Chapter 1342 Flee in Disorder

As Tai Xuan’s momentum and imposing bearing wildly soared, even Chi Jing and the others felt powerless and afraid.

She naturally could tell from Tai Xuan’s power that he not only had absorbed the blood qi of the countless people on the battlefield but also that of top Law Domain experts in the Sacred Race.

The accumulation of such powers naturally could naturally create a terrifying existence.

But what made Chi Jing and others bewildered was how he could withstand the strength of such a level…Logically speaking, even someone at the third Law Domain stage shouldn’t be able to possess such powers.

Their eyes shifted to the Sacred Pupil between Tai Xuan’s brows. The Sacred Pupil was dark-red, deep and gloomy, like the eye of a demon.

All his power should originate from his Sacred Pupil...

Under those terrified gazes, Tai Xuan stretched his body and smiled at the all-heavens Law Domain experts. “Prepare yourself to welcome the so-called fear.” 

No one responded; however, everyone’s face grew overcast. They knew the situation was extremely unfavorable to them.

Tai Xuan wore a broad smile as golden rays of light rose from the top of his head like an iridescent cloud. Rays of light gathered within the cloud to form a hexagonal light mirror and as the mirror flashed, it seemed to emit boundless terror. 

“This is called the Sacred Light of Returning to Emptiness.” As Tai Xuan casually whispered, the hexagonal light mirror fiercely vibrated, and the Genesis Qi between heaven and earth violently rippled before swallowed into the mirror. Then, vast amounts of Genesis Qi suddenly erupted!


A shaft of light difficult to be perceived by the naked eye shot out. Although it was impossible to be detected by people below the third Law Domain stage, people like Chi Jing felt enveloped by danger and hair stood on end.

The destructive power contained in that light beam made them shudder with fear.

Therefore, Chi Jing, Xu Beiyan and many other third Law Domain stage experts unhesitatingly activated their Law Domain treasures, exhausting all their strengths to deal with the attack. 


Two gushes of power strong enough to penetrate the galaxy collided and waves of Genesis Qi wreaked havoc across thousands of feet.


However, several all-heavens experts coughed up blood during the collision, and their Law Domain Treasures broke apart from the impact. 

By the time the shock waves dissipated, all all-heavens third Law Domain stage experts were ashen-faced because Tai Xuan had single handedly suppressed them all!

So terrifying!    

Those that had retreated were all at a loss for words and the panic in their eyes couldn’t be disguised.

Xu Beiyan drew a deep breath, turned to Chi Jing and asked, “Are you planning to continue to fight recklessly with no regard of the consequences? That would be throwing away your life!”

Chi Jing clenched her hands tight and the veins on the back of her fair hands pulsed frantically. She gritted her teeth, showing her reluctance.

The other third Law Domain stage experts who charged forward with Chi Jing also fell silent. Although Tai Xuan was strong, he wasn’t invincible before, but now that his strength had soared, they no longer had an advantage even if they all joined hands. 

The casualties on their side would be even heavier if the fight continued. 

“Tai Xuan is using the Sacred Pupil to raise his strength. Although that ability is strange, I suspect there is a time limit to that strength increase. We shouldn’t be so reckless and should return to the defense boundary. When his time limit is reached, it will be our chance to counterattack!” Xu Beiyan quickly suggested.

The other third Law Domain experts nodded. What Xu Beiyan said was right. Their clash with Tai Xuan should have bought enough time for the great army to retreat. 

Chi Jing didn’t object and could only let out a sigh. Her eyes were filled with murderous intent and reluctance as she peered at Tai Xuan who was in the distance.

Xu Beiyan’s expression relaxed and everyone at the third Law Domain stage transformed into a stream of light and returned. 

Seeing this, the great all-heavens army understood that the third Law Domain stage experts couldn’t withstand the attacks anymore and had to retreat in panic.

“A bunch of stray dogs.” Tai Xuan shook his head with a smile.

But there wasn’t the slightest smiling expression in those eyes. Instead, they were filled with coldness and ruthlessness.

With a slight movement, an image appeared in the void as his figure sped away as though teleported, chasing after the all-heavens army.

An amusing scene had appeared at the dragon head battle zone. The all-heavens army retreated with great momentum and Tai Xuan pursued them alone. From a distance it looked like a tiger hunting a flock of sheep.

Many top experts including Chi Jing felt humiliated. They were considered the heaven prides of all-heavens and had experienced countless battles over the years, but they had never felt such a way - everyone was being chased by one person.  

The all-heavens saints outside the Stone Dragon Secret Domain likely had the same thought.

This chase continued for several moments and the defense boundary was in sight.

The person at the front was nearing the boundary.

Seeing this, Xu Beiyan controlled the boundary with the powers contained in his palm and the boundary light barrier split from the middle.

“Everyone, quickly retreat into the boundary!” Chi Jing shouted.

The army swarmed into the boundary in chaos.


However, a tremendous torrent suddenly descended at the rear of the army and instantly melted everyone in that area. They turned to blood qi and spiralled into the sky.

Tai Xuan had caught up.

The great army’s retreat became even more chaotic.

Tai Xuan tread across the air, constantly sending beams of terrifying light whizzing out his sleeves. Wearing a smile, he constantly blood-washed waves of all-heavens troops and his smile deepened when he heard cries of despair.

Chi Jing’s and others’ eyes reddened because their protection range was limited and they could only shield those within the range. If they were to expand the range anymore, they would enter Tai Xuan’s attack range.

Xu Beiyan said, “Everyone, the most important thing is to get more people into the boundary. Your lack of forbearance can upset the great plan!”

They had no choice but to turn their gaze away.

Somewhere at the rear of the army. 

Wu Yao, Su Youwei, Zhao Mushen and the others who belonged to Zhou Yuan's team were fleeing frantically. Their countenance didn’t look too good because they also didn’t think the all-heavens army would collapse so quickly.  

“This is more difficult that the Battle of Guyuan Heaven.” Wu Yao knitted her beautiful brows and clenched her teeth. She had an extremely tough personality but she also could only retreat with the great army.

Zhao Mushen and Su Youwei kept quiet. Tai Xuan was too terrifying and they speculated that he had already reached the Law Domain limit and was only one step away from reaching the Saint stage. 

It was no wonder that not even third Law Domain stage experts couldn’t withstand his power.

“Hurry, that lunatic is wiping out troops at the rear of the army. He must want to kill people to take their blood qi! It will be our turn soon,” Zhao Mushen said in a muffled voice.


As his voice died away, a shaft of light containing destructive power crashed down from above, destroying everything in an area.

The team fell silent and their scalp numbed.

The corners of Zhao Mushen's mouth twitched. “Hurry, it will hit us next!”

Wu Yao, Su Youwei and others glared at him. “Shut up!”

But before their anger died down, their expressions dramatically changed because they saw the space above them crumble and a beam of destruction crashed down like a waterfall.

That beam of light was aiming for them.   

Everyone’s eyes went wide with fear.

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