Chapter 1347 Scarlet Sparrow Transforms into Phoenix

“Me? What can I do?” Su Youwei looked surprised. She had no knowledge in matters regarding Blessing and she could make the situation worse if she intervened. 

Looking at the bodies of Zhou Yuan and Wu Yao, Zhao Mushen said, “Don’t belittle yourself. You possess Yin Yang Qi Dwellings and was born with Yin Yang Qi. The current situation is that Zhou Yuan subconsciously plundered the last past of the Sacred Dragon Blessing, but if you can harmonize their Spirits with your Yin Yang Qi, they can maintain a balance.

“Once a balance is formed, no side would be wilfully seizing the others. Instead, it will become a unique fusing. That way, we might be able to protect Wu Yao’s life.”

Su Youwei’s eyes lit up. “Then I will give it a try.”

The most perfect outcome would be to protect Wu Yao’s life and awaken Zhou Yuan. 

Su Youwei knelt down between Zhou Yuan and Wu Yao, held both their hands and slowly closed her eyes. 

At the same time, she circulated her Yin Yang Qi. It split into two and flowed into the two’s bodies.

The Yin Yang Qi used Su Youwei as a hub to connect Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei. Her Qi returned to her body and circulated before flowing back into both bodies. 

In the dark underground, the three seemed to have completely integrated, and the Yin Yang Qi constantly flowed around them. There even seemed to be a flawless and completely integrated aura being exuded from them.  

In the Spirit space.    

Wu Yao, whose Spirit was on the verge of dissipating, suddenly felt a mysterious, icy-cold aura emerging. She dazedly regained consciousness. Then, she felt Zhou Yuan’s plundering that resembled a torrential storm gradually became peaceful and gentle. 

Then, a red-hot power suddenly burst out from Zhou Yuan’s Spirit.

As the fiery power poured into Wu Yao’s body, her Spirit that was on the verge of collapsing grew increasingly brighter. 

That sudden warmth made even Wu Yao feel relaxed and enjoyable. Their Spirits integrated as though it was impossible to separate.

At the same time, Wu Yao felt a flash of realization in her mind

She finally understood what she should do.

The Sacred Dragon Blessing had accompanied her for years, but it wasn’t hers and she had the Blessing that truly belonged to her…and was truly suitable for her. 

“My Blessing…” Wu Yao murmured in her mind.  


A clear cry faintly sounded.

A ray of light bloomed in the depths of her heart and a scarlet sparrow shadow beat its wings.

Back then, the python and sparrow swallowed the dragon and the three each possessed a part of the Blessing. 

Wu Yao’s Blessing was originally the Scarlet Sparrow Blessing, but when she obtained the Sacred Dragon Blessing, the Sacred Dragon Blessing turned from passive to active and suppressed the Blessing already inside her body. It was because of that Wu Yao also forgot about her own Blessing.

Now that the Sacred Dragon Blessing had left her body, Wu Yao, after a moment of enlightenment, recalled her own Blessing. 

Wu Yao gazed at the scarlet sparrow shadow fluttering its wings, whispering, “Sorry, I’ve forgotten about you for so many years.”

Although her vitality was being restored, Wu Yao for some reason, felt that she would still die when the Sacred Dragon Blessing completely left her body. 

In the battle between the dragon and phoenix, the devourer survives.  

It wasn’t easy to break away from destiny. 

This was the curse brought about for swallowing the Sacred Dragon Blessing that didn’t belong to her. 

If she wanted to break away from the curse, her own Blessing must block the Sacred Dragon Blessing’s counterattack. But it was clearly not possible for her to do so given the grade of her Scarlet Sparrow Blessing. However, there was still another possibility.

The Blessing’s transformation.    

Staring at the Scarlet Sparrow shadow, Wu Yao stretched out her hand without any hesitation.

“Will you fight with me?”

The scarlet sparrow shadow let out a clear and long cry before transforming into a flame and soared into the sky. It collided with Wu Yao, creating a blazing fire. 

A giant scarlet egg seemed to be taking shape in the raging fire.

Wu Yao was searching for an opportunity to transform. Otherwise she would die. 

The giant scarlet egg released a suction force that absorbed everything in Wu Yao's body. In normal circumstances, it would be difficult to trigger the Blessing transformation even if Wu Yao was completely sacrificed. But fortunately, the passage that Su Youwei's Yin Yang Qi formed was continuously transporting over the power in Zhou Yuan's body.

That wasn’t ordinary power, but power that contained Sacred Dragon Blessing.

The giant scarlet egg’s color intensified as mysterious light runes emerged little by little.

In the outside world.   

Yin Yang Qi continued to flow around Zhou Yuan, Wu Yao, and Su Youwei, forming a cycle.

Before they knew it, the three had reached a perfect balance.

The three’s Spirits started to expand at an astonishing speed as the cycle continued.

Zhao Mushen raised his brows and said covetously, “The Sacred Dragon Blessing is indeed the best Blessing in the world.”

Zhou Yuan’s Sacred Dragon's Blessing had been completely restored, and Su Youwei used her Yin Yang Qi to harmonize Zhou Yuan and Wu Yao, creating a perfect balance between the three. As a result, the Sacred Dragon Blessing was instilled into Wu Yao and Su Youwei and they would both obtain great benefits.  

“He’s already so much trouble when his Sacred Dragon Blessing is incomplete. Now that his Sacred Dragon Blessing is completely restored, I wonder what abnormal level his strength will reach.” Zhao Mushen sighed. Even he, who was always proud and arrogant, was afraid to face a monster like Zhou Yuan.

While Zhao Mushen was sighing emotionally, the last wisp of Sacred Dragon Blessing was drawn out from Wu Yao’s body and Zhou Yuan’s Spirit erupted with thousand rays of light. A grand and ancient aura swept across the area. 

Zhao Mushen swiftly formed a Genesis Qi light barrier to protect the area. Otherwise, if it attracted Sacred Race experts’ attention, the consequences would be unimaginable.

He stared at Zhou Yuan with blazing eyes and saw all the injuries on his body were gone. Additionally, there seemed to be Sacred Dragon scales surfacing from his skin like a layer of armor. 

The most astonishing thing was the mysterious and mighty power emitting from Zhou Yuan's body. That power was far more astonishing than that of ordinary third Law Domain stage experts.

“It’s the complete Sacred Dragon Blessing…

“I really want to eat it.”    

Zhao Mushen couldn't help licking his lips because the Sacred Dragon Blessing exuding from Zhou Yuan was too attractive. If it weren't for his rationality, he would have pounced towards him already. 

However, the aura exuding from Zhou Yuan made him shudder with fear.

While thoughts streamed across Zhao Mushen’s mind, Zhou Yuan's body suddenly quivered and he slowly opened his eyes.  

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