Chapter 1346 The Last Third Returns

In the underground’s depths. 

Wu Yao's fine black hair draped over her shoulder, and her red dress made her look even more stunning and charming. She stared at Zhou Yuan's face and slowly closed her phoenix eyes.

Rays of light bloomed from the centre of her eyebrows, and a strange sound rang out. The sound resembled a dragon’s roar but also a phoenix cry.

Then, her Spirit, accompanied by some mysterious Blessing, whizzed out towards her finger that was gently touching the center of Zhou Yuan’s brows.


Wu Yao's mind violently quivered. She seemed to be situated in a different void. She peered ahead and saw a Spirit figure sitting silently. The figure was identical to Zhou Yuan.

It was just that Zhou Yuan's Spirit was flickering between light and dark and his eyes closed tightly, as though in an unconscious state.

As Wu Yao floated up, her red dress slightly swaying like a red carp’s tail.

She came to Zhou Yuan's Spirit, hesitated, and finally knelt down. As she leaned forward, their lips faintly touched.

That contact caused both their bodies in the outside world to fiercely tremble.

The two’s Spirit power uncontrollably rushed out, coming into contact little by little and slowly fused with each other.

In the outside world, Wu Yao's beautiful body was slightly trembling, her beautiful cheeks flushed and her body temperature was elevated.

Although their real bodies didn’t have much contact, their Spirits were tangled together and the impact from the fusion of their Spirits caused Wu Yao to shiver.

Wu Yao even cowardly wanted to withdraw her Spirit at that moment.

But when she had such a sudden thought, a tremendous suction force exploded from Zhou Yuan's Spirit and firmly clung to her.


The dark space violently vibrated and mysterious qi spiralled up from their Spirits. The qi converged and gradually formed a giant dragon silhouette.

The giant dragon radiated a sacred aura and majesty, like the power of heaven. 

Wu Yao sensed the giant dragon’s appearance as well as a very familiar aura exuding from the giant dragon. The giant dragon was the Sacred Dragon Blessing.

The Sacred Dragon Blessing was split into three parts when Zhou Yuan was born, and after years of hard work, he finally regained two-thirds of the Sacred Dragon Blessing. But the last third was still in Wu Yao's body.

The giant dragon peered down, staring coldly at Wu Yao.

Then, the Sacred Dragon Blessing produced a low dragon roar before inhaling sharply. Wisps of mysterious qi spiralled out from Wu Yao's body and were swallowed by the Sacred Dragon Blessing.

It was the last third of the Sacred Dragon Blessing.

Although Wu Yao felt the mysterious Blessing leaving her body, she didn’t panic or try to stop it. Instead, her stunning face remained unusually calm as though relieved. 

She gazed at Zhou Yuan's face. Although only their Spirits were undoubtedly extremely close to each other, the feeling brought about from that contact and fusion far surpassed that of the physical body.

Wu Yao's heart was filled with complex emotions. Ever since she was born, she had never had any close contact with a man and even resisted it because of Wu Huang. But she crossed her bottom line this time for Zhou Yuan. 

But…it didn’t matter.   

Wu Yao just smiled because she could feel that her vitality was quickly dissipating as the Sacred Dragon Blessing left her body. Perhaps, she would completely vanish from the world when the Sacred Dragon Blessing was completely extracted. 

She remembered the laughter that her father made when she killed him.

“In the battle between the dragon and phoenix, the devourer survives!”  

The one who was devoured would die. 

However, Wu Yao wasn’t afraid and felt relieved. Perhaps many people would yearn for the Sacred Dragon Blessing, but she felt a kind of disgust towards it from the bottom of her heart. 

This was because her mother wouldn’t have died if it weren’t for the Sacred Dragon Blessing...

“Good, Zhou Yuan, my Wu family took the Sacred Dragon Blessing from you back then and now I will return it to you. From now on, the enmity between your family and mine is settled, and we don’t owe you anything anymore!” 

Tears rolled down Wu Yao's fair jade-like cheeks. She completely let go of her resistance and let the Sacred Dragon Blessing disappear.

In the outside world.   

Su Youwei’s expression abruptly changed because she noticed Wu Yao’s vitality in her body was rapidly dissipating and her already fair skin became increasingly pale like paper.

“What’s happening?!” Su Youwei exclaimed.

Zhao Mushen tottered over, took a look, and his expression tensed up. “Their Blessings are fusing. I heard that Wu Yao also has the Sacred Dragon Blessing in her body?”

Su Youwei nodded. After all, it was no longer a secret.   

“Wu Yao is a very fierce character.” Zhao Mushen said indifferently, “She is returning the Sacred Dragon Blessing to Zhou Yuan, but because it has been in her body for too many years, it has already developed all kinds of connections with her. Also, Zhou Yuan is unconsciously plundering the Sacred Dragon Blessing that belonged to him in the roughest way. As a result, he took the last part of the Sacred Dragon Blessing as well as all of Wu Yao’s vitality.”

Su Youwei furrowed her brows and her expression turned complicated as she stared at Wu Yao. 

When she first met Wu Yao in Hunyuan Heaven, she knew Wu Yao admired her a lot but she didn’t accept it because of Zhou Yuan. She even acted hostile towards Wu Yao and the Great Wu Empire.  

But after spending years together, her hostility towards Wu Yao faded and the relationship between the two had improved tremendously. At the very least, Su Youwei treated her as a true friend.

“Is there any way I can help? At the very least…we should stop His Highness from plundering so roughly,” asked Su Youwei.

Zhao Mushen shook his head. “If you tell me to swallow them, I can do it, but I don't have the ability to help in this matter.”

Su Youwei bowed her head sadly. She couldn't bear to look at Wu Yao's beautiful body that was rapidly losing its vitality. That scene was like a remarkably beautiful and elegant flower gradually withering.

After a while, Zhao Mushen suddenly said, “There is something we could try. Although I don't know if it will work.”

“What?” Su Youwei asked, quickly raising her head.

Zhao Mushen shifted his gaze to Su Youwei’s remarkably beautiful face.

“This method depends not on me, but on you. If you don’t want Zhou Yuan to cause the death of Wu Yao, perhaps there is something that only you, Su Youwei, can do…”

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