Chapter 1345 Operation to Save Zhou Yuan

In the depths of the pitch-black underground.

Wu Yao and Zhao Mushen both silently stared at Zhou Yuan’s broken body. They both were once rivals with Zhou Yuan, so they knew how tough he was. They had to admit that this was the most severely injured that Zhou Yuan had been.

If it weren't for the wisps of tenacious vitality remaining in his broken body, they all would have thought that Zhou Yuan was already beaten to death.

But such a result wasn’t surprising. After all, the person who wounded him was Tai Xuan, who had gathered many top Sacred Race experts’ strength into his body...Even Xu Beiyan, Chi Jing and other third Law Domain stage experts were forced to retreat even if they combined their strengths. Zhou Yuan forcibly received such a heavy blow. He was already considered very tenacious to be still breathing. 

Wu Yao stepped forward, gently patted Su Youwei's shoulder, and said softly, “Don't be so upset. Although he’s severely injured, he still defended his last breath. We should find a way to help him recover.”

Su Youwei dabbed away the tears on her snow-white face. In truth, she was extremely tough and had never lost self-control even during the many difficulties she had experienced in the past, but she couldn’t stop her heart aching when she saw Zhou Yuan, who was always high-spirited and filled with confidence, in such a tragic state.

She stretched out her small hand and pressed it on Zhou Yuan's mangled body, sensing the vitality inside.

“His Highness's body is severely damaged but luckily, there are traces of vitality in his body constantly helping him repair his injuries, preventing his body from being completely destroyed.”

Su Youwei furrowed her beautiful brows, saying, “But his injury is very serious and that vitality is quickly being worn away. It will be very difficult for him to truly repair his body and regain consciousness.”

Wu Yao pressed her lips tightly together. She wasn’t knowledgeable in matters regarding vitality.

Zhao Mushen's expression changed. After a while, he crouched down and poked Zhou Yuan's broken body, drawing a glare from Su Youwei.

“This guy is already wounded to such an extent. How about I swallow him, inherit his wish and kill Tai Xuan in the future?” said Zhao Mushen.

Su Youwei said expressionless, “That joke isn’t funny at all. Zhao Mushen, don't challenge my bottom line.”

A chilling aura surrounded her whole body, and her eyes that were as cold as ice made Zhao Mushen’s body stiffen.

Wu Yao said faintly, “If you can't help, just go away. Don't get in the way. Without him, you would have become a puddle of flesh and blood.”

The corners of Zhao Mushen's mouth twitched, and then he pursed his lips. “You two are the ones who can't help. Move aside.”

Su Youwei shot a suspicious glare at him but then drew back.

“I don't find this guy pleasing to the eye, but I, Zhao Mushen, can’t deny that I owe him my life.”

Zhao Mushen drew a deep breath and said, “I should be able to clear my debt after this!”

His eyes flashed with a fierce glint and he grasped his left arm with his right hand. With a loud snap, his entire arm was ripped off and blood sputtered everywhere.

Su Youwei and Wu Yao were both surprised to see him destroying his own body. 

Clutching his left arm, Zhao Mushen stuffed it directly into his mouth and swallowed it in one mouthful.

Zhao Mushen munched it with a ferocious expression, splattering blood everywhere.


After chewing for a while, Zhao Mushen opened his mouth and spewed out a dark-red qi current. Blood qi and vitality roamed within the current, and where it passed, even grass and plants grew in the dark underground.

The dark-red qi current landed on Zhou Yuan's broken body, and the mangled flesh and blood impatiently absorbed it. Then, his flesh and blood began to repair at an astonishing speed.

The two women’s faces lit up with joy.

But as Zhao Mushen breathed out that long, dark-red qi current, his complexion rapidly paled. This was because his vitality was contained in that current. 

However, he found that Zhou Yuan's broken body still wasn’t completely repaired. It seemed he needed more vitality.

Zhao Mushen didn’t look too good. This guy really is a bottomless pit…Won’t I suffer a loss from this deal?

He looked at Su Youwei and Wu Yao, only to find the two women staring expectantly at him, especially Su Youwei. Her expression made Zhao Mushen wonder if she would directly tear him to pieces if he said he won’t continue? 

He had no choice but to sigh and severed his right arm.

Another breath containing blood qi and vitality landed on Zhou Yuan's body.

Zhou Yuan's body, which resembled a withered tree, finally was restored, but his complexion was still extremely pale.

Zhao Mushen collapsed on his buttocks with a pale face. He peered down at his missing arms. It will take some effort to regrow them.

“I have already done everything that I could do. Don’t say that I owe him my life anymore,” Zhao Mushen grumbled.

Su Youwei threw herself down next to Zhou Yuan, stretched out her small hand and checked on Zhou Yuan’s condition. “His physical body is clearly repaired but His Highness still hasn’t regained consciousness.”

Wu Yao also crouched down next to Zhou Yuan. After a while, she said, “Also, there’s no Genesis Qi circulating in his body.”

“It’s sealed in his Divine Dwellings…" Su Youwei added.

“There is a terrifying power remaining in His Highness's Divine Dwellings. It belongs to Tai Xuan...It must have invaded his body when he took that punch.” 

The two women looked at each other. The situation was very problematic because the power was so strong that it blocked Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi from rushing out of the Divine Dwellings and they naturally couldn’t control Zhou Yuan’s body.

It was impossible to shake that power with just their strength.

“Should we bring him out of here first? His senior sister Chi Jing should be able to help,” suggested Zhao Mushen.

“The boundary should have been closed and a huge battle must have broken out up there. If we go out now, even a little shock wave can destroy us,” said Su Youwei calmly, shaking her head.

Zhao Mushen and Wu Yao fell silent.

The three were in a dilemma. If Zhou Yuan doesn’t wake up soon, they would be in great danger if a Sacred Race expert discovered them. However, they also didn’t dare to recklessly move in case they attract the Sacred Race’s attention.

Therefore, it was extremely unfavorable whether they move or not.

As Wu Yao stared at Zhou Yuan’s pale face, complex emotions came to her phoenix eyes. She still hadn’t sorted out her attitude towards Zhou Yuan. After all, in her body was the Sacred Dragon Blessing that belonged to Zhou Yuan. She was different from Wu Huang in that she was willing to admit it while Wu Huang would never admit that the Sacred Dragon Blessing belonged to Zhou Yuan. In Wu Yao’s view, it wasn’t important who the Sacred Dragon Blessing belonged to. The most important thing was who the winner would be in the end. 

But Zhou Yuan seemed to have an absolute advantage.

This was what Wu Yao admired the most about Zhou Yuan because she knew very well how difficult it was for Zhou Yuan to start his cultivation. His Blessing was snatched away, his eight meridian channels were blocked and it was extremely difficult even to enter the cultivation path.

But he unexpectedly succeeded and caught up to her.

Even Wu Huang, who was very arrogant and proud, was killed by Zhou Yuan.

Even the Great Wu Empire collapsed because of Zhou Yuan.

But Wu Yao didn't feel any hatred towards Zhou Yuan and only saw him as a rival.

But after Zhou Yuan came to Hunyuan Heaven, the winner between them was obvious.

Wu Yao's eyes drooped slightly and she stretched out her little cold hand, gently stroking the center of Zhou Yuan's eyebrows.

“What are you doing?” Su Youwei puzzledly asked.

Wu Yao gently shook her head and her fine black hair tied in a bun loosened, flowing down like silk. The fierce look that she always wore faded as she bit her lips. She looked unusually sweet and charming at that moment. 

She didn't look at Su Youwei and just stared intently at Zhou Yuan as her calm voice sounded in the darkness.

“I’m returning what originally belongs to him.”   

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