Chapter 1344 Blood Mirror

There was still remaining terrifying fist power exuding from the bottomless abyss that appeared out of thin air, causing the surrounding space to tremble.  

Zhou Yuan was only separated by a thin defense boundary but it seemed like a boundary between life and death.

The inside of the boundary was completely silent. 

Everyone fell silent and the atmosphere was so heavy that many people couldn’t breathe.

“Zhou Yuan…” Chi Jing’s face was deathly pale and she seemed to have fallen into a trance-like state. She couldn’t accept that Zhou Yuan was smashed to death with one punch.

She stumbled forward, but was quickly stopped by the Law Domain experts beside her.

Chi Jing ignored them, muttering, “He will be fine!”

The other Law Domain experts inwardly sighed. Tai Xuan’s punch was so terrifying that even third Law Domain stage experts would suffer severe injuries, let alone Zhou Yuan. Even though Zhou Yuan possessed extraordinary strength, he was still only at the Nascent Source stage.

“Grand elder Chi Jing, I'm sorry for your loss.” Xu Beiyan sighed.

Chi Jing's eyes grew sharp and she glared at Xu Beiyan. “Was that your doing?!”

Although she had no evidence, her intuition made her suspicious of Xu Beiyan.

Xu Beiyan didn’t get angry and just said in a low voice, “If you blame me for closing the boundary, I can say sorry, but if I were to make that decision again, I would still do the same!”

Seeing this, the Law Domain experts nearby also tried to persuade Chi Jing. 

In their opinion, Chi Jing was just taking out their anger. After all, Xu Beiyan controlled the boundary and needed to be accountable for everyone’s safety. If he postponed the boundary’s closing, Tai Xuan could have charged through and the consequence would be catastrophic.

Therefore, Xu Beiyan had done nothing wrong. 

Chi Jing's face was as cold as water. She shot an icy glare at Xu Beiyan and said nothing else because she knew that no one would believe her suspicion and no one would support her even if she made a scene.

Everything would be clear later. If Xu Beiyan really did something, she would kill him to avenge Zhou Yuan no matter what.


However, while Chi Jing was suppressing her anger, a furious roar reverberated across the area and a giant golden beast stomped across the air. It slammed its huge body into the boundary, causing it to quake and ripples widening out.  

It was Tuntun!    

They were separated for a while, but he didn't think such a change would happen to Zhou Yuan’s team.

Everyone instantly recognized the Alpha Holy Beast that always followed the goddess and Zhou Yuan. They were at a loss for words and didn’t dare to come forward to comfort him.

While commotion broke out within the boundary due to Zhou Yuan team’s disappearance, the front of the boundary distorted and a white-haired figure emerged.

It was Tai Xuan.   

His appearance drew everyone’s attention and all eyes were filled with hatred and fear.

Tai Xuan greeted those hateful gazes with a smile. He evidently didn't care. Instead, he cast his eyes to the top of the boundary. He extended his fingers and vast amounts of Genesis Qi gathered around them, as if forming a dazzling sun.


The great dazzling sun smashed into the boundary, producing a deafening boom and sent ripples across the boundary light barrier. Fortunately, it was undamaged.

Everyone who was previously overwhelmed with worry couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

It seemed that the boundary could stop Tai Xuan.

“What a powerful defense boundary,” Tai Xuan exclaimed. The boundary was extraordinary and must be the work of the all-heavens Saints and because the All-heavens Law Domain experts’ powers were accumulated there, even Tai Xuan couldn’t shake it.

“Are you planning to stall for time with the boundary?”

Tai Xuan shifted his gaze to the great all-heavens army within the boundary, smiled and nodded, “Actually, you were correct. There is a time limit to my current state.”

The entire all-heavens army lit up with joy. As they thought, if they could stall until his improved state ends, they would be able to start their counterattack.

Tai Xuan stood with his hand clasped behind his back, surveying the boundary light barrier in front of him and smiled faintly. “The question is can this thing really protect you for that long?”

Xu Beiyan coldly snorted. “Tai Xuan, don’t think of scaring us. The all-heavens Saints created this defense boundary. It’s wishful thinking if you think you can destroy it!”

Tai Xuan said with a smile, “A group of stray dogs dared to talk tough?” He waved his hand and the world behind him shook. The Sacred Race Army swarmed over like locusts.

There was some chaos within the Sacred Race Army and many figures seemed to be pushed out.

The majority were at the Nascent Source and pseudo Law Domain stage. Moreover, most were ugly and fierce beasts that belonged to the Evil Beast Clan, which Zhou Yuan had previously encountered in the Dragon Spirit Utopia.  

The Sacred Race and Evil Beast Clan members driven out looked a little dazed, but they soon realized something was wrong because they saw pity in the other troops of the Sacred Race Army. 

Tai Xuan turned around and ran his eyes across the ‘nutrients’. They were considered to be of a lower status within the Sacred Race. The higher-ups of the Sacred Race had always treated the Evil Beast Clan as livestock and slaughtered them at will.

“Everyone, the Sacred Race will remember your contributions. Your relatives will all benefit from your sacrifice.” Tai Xuan said compassionately. 

The many Sacred Race and Evil Beast Clan troops sent out sensed something bad. Panic filled their eyes and they anxiously drew back.

Rays of blood-red light burst out from the Sacred Pupil between Tai Xuan’s eyebrows, shooting towards the ‘nutrients’. Those who touched the light were almost instantly turned to blood. The blood floated into the air, forming a tremendous blood mirror.

The blood mirror emitted an incomparably fiendish and sinister aura. 

Everyone of the all-heavens army within the boundary stared at  this scene, dumbstruck. They were all chilled to the bone.

Who would have imagined that Tai Xuan would be so ruthless to even people of his race. The Sacred Race was indeed a ruthless race. 

“What exactly is he planning?”

They felt increasingly uneasy as they peered at the strange blood mirror.

They soon knew what Tai Xuan wanted to do.

As the blood mirror took shape, many Sacred Race experts’ Sacred Pupil between their eyebrows suddenly opened and shot out light rays towards the strange blood mirror.

The rays of light were reflecting against the blood mirror.

But the light rays turned blood-red when they touched the mirror.    


Bizarre blood-red rays streaked across the air and landed on the boundary light barrier. The transparent barrier started to turn scarlet as though splashed with blood.

But what shocked Xu Beiyan and the others the most was that ripples spread across the upper area of the boundary as the scarlet colored areas expanded. 

They felt the boundary that contained astonishing defense power was being corroded and polluted.

And even began to thin.    


As the Sacred Race started to corrode the boundary, something was happening at the deepest part of the dark bottomless abyss.

A hand stretched out from the mud, and a slender figure was struggling to crawl out the abyss. Although her state looked miserable and she was covered in mud, she still worriedly swept her beautiful eyes around. “Your Highness?!” 

It was Su Youwei.   

She hurriedly and happily turned to the darkness when she heard movements.

She saw two figures stagger out and the light in her beautiful eyes dimmed.

They were Wu Yao and Zhao Mushen.

“Where is His Highness!?”     

Wu Yao pressed her lips and exchanged a glance with Zhao Mushen, before they moved away. Su Youwei's face blanched when she looked over.

There, a figure was lying still and silently on the ground. No, it wasn’t a figure anymore but broken flesh and bones. If it weren’t for the very faint waves of Genesis Qi around that figure, Su Youwei wouldn't believe that it was Zhou Yuan.

Su Youwei tremblingly inched forward and came to the broken body’s side. As she knelt down, she broke down in tears. It was the first time she saw Zhou Yuan in such a miserable state since they met…

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