Chapter 1340 Start Eating

A dark-red space portal formed above the altar, spewing out huge currents of blood qi. They endlessly rushed into the Sacred Pupil of Tai Xuan, who was sitting in the center of the altar.

The amount of Genesis Qi emitting from his body soared at an astonishing speed.

Everyone on the all-heavens side in the dragon head battle zone immediately sensed the changes. 

Boundless and endless blood qi rose into the air.

The many corpses on the battlefield, regardless whether they were from all-heavens or the Sacred Race, began to vaporize, turning into mighty blood qi. They slowly rose and eventually merged with the air, seeming to be swallowed by an invisible mouth. 

But blood qi wasn’t only rising from the corpses, many all-heavens experts felt the blood qi in their bodies becoming agitated. Some people couldn’t control them even more and could only helplessly watch wisps of blood spiral up from their bodies.

That wasn’t ordinary blood qi; it also contained Genesis Qi!

Therefore, when dark-red qi broke out their bodies, everyone from all-heavens felt the Genesis Qi in their bodies weakening.

As Zhou Yuan hovered in the air, his expression also altered indefinitely because he felt the blood qi in his body becoming agitated. Fortunately, he was able to suppress it, and not everyone was able to do so. 

An indescribably bizarre power in the void was forcibly absorbing the all-heavens experts’ blood qi. 

Dripping with blood, Tuntun appeared on Zhou Yuan’s head, staring vigilantly above. He let out a low roar and the hair all over his body stood on end. He sensed a huge crisis coming. 

“The Sacred Race is indeed scheming something!” Zhou Yuan uttered, his voice deep and low. He had previously already realised something was not right with the actions of the Sacred race.

“Decoder Saint Rune!” He immediately activated the Saint Rune. The world in front of him began to change, and he could see vast amounts of blood qi drilling into the void before being absorbed. Additionally, in the distance was a tremendous red portal.

A figure was sitting cross-legged in front of the portal. Its sacred eye was wide open, constantly swallowing the blood qi drawn from the all-heavens army.

Zhou Yuan also saw eight stars circulating within the sacred pupil, and his heart trembled.

“Eight-star sacred pupil…”  Zhou Yuan frowned. If his guess was right, the white-clad figure should be Tai Xuan, the leader of the Sacred Race army.

With the help of his Decoder Saint Rune, he investigated that person and could distinctly feel the dangerous aura exuding from that person’s body, like he was facing some wild beast.

“Huh?” As Zhou Yuan spied on Tai Xuan, Tai Xuan’s eyes suddenly narrowed and his Sacred Pupil shifted to where Zhou Yuan stood. “He could even see through this place? It seems not everyone in the all-heavens’ Law Domain stage is rubbish.”  

The stars in his Sacred Pupil roamed around, as though terrifying power was brewing. 

All the hair over Zhou Yuan's body stood on end. He retracted his gaze without any hesitation, and at the same time, his Decoder Saint Rune dispersed and his face turned increasingly grave.

“What a dangerous guy.” He furrowed his brows because the aura that Tai Xuan gave off during his previous spying was so dangerous that it couldn’t be described. Vaguely, Zhou Yuan felt as if he was facing a Saint. 

But he was clearly just at the third Law Domain stage.

The Sacred Race’s Tai Xuan was much stronger than Xu Beiyan. Moreover, why was he going to so much lengths to use a bizarre means to draw out the blood qi of everyone on the battlefield?!

Meanwhile, outside the Stone Dragon Secret Realm.  

The all-heavens Saints’s expressions worsened.

“What a ruthless Sacred Race cub! He even wants to use the blood qi of the all-heavens army to pave the foundation for him to reach the Saint stage?!” The Saints present naturally had a superior vision than Zhou Yuan and saw right through Tai Xuan's intention.

Tai Xuan’s ruthless action made all saints furious. 

The saint’s wrath continuously caused the starry sky to disintegrate and collapse.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo's face was cold as water. It was unlikely that Tai Xuan could use such a means with just his own strength. He must have had the help of the Sacred Race saints and even the prime saints.

“Be prepared.”    

Prime sovereign Jin Luo's eyelids drooped as his voice rang in the ears of the saints. The murderous intent contained in it made even the all-heavens saints’ hearts tremble.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo planned to intervene if the situation really collapsed to that stage, but he knew the Sacred Race saints also wouldn’t sit still and do nothing. The battle between the saints of the two sides would undoubtedly be earth-shaking.  

However, the saints knew that there was no other way. The army that entered the secret domain were all the elites and fresh blood in all-heavens, and Saints would emerge from them in the future. If they let the Sacred Race absorb their strengths, it would have a heavy blow to all-heavens. 

They didn’t want to see such a result.    


Panic spread among the all-heavens army on the battlefield.

As Xu Beiyan hovered in the void, his face looked extremely bad seeing such a scene.

“Brother Xu, what should we do now?!” Law Domain experts constantly asked him anxiously. Xu Beiyan was undoubtedly the most highly regarded person in all-heavens. Thus many people stared at him in anticipation, hoping that he could stand up and stabilize the situation. 

Xu Beiyan stared at the rear of the Sacred Race army with an overcasted face because he faintly felt a wave of energy there that made his heart palpitate. The sudden change frightened even him.

“What are those bastards scheming!?”

Xu Beiyan gritted his teeth and roared. “Everyone, seal your blood qi and retreat. Let’s first retreat to the defense boundary!”

The situation below was a little out of control, and if it was dragged on any longer, it would only get worse. Therefore, they should quickly return to the defense boundary to monitor the change and wait for an opportunity to strike back.

His voice rang in everyone’s ears and calmed the chaos a little. Then, the great army began to leave the battlefield, subsiding like the tide.

Zhou Yuan also retreated. The situation was too chaotic and so it was indeed wiser to retreat. Although Xu Beiyan was hypocritical, he wasn’t a stupid person and didn’t recklessly issued a command. 

The Sacred Race army madly rushed forward to stop them.

Any experts and teams that were caught by them failed to last long. Teams were constantly wiped out, and eventually their bodies were turned into spirals of blood qi.

Numerous tragic wails echoed throughout the battlefield, causing many all-heavens experts’ eyes to crack, teeth chatter, and roared with grief and anger.

Clad in a snowy white robe, Tai Xuan, who was in front of the red space portal, smiled when he saw the all-heavens army retreat. “Too slow. I will take over.”

As his voice sounded, the Sacred Race army pursuing the all-heavens army abruptly halted. 

Seeing this, the all-heavens army heaved a sigh of relief, but before they fully exhaled, they saw the space around them gradually distorted and a white figure emerged above the battlefield.

When the white-clothed man appeared, a terrifying pressure enveloped the entire battlefield.

The pressure exuded from his body caused even many third Law Domain stage experts to pale dramatically.

The white-clothed man wore a slight smile as he surveyed the all-heavens army. He bowed with a sincere face and his soft voice sounded, “Everyone, I need to start eating.”

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