Chapter 1341 The Strength of Tai Xuan

The white-clad man hovered in the air with his long white hair fluttering in the wind. His face looked ordinary but the Sacred Pupil between his eyebrows added a strange charm to him.

When the all-heavens army laid eyes on him, the terror in their eyes deepened because they could distinctly feel the terrifying aura emitted from the white-robed man.

Additionally, the blood qi rising across the land was constantly rushing into his Sacred Pupil.

The white-robed man was the person behind all that!

“Tai Xuan!” Xu Beiyan’s face grew overcasted but intense fear flashed across his eyes. Although he hadn’t fought Tai Xuan before, from the intelligence he received, Tai Xuan seemed to be stronger than him. There was only a slight difference in cultivation level between them, however, he sensed extreme danger from the aura that Tai Xuan emitted. 

“Brother Xu!” A third Law Domain stage expert appeared next to Xu Beiyan and fixed a murderous gaze on Tai Xuan. “He’s so arrogant. He even dared to come here alone. We can definitely kill him if we combine our strengths!” 

Xu Beiyan’s eyes flickered around, and he didn’t respond right away.

While he was hesitating, Tai Xuan, who was hovering in the air, clasped his hands together with a faint smile and placed them in front of his mouth like a horn. He took a deep breath and blew into it.


Destructive sound waves erupted, roaring across the area and shattering the space within a one-thousands-mile radius.

The all-heavens side suffered heavy casualties when the sound wave passed. Nascent Source experts nearby exploded into blood-colored mist while pseudo Law Domain and Law Domain experts spewed out blood from the impact.

Only experts at the second and third Law Domain stage could withstood the sound wave.

Tai Xuan folded his hands together and the blood-colored mist that filled the sky converged to form a dragon-like silhouette and was quickly sucked into Tai Xuan’s Sacred Eye. 

“Delicious,” he said with a smile.  


Some people’s faces twisted with terror and couldn’t help utter cries of despair because they witnessed their comrades explode into blood-colored mist in front of them. 

The all-heavens army’s morale plummeted.   

“Xu Beiyan, you’re so cowardly. How can you be a leader?!” 

A fierce light flashed in Chi Jing’s eyes as she watched that scene. She turned her head in Xu Beiyan’s direction and said sternly, “Why are we not doing anything? What are you waiting for?!  Do you only know how to take and not give?!

“That’s not a leader! That’s a worm!” Her face was icy-cold, and she immediately turned and shouted to some third Law Domain stage experts, “If you have the courage, then follow me! No matter how strong he is, he isn’t a saint!”

As her voice died away, she shot out first, spreading out her Law Domain. Amidst flashing azure light, wind blades of destruction slashed through space towards Tai Xuan.

The third Law Domain stage experts finally gritted their teeth and rushed towards Tai Xuan.

At such a time, only they had hopes of obstructing Tai Xuan and buying time for the all-heavens army to retreat to the defense boundary. 

They were the top Law Domain experts in all-heavens and were well-respected and always won the greatest portion of any opportunity. However, as Chi Jing said, since there would be such huge gains, it was necessary to make sacrifices.

It was time for them to come forward.

If they fled and were unwilling to take on any responsibilities, they would be scorned by all-heavens. 

Xu Beiyan’s face darkened as she watched many third Law Domain stage experts charge out following Chi Jing. He coldly snorted, “You have such a strong sense of righteousness. When did I say I wouldn’t do anything? It’s that we should wait for the right time.” 

However, although he said that, he still followed after them. All Saints were watching the battle and if he chose to retreat to save himself, even his three masters wouldn’t be able to protect him. 

Hovering in the void, Tai Xuan raised his brows seeing so many all-heavens third Law Domain stage experts charging over and besieging him. “You have some courage. This is interesting. Otherwise what fun would there be to fight a bunch of unresisting pigs?”

He slowly opened his hand, countless mysterious runes blooming in his palm. When he stretched out the open hand, it rapidly expanded as though turning into a giant star palm. Moreover, there seemed to be mountains, rivers, sun, moon and stars on that palm.

That palm aimed for the group of third Law Domain stage experts headed by Chi Jing.

Chi Jing’s and the other's face turned grave when they saw the giant star hand crashing down. Tao Xuan should also be at the third Law Domain stage but there was a world of difference between him and them. 

This should be a result of the blood qi he had absorbed.  

Moreover, as he swallowed more and more blood qi, his strength would grow increasingly terrifying.  

“Attack with all your strength!” Chi Jing roared.

When her voice faded, all third Law Domain stage experts bravely acted and summoned their Law Domain treasures. The world quaked and Genesis Qi torrents streaked across like comets. The earth-shaking power contained in each torrent collided with the giant star hand.


An unimaginable shock wave erupted and swept across the area. Abyss-like cracks split the dragon head battle zone’s ground apart.

The combined attacks of so many third Law Domain stage experts finally obstructed the giant star hand. The two sides were in a deadlock for a moment, constantly weakening each other.

“Hmph, Tai Xuan, do you really think there isn't anyone in our all-heavens?!” A cold grunt sounded as Xu Beiyan sped out. His ink-colored flute flashed out his grip and transformed into a three-headed dragon beast surrounded with black flames. The three-headed dragon beast roared skywards before slamming into the giant star hand.


The giant star hand seemed to have reached its limit and couldn’t bear the impact. It started to crack, crumble and eventually turned into flecks of light.

The all-heavens army that was rapidly drawing back burst into deafening cheers. That scene showed them that Tai Xuan wasn’t truly invincible.

Tai Xuan was a little dumbstruck and just as he was about to say something, the space behind him suddenly smashed to pieces.

A beam of black light containing astonishing power shot out, aiming for his back with lightning speed. 

Within the black light was a mottled black brush with seven-color lights entwining at its tip. They fused together to form a razor sharp point. 

Such a surprise attack was impossible to predict.

But just as the mottled black brush was about to pierce Tai Xuan's body, he suddenly turned his hand over and thrust it forward. That thrust seemed weak but the stars in his palm dimmed.


An ear-piercing voice rang out and a terrifying Genesis Qi storm wreaked havoc.

The mottled black brush that gathered all someone’s strength was completely dissipated by a terrifying force. The space shattered layer after layer, and the black brush emitted a tragic noise before crashing to the ground, blasting a bottomless pit into the ground.

Having blasted away that surprise attack with a palm strike, Tai Xuan remained expressionless as he curled his fingers in a claw and fiercely grasped the space behind him.


The thousand-feet void crumbled into endless spatial fragments.  

“You run so fast.” Tai Xuan shook his head, disappointed that he couldn’t capture the rat that launched a sneak attack at him. The attacker instantly vanished when his attack failed and even left his Genesis weapon.

But the combined attacks of so many all-heavens third Law Domain stage experts made Tai Xuan realize that he couldn’t break through them all. He laughed at himself. “I am too naive to think that I could destroy them with my own strength.” He shook his head and turned around, his eyes cast to the altar in the distance. 

“Everyone, I have to trouble you.”

Around the altar sat many Sacred Race third Law Domain stage experts. Their expressions altered a little when they heard Tai Xuan's voice.

“That guy just wants to steal the limelight.”

“We are just the background this time.” 

“There’s nothing we can do. It’s because he has such a special Eight-Star Sacred Pupil. That’s an ability that even Saints regard highly.”

“After we achieve victory, Tai Xuan will become a new saint.”

The top Sacred Race Law Domain experts discussed with each other, but soon they closed their eyes and their body began to wither at an unbelievable speed. Then, a vast sea of blood qi roared out like thousands of blood-colored dragons and rushed into the dark-red space portal.

Blood-colored dragon drilled out from the space around Tai Xuan and rushed into the Sacred Pupil between his brows.

As the last blood-colored dragon entered, the Sacred Pupil gradually grew more red and his white hair wildly grew. They danced in the sky like a sea of white hair. Such a scene made people feel their blood run cold.

At the same time, an indescribably terrifying wave of energy raged out from Tai Xuan's body like a storm!

Chi Jing, Xu Beiyan, and other top all-heavens experts simultaneously paled.

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