Chapter 1348 Awaken

When Zhou Yuan opened his eyes, Zhao Mushen could feel all his hair stand on end and an indescribably dangerous feeling rushed to his heart. It was as though an extremely terrifying monster was waking up before him.

Zhou Yuan cracked his neck slightly and slowly sat up. His gaze immediately shifted to Wu Yao and Su Youwei, whose eyes were tightly closed, and a complex look flashed across his eyes.

Although he was unconscious, he vaguely knew what was happening.

He never thought Wu Yao would return the last part of the Sacred Dragon Blessing on her own initiative.

The Sacred Dragon Blessing in his body was once again complete.

Even Zhou Yuan felt overwhelmed with emotions because of that. Ever since his Sacred Dragon Blessing was snatched away the day he was born, it was unknown how much he had suffered and how many times he had wandered between life and death. 

But Zhou Yuan, the prince of the Great Zhou Empire had never thought to give up because of that.

He finally regained what once belonged to him after years of hard work.

“Father…I did it.” Zhou Yuan muttered, clenching his fists.

“From now on, our families won’t owe each other anything,” he whispered, looking at Wu Yao. 

King Wu seized his Blessing and destroyed the Great Zhou Empire, but Zhou Yuan also killed Wu Huang and indirectly killed King Wu, leading to the Great Wu Empire’s collapse. Zhou Yuan finally retrieved the last part of the Sacred Dragon Blessing, and as a result, the enmity between the two families that had been entangled for years was finally settled.

“How are you feeling?” Zhao Mushen asked.

Zhou Yuan glanced at him, his eyes pausing on his missing arms. “Hey, your new look isn’t bad. Are you the crazy armless demon?”

Zhao Mushen's face suddenly darkened.

“But I have to thank you.” Zhou Yuan smiled. Although he was unconscious, he knew what Zhao Mushen had done for him.

Zhao Mushen said emotionlessly, “If we don't help you recover, we would all be in a dangerous situation. So I’m just helping myself. You don't need to thank me.”

He changed the subject. “How are you feeling now?”

Zhou Yuan grinned, revealing his sparkling white teeth. “Better than ever.”

Indeed, unimaginable power was coursing through his body and he, inside and outside, had undergone earth-shaking changes.

“Have you opened up a Law Domain?” Zhao Mushen asked in astonishment.

Zhou Yuan shook his head.  

Zhao Mushen’s lips twitched. After wasting half a day, you’re still at the Nascent Source stage?

Zhou Yuan ignored him. With one thought, he checked the depths of his Divine Dwellings and saw endless Genesis Qi. His Genesis Qi foundation was comparable to those at the third Law Domain stage! 

But what caught his attention the most was the Nascent Source quietly sitting cross-legged in the Divine Dwellings’ center. 

The Nascent Source had also undergone tremendous changes. Faint dragon scales shimmered indistinctly on the Nascent Source’s surface. Additionally, as it opened its eyes, a pair of imposing and mighty eyes were shown off.

Of course, what made Zhou Yuan feel a storm breaking out in his heart was the size of his Nascent Source. 

It was more than 9.9 inches!  

“I broke the limit…”  

Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath. Even if he was mentally prepared, he was still astonished because the Nascent Source in front of him gave him a very strange feeling. Although it was more than 9.9 inches, he couldn’t accurately estimate its size.

Upon another careful look, it seemed to be as huge as a mountain, impossible to be measured, but he also felt it could be carried in his palm. 

A sudden flash of realization made Zhou Yuan understand. When his Nascent Source broke the limit of 9.9 inches, it lost the size constraint and could be as big as a mountain or as small as a grain of sand…

“Since I broke the limit…” Zhou Yuan opened his eyes, and in his eyes was a gleam of hope. Now that he had met Yaoyao's requirements, he should cultivate a Law Domain.

“But I still need the assistance of something…” Zhou Yuan turned his head, peering at the earth’s depths. After his Sacred Dragon Blessing was restored, his perception of Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits was much more sensitive than before. However, that was normal. After all, the Sacred Dragon Blessing was formed from a wisp of qi when the Ancestral Dragon created all beings.

He stretched out his hand, palm facing down, and curled his fingers. 

“What are you doing?” Zhao Mushen asked, furrowing his brows. This guy has become crazy after waking up.

Zhou Yuan ignored him and just maintained the same position for several minutes.

While Zhao Mushen grew increasingly impatient, Zhou Yuan’s expression suddenly turned cold as ice because he felt the ground beneath his feet slightly vibrating, as if something was speedily approaching.


Before he could feel it more carefully, the ground split apart and spheres of light sprang out like birds.

Those light spheres rushed towards Zhou Yuan and circled around him, producing faint waves of cheering and excitement.

Zhao Mushen’s eyes widened in astonishment, but then his pupils suddenly shrank.

This was because he saw tiny dragon shadows roaming within the light spheres circling around Zhou Yuan, and an extremely ancient aura was exuded from them.

That aura wasn’t unfamiliar to Zhao Mushen because they were Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits.

However, the aura emitted from the dragon shadows in the light spheres was far stronger than that of ordinary Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirit.

“Those are... Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence?!” Zhao Mushen exclaimed. He naturally knew how rare Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence was. However, Zhou Yuan easily fished out so many from the ground?

He swept a rough glance over them and estimated there around 20 Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence!

“You—you dug out a nest in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain?” Zhao Mushen couldn't help asking.

“This is just a part of it.” Zhou Yuan smiled. “This is unowned property. If we don't use it to improve our strength, wouldn’t it benefit the enemy if it falls into their hands?”

Zhao Mushen was dumbfounded.    

With a flick of his finger, Zhou Yuan brought two Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence floating towards Zhao Mushen. “Everyone will receive benefits. I’m not a greedy person.” 

Zhao Mushen had swallowed his arms and used his blood qi to save Zhou Yuan. Zhou Yuan wouldn’t treat him badly.

Zhao Mushen was dumbstruck to see two Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence suspended in front of him. He didn't think Zhou Yuan would give him such rare treasures that even third Law Domain stage experts coveted.

Zhao Mushen was extremely proud and arrogant, and he wanted to show that he had no interest in Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence but he couldn’t move his eyes away from them. In the end, he swallowed his pride and put away the two Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence. 

But the corners of his lips curled upwards exposed the emotions in his heart.

Zhou Yuan flicked his sleeve and brought out another four Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence towards Wu Yao and Su Youwei, who were in a deep cultivation state.

After dividing the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence, he unhesitatingly opened his mouth wide and swallowed the remaining Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence in one mouthful.

Zhao Mushe’s scalp numbed uncontrollably. Even third Law Domain stage experts couldn’t refine and absorb them easily but Zhou Yuan swallowed them in one go.  

What is that guy trying to do?  Zhao Mushen suddenly felt a chill in his heart.

He understood…Zhou Yuan wanted to open a Law Domain!    

However, Zhao Mushen was also very curious to see how amazing Zhou Yuan’s Law Domain would be?

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