But when it fell in the ears of the all-heavens army, it resembled a clap of thunder and many people felt their hair stand on end. 

Horrified gazes followed the source of the noise and they saw a crack slowly splitting the boundary light barrier.

“The boundary is about to break..." someone said hoarsely. 


Crackles sounded one after another and cracks spread rapidly under horrified gazes. They soon covered the entire boundary light barrier, and from a distance, resembled broken egg shells.


When the cracks reached their limit, the defense light barrier couldn’t bear the damage anymore and shattered into endless light specks with a loud boom.

Even time seemed to have frozen at that moment.

Tai Xuan, who was standing with his hands behind his back, slowly opened his eyes. He indifferently ran his eyes across the all-heavens army that had lost its protection. “Your barrier has been broken. Do you choose to die or kneel down and become slaves?”


An explosion of Genesis Qi answered him. Chi Jing wore a fierce frown on her beautiful face and didn’t say anything. She just circulated her Genesis Qi and faced him directly.

She had expressed her answer with her action.    

The all-heavens Law Domain experts behind her reddened with shame because their fighting spirit was inferior to that of even a woman. 

“Attack, we can be defeated but not insulted!” A third Law Domain expert bellowed.


Waves of powerful Genesis Qi erupted and figures shot out as streams of light.

Chi Jing was at the forefront and  her eyes, filled with determination, were fixed on Tai Xuan. She knew she couldn’t suppress Tai Xuan with her strength and she knew she would die if she fought.

But she wanted to raise the all-heavens morale with her actions and force them to fight to death!

“Wind God Law Domain!”  

An azure Law Domain suddenly expanded, the power within it growing increasingly violent.

“Oh? She’s…going to explode her Law Domain?” Tai Xuan’s interest was piqued. “This woman is admirable. However…”

The corners of his lips curled in a strange smile. 

“It seems you haven’t experienced what despair is…in front of me, you aren’t even qualified to self-destruct.”

Tai Xuan saw through Chi Jing’s intention with one glance. She wanted to spark the all-heavens to fight by self-exploding, but Tai Xuan wouldn’t let her have her way.

His Sacred Pupil between his brows suddenly glowed and shot out a beam of light.

The light beam, imperceptible to the naked eye, suddenly enveloped Chi Jing. 

Then, she was horrified to find that she had lost control of herself and her Law Domain. Her body became motionless in the air like a mosquito frozen in a torrent of time and space.

Smiling mockingly, Tai Xuan extended his fingers and terrifying Genesis Qi gathered at his fingertips. Then, a lightning spear took shape. Lightning compressed around the spear to form several ancient runes that were filled with destructive power. 

“This is called the…Lightning Demon Spear.”

“Since you want to sacrifice yourself, I will fulfil your wish.”

With a flick of his finger, the space in front of him exploded and a beam of black light burst out, appearing in front of Chi Jing in a split second

As the lightning spear reflected in her eyes, its destructive power made her understand that she would vanish like smoke if it struck her.

But she wasn’t afraid, rather she felt bitter.

She wasn’t afraid of death, but she didn't want to die without doing anything…and that was clearly what Tai Xuan wanted. His ridiculing attitude infuriated Chi Jing.

The many third Law Domain stage experts behind her, who were charging forward, suddenly halted. Their courage to fight was immediately destroyed as the lightning spear thrust towards Chi Jing. 

“Is it really...over like that?” they muttered painfully.

As Chi Jing watched the lightning spear roar towards her with incredible speed, her eyelids drooped. 

“Master, senior brother…I’m too incompetent. I will leave the world first.

“But that’s good because I can keep my junior brother company there. Otherwise he will feel too lonely,” she muttered. 


The destructive lightning spear blasted the space in front of her and she could already feel the terrifying force assaulting her face. 

Time seemed to have frozen as countless eyes watched that scene.

However, just as the lightning spear was about to pierce Chi Jing's chest, a slender hand suddenly emerged and firmly grasped the lightning spear that was roaring like a wild dragon. 

It couldn’t move an inch. 

The slender hand clutched it tight.


The lightning spear crumbled.    

Many people were dumbstruck by the sudden change. 

Chi Jing was puzzled when she couldn’t feel the power of destruction anymore, and just as she was about to open her eyes, she heard a chuckle. That familiar voice brought a lump to her throat.

“Senior sister Chi Jing, I, your junior brother, is still alive. Don’t curse me.”

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