Chapter 1339 Tai Xuan’s Scheme

As more and more teams came to the dragon head battle zone, the all-heavens began to build a defense boundary. Many boundary nodes were set up across one hundred thousand li in just one day, but the most unexpected thing was that the Sacred Race didn’t come to obstruct them from building a defense. 

In an area outside the dragon head battle zone, Zhou Yuan was standing on a huge treetop, peering into the distance. He saw light pillars constantly rising into the sky, and each one, which represented a node, stretched beyond sight.

The node arrangement went very smoothly.    

It was so smooth that Zhou Yuan felt uneasy.

He lifted his head and his gaze shifted to the dragon head battle zone’s areas that couldn’t be seen. With his Allroamer stage Spirit he detected countless different Genesis Qi rippling in that direction and even formed masses of black Genesis Qi clouds that extended forever into the distance, obscuring the sun and sky.

The Sacred Race teams were also gathering together. 

But what puzzled Zhou Yuan was that the Sacred Race should be aware of their plan to build a defense boundary, yet they had no intention of stopping them. 

“Is it because they have absolute confidence?” he muttered, “The only explanation is that the Sacred Race didn’t care what plans the all-heavens had. However, were they not too arrogant to look down on the all-heavens army? After all, the Sacred Race army that gathered here isn’t all their strength.

As Zhou Yuan furrowed his brows, vast amounts of Genesis Qi erupted behind him.

He twisted around to see countless light pillars linking together and left several mysterious trails in the air.

“Is the defense boundary being operated?”  

Zhou Yuan rushed off while waving his hand, and several figures sped through the forest below. They were Zhao Mushen, Su Youwei, Wu Yao and others.

By the time the group returned to the all-heavens base camp, all teams had gathered there and everyone was watching the tremendous boundary take shape. 

The boundary stretched across the area as though covering the entire world, and gave everyone an incomparable sense of security.

Zhou Yuan stared at the light barrier formed with the boundary. The defense boundary was created by the saints of all-heavens and then accumulated the many people’s strength. Based on defense power, even many third Law Domain stage experts couldn’t destroy it with their full strength. 

This was the all-heavens army’s last line of defense.

As the boundary formed, Xu Beiyan's figure emerged in the sky full of lights. He seemed to be grasping a light sphere that was gradually shrinking. It eventually formed a special mark in his hand.

That marking was the key or authority power to control the boundary.

Hovering in the air, Xu Beiyan was very satisfied with the attention from the thousands of people below. However, he also felt it was normal because he was the strongest at the Law Domain stage and thus he naturally should act as the leader.

Wherever he was, other Law Domain experts would dim under his brilliance. 

One Xu Beiyan controlled his emotions and tilted his handsome face down. He scanned the all-heavens teams below and said, “Everyone, the defense boundary has successfully been set up. Next we will step into the dragon head battle zone’s depths and compete for anchor points.”

His words made everyone’s faces suddenly turn nervous and grave.

Strictly speaking, the previous battles between the two sides were just warm-ups and the battles in the dragon head battle zone was the real battle that would determine the final outcome.

“The next battle concerns the future of all-heavens and all Saints are watching us. The victory must belong to all heavens!" Xu Beiyan’s voice rang in everyone's ears and seemed to contain a special charm that makes people feel emotional.

The all-heavens army was stirred and respect filled everyone’s eyes as they looked at Xu Beiyan. It was obvious that Xu Beiyan used this opportunity to bring a wave of prestige onto him.

Xu Beiyan nodded with satisfaction when he felt the respect in those gazes. He didn’t say anything else, and with one thought, the defense boundary in front slowly tore apart. 

He lifted his hand, waving it gently in the air.


Gushes of Genesis Qi soared and endless figures cut across the sky, blotting the sun like a swarm of locusts. 

The all-heavens army was about to act.

Zhou Yuan led his team into the air and headed directly towards the dragon head battle zone’s depths. He peered into the distance, and when the all-heavens army set off, he could also feel fierce gushes of Genesis Qi erupting where the Sacred Race gathered. 

The Sacred Race Army also acted.

The boundless Genesis Qi caused that side of the world to quake and thick clouds scudded across the sky. The tremendous fluctuation of Genesis Qi even created flashes of lightning and rumbling thunder. 

Torrential rain poured down and enveloped the entire battle zone.

Countless figures raced across the sky and soon, the gushes of Genesis Qi were reflected in the eyes of the all-heavens troops. It was as if a Genesis Qi wave with no end in sight was crashing down with destructive force. 

It was the countless Sacred Race experts. 

“Kill!” Roars filled with killing intent resounded from the all-heavens army.

Everyone’s eyes turned crimson-. A battle had already broken out and there was no way to retreat. 


The two waves of destruction clashed like two stars colliding. An indescribable shock wave broke out, causing even the Stone Dragon Secret Domain to violently vibrate.

It was unknown how many Law Domains were spread out at that moment. It was a spectacular scene. 

Looking down from above, there were fierce battles breaking out in every part of the enormous  dragon head battle zone.


As jet-black hair wrapped around Zhou Yuan’s fist, he flapped the wings on his back and thrust out a fist, shattering the surrounding space. A terrifying Genesis Qi torrent directly smashed a Sacred Race Law Domain expert as well as their Law Domain to fragments, creating a sky full of blood-colored mist.

Blood splattered everywhere, but the body evaporated before even it neared Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan cleared the area at incredible speed. Then, with a wave of his hand, he struck a Dragon Moving Nail into the earth’s depths and activated the anchor points in that area.

He immediately sped away again, charging towards another anchor point. At the same time, he also watched the huge battlefield with his Spirit perception.

He saw the two sides locked in a fierce battle and Law Domains were constantly annihilated. It was an unprecedentedly tragic and bloody scene.

Through Zhou Yuan’s Spirit power, he noticed that the all-heavens hadn’t fallen into a disadvantaged situation. Regardless of how fierce the Sacred Race’s attacks were, the all-heavens withstood them. Moreover, the all-heavens seemed to have a slight advantage based on  the number of anchor points activated.

But Zhou Yuan felt something was wrong.   

He wrinkled his brows, pondered for a few breaths and finally understood the source of his feelings.

He hadn’t seen any top Sacred Race experts mentioned in the intelligence.  

For example, Tai Xian who everyone feared to face.

There was no trace of those people, as though they didn’t participate in the battle.

That discovery brought a chill down Zhou Yuan's heart. In such a situation, the enemies were clearly preparing for something.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head, staring at the rear of the Sacred Race Army, where it was shrouded in sacred light and his perception couldn’t penetrate. A deep frown crossed his brows because that uneasy feeling became even more intense.

What is the Sacred Race planning?  

“Some top Sacred Race experts still haven’t appeared!”

The all-heavens Saints, who were watching the secret domain from the outside very quickly noticed the strangeness. When they shifted their eyes across the Sacred Race’s side, they found that the space had distorted as though the Sacred Race Saints interfered and obstructed their prying.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo said indifferently, “The enemies’ prime saints are interfering.”

The all-heavens Saints felt their heart quivering because if even the Sacred Race prime saints had acted, it confirmed that the Sacred Race must be scheming something. 

They furrowed their brows tightly, feeling very uneasy. 

Golden light flowed around the inside of prime sovereign Jin Luo’s eyes, and the golden light grew increasingly bright until his eyes finally turned to gold-like substances.

The golden eyes were fixed on the space, watching it turn into a vortex. Inside seemed to be a boundless force that could make all saints shudder, like a dark abyss that was impossible to see through.

This was the strength of a Sacred Race prime saint.

Two powerful forces that could easily destroy countless domains collided in an unknown place. They clashed thousands of times in an instant. After a while, a cold snort echoed in the emptiness. Then, prime sovereign Jin Luo’s golden eyes gradually dulled and all-heavens saints cast their gaze to the Stone Dragon Secret Domain to see the Sacred Race’s obstruction barrier had been broken.

They saw something at the rear of the battlefield.

An altar was standing tall there, and in the center of the altar was a white-robed man sitting quietly. Several Sacred Race top experts who hadn’t appeared were sitting cross-legged in different positions, as though providing protection.

The white-robed man suddenly looked up with a smile as though he sensed prime sovereign Jin Luo broke down the barrier.

“I am Tai Xuan from the Sacred Race. I want to borrow the blood qi of the several elites in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain to help me climb the path to the Saint stage.”

As his chuckle died away, the vertical eye between his brows slowly opened, revealing the Sacred Pupil! 

There were eight stars circling inside the Sacred Pupil!

It was the Eight-Star Sacred Pupil!

When that Sacred Pupil opened, the space in front began to distort, as if forming a portal. Within the portal were vast amounts of blood qi rushing out in torrents and finally were swallowed by the Sacred Pupil. At the same time, an extremely terrifying wave of energy was soaring at astonishing speed!

The entire Stone Dragon Secret Domain world was violently quaking.

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