Chapter 134 Gu Ling

“Gu Ling…”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes rippled for a moment as he looked at the sexy girl in black before him. However, almost no change could be detected on his face as he nodded and said in a calm voice, “Oh.”

Gu Ling was a little taken aback by Zhou Yuan’s indifference, but fury soon flashed in the depths of her eyes.

The group of guys behind Gu Ling were extremely dissatisfied with Zhou Yuan’s attitude, their tone hostile as they chided, “You’re pretty darn arrogant kid, why are you still not begging for forgiveness after killing Gu Ling’s brother?!”

The thug like way they spoke was rather inconsistent with their faint air of nobility. Together with the strong Genesis Qi that rippled around their bodies, these characteristics made it painfully obvious that they were the so-called ‘prided geniuses’.

Gu Ling revealed a heartbroken look at this moment as she softly said, “Don’t be angry everyone, there must be some misunderstanding between our friend Zhou Yuan and my Gu clan which led to such an outcome. Gu Lang only has himself to blame for his death.”

However, that appearance of hers only made them glare even harder at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan indifferently watched this scene play out as if he was a bystander. This girl’s methods were superb. From the way she handed this group of geniuses, it was more than likely that they would fight to offer her the moon and the stars.

Xiao Tianxuan continued to rotate the golden balls in his hand as looked towards Zhou Yuan and said in a gentle voice, “My friend, whatever grudge you guys have with the Gu clan is not important. Since you have already killed Gu Lang, let it end at that.”

Zhou Yuan raised his eyebrows, but did not say anything. He knew that Xiao Tianxuan was not finished.

Sure enough, Xiao Tianxuan paused for a moment before continuing, “But the Gu clan’s supreme treasure you stole should be returned to Gu Ling.”

Xiao Tianxuan smiled slightly as he stared at Zhou Yuan. “Gu Ling has told me that as long as you return their supreme treasure, she will generously let bygones be bygones. If you feel that I am worthy, I can help resolve the grudge between the two of you and allow enemies to become friends.”

Zhou Yuan could not help but laugh. These fellows were indeed after the Saint Spirit Crystal. However, it had already been assimilated by him, and now tempered his Spirit night and day. They were dreaming if they believed that he would hand it over.

Zhou Yuan smiled and asked, “Is that why you purposely raised the bid earlier?”

Xiao Tianxuan was momentarily stunned, but soon responded in an uninterested tone, “It’s just a few Genesis crystals, I can repay you if you’re upset.”

A slight hint of mockery could be seen from the corners of his mouth, evidently secretly thinking how typical of a prince from a lowly remote empire to be so upset over a mere several hundred thousand Genesis crystals.

“No need, there may be a chance for me to get them back in the future.” Zhou Yuan shook his head, his tone cool and calm.

Xiao Tianxuan may believe that his actions during the auction were just a little lesson for Zhou Yuan, but the latter’s principle was that every action had a consequence.

Simply returning the money was not going to be so easy.

Zhou Yuan stared Xiao Tianxuan and Gu Ling and slowly said, “I can’t be bothered to elaborate on the Gu clan’s dirty deeds, but they did try to silence us. If not for our resourcefulness, our fates would be rather grim.”

“Therefore, I’m afraid that the likes of you are still not enough to resolve our grudge.”

“As for the supreme treasure of the Gu clan, don’t even dream that I’ll return it.” They nearly lost their lives for this treasure. Xiao Tianxuan must have a crazily high opinion about himself if he believed that it would be returned with a single sentence from him.

Xiao Tianxuan and Gu Ling’s expressions finally changed.

Xiao Tianxuan’s expression was now as dark as a storm as he asked, “Does this mean that you are not giving me face?”

“Hehe, do you really think you deserve so much face?” Luluo sneered.

Although they were currently in Saint Remains City and Xiao Tianxuan was the junior city lord, matters between the younger generation were settled by the younger generation. Hence, Xiao Tianxuan would not be able to use the power of Saint Remains City against them.

If he did, it was not like they did not have their own backers. No one would be the winner once the situation degenerated into a battle between numerous factions.

Without the power of Saint Remains City, Luluo naturally did not fear Xiao Tianxuan.

“Impudent, a mere prince from a tiny empire dares to be so insolent in such a place?”

The geniuses behind Gu Ling sneered in succession. They knew Luluo’s background and strength, and thus did not dare to pit themselves against her. Hence, the one they turned their fangs at in exchange was Zhou Yuan.

A blue robed young man nearest to Gu Ling ominously said, “Humph, a mere Qi Nourishing stage dares to be so arrogant. Aren’t you afraid of being slaughtered after entering the Saint Remains Domain?”

This person was called Lan Ting, and was likewise a prided genius from one of the influential clans in the Cangmang Continent. In the group, his strength was likely only second to Xiao Tianxuan and Gu Ling.

Zhou Yuan smiled as he gazed at these geniuses, a smile that was overflowing with eerie iciness.

“We’ll have to enter the Saint Remains Domain first to see who gets slaughtered.”

The group of geniuses shot angry glares over.

Gu Ling’s face was somewhat ugly, but this was quickly remedied by her as she sighed softly and said, “It seems that my Gu clan has indeed greatly offended this honorable friend. Why else would you refuse to give face to even the junior city lord and the rest of these amazing geniuses.”

Zhou Yuan swept a cold gaze at her. This woman was good. Her seemingly simple words had further deepened the enmity between him and the geniuses beside her.

“Woman, you’re being rather unreasonable.” However, a voice suddenly sounded out from Zhou Yuan’s side at this moment. The crowd looked, only to find that it was the white clothed Yaoyao.

She was currently disguised as a male, but her face was still unparallelled in the looks department. Even though Xiao Tianxuan and the rest were pretty decent themselves, they instantly dimmed in comparison to Yaoyao.

Gu Ling’s eyes brightened slightly at the sight of Yaoyao. Such a handsome pretty boy was truly rare.

However, her expression soon turned a little rigid due to Yaoyao’s words.

Yaoyao slowly fanned herself, using some unknown method to make her voice neutral sounding as she indifferently said, “The supreme treasure of the Gu clan was indeed taken by us. If you want it back, there’s no need to use these tricks to incite these fools. The Saint Remains Domain is about to open, and when it does, feel free to throw everything you have at us inside. You will be able to take it back if you have the ability.”

“Of course, any action you take will be accompanied by a price. If you fail to snatch it back, no one can be blamed for what happens in the end.” Towards the end, Yaoyao’s words gave off a sliver of iciness that made one involuntarily shiver.

She stared at Gu Ling as she dished out the final few words. “If you want to play, we will gladly keep you company.”

The atmosphere became rather silent all of a sudden, everyone stunned by Yaoyao’s words. She had already made things very clear. Don’t dream of the treasure being returned. If they wanted to snatch it, bring it on, but make sure to be prepared for the consequences.

Gu Ling’s pretty face was a blend of green and white. Over the years, she had used her looks to make every male she met grovel under her skirt. Who could have imagined that she would be exposed by a male that was even prettier than herself today? This truly made her feel humiliated.

Xiao Tianxuan’s expression was also rather ugly. He had not expected that this pretty boy would be even less respectful than Zhou Yuan.

Fools? He had actually said that geniuses like them were fools?

Fury surged in his heart, but surprisingly, Xiao Tianxuan did not say anything in response. He knew that the Spirit cultivation of this seemingly Genesis Qi-less outrageously pretty boy had reached the Corporeal stage. That was true power that could match the Alpha-Origin.

Anger also festered in the hearts of the other geniuses, but they too did not say anything. However, the gazes that looked towards Zhou Yuan grew even more hostile. It was obvious that they had pushed all of their rage onto Zhou Yuan. 

A soft persimmon was easier to squeeze after all.

Zhou Yuan rubbed his nose as he gave Yaoyao a thumbs-up in his heart. These words were really too domineering. What were these fellows that had been duped by a single girl if not fools?

“Hehe, what an domineering young master…”

While everyone was silent, a charmingly lovely chuckle was suddenly heard.

Everyone raised their heads, only to find a young lady wearing a black dress leaning against the wall nearby. A flirtatious set of eyes were currently filled with interest as they stared at Yaoyao.

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