Chapter 1337 Gather at the Dragon Head

While Zhou Yuan led his team towards the dragon head battle zone, victory was determined in the other battle zones one after another, and all teams headed in the same direction.

If the secret domain was looked at from the outside world, one would see powerful Genesis Qi rising like smoke signals, stirring the clouds, and then racing towards the dragon head battle zone.

That scene was too spectacular.


Seven days had passed by the time Zhou Yuan arrived at the dragon head battle zone.

As he stepped into the dragon head battle zone, he distinctly felt the Genesis Qi in that world was much heavier and an indescribable pressure filled the area. However, no one inside felt uncomfortable. Instead, the Genesis Qi in their body turned unusually lively. 

“The universe Genesis Qi here seems to have been refined thousands of times…” Ai Tuanzi exclaimed. The Genesis Qi was so ancient and pure that one’s cultivation efforts here would yield twice the result with half the effort.

Zhao Mushen, Su Youwei and the others were equally stunned.

As Zhou Yuan stared at that world, the Decoder Saint Rune roamed around his pupils. He discovered that the universe Genesis Qi seemed to contain some kind of mysterious dust-like substance invisible to the naked eye. That substance wasn’t unfamiliar to him because it emitted the aura of Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirit.

“The dragon head battle zone is incredibly rich in Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits. The reason why the Genesis Qi is so special here is because it is fused with Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits.” Zhou Yuan exclaimed in surprise.

Everyone’s eyes suddenly blazed with excitement. The dragon head battle zone was indeed worthy of being the core of the Stone Dragon Secret Domain.

Who would have thought that even the universe Genesis Qi contained Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits?

“It really is the best place to battle.” Zhou Yuan sighed. Since the universe Genesis Qi contained tiny wisps of Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits, everyone could quickly restore their Genesis Qi as well as repair their injuries. The battle zone was simply made for battles.

One could easily imagine how fierce the battle would be once the two sides clash.

While Zhou Yuan was sighing, he surveyed the surroundings and saw streams of light endlessly coming from afar and stepping into the battle zone. It was the other all-heavens teams.

They all, without exception, burst into exclamations of excitement when they stepped in and felt the difference in that world.

“Let's go, let’s join the great army first.” Without stopping for too long, Zhou Yuan said to everyone and led the way.

The all-heavens saints gave an instruction to everyone before they entered the Stone Dragon Secret Domain - everyone must gather together first and prepare for the dragon head battle zone as a whole.

Zhou Yuan could feel a vast amount of Genesis Qi accumulating in the northeastern direction.

The team sped across the sky and it was only after half a day that the distant world began to change. Countless different Genesis Qi curled into the sky like smoke signals and almost obscured the sky. It was a spectacular scene.

As they approached, Zhou Yuan saw a tremendous mountain standing tall on a plain like a giant.

Figures loomed out the mountain. 

There was where the all-heavens army gathered.

As Zhou Yuan’s team neared the area, a stream of light shot out from the mountain to meet them and to notify the other battle zone leader to assemble at the mountaintop to discuss the battle arrangements.

Zhou Yuan nodded, told the others to rest and took Tuntun, Su Youwei, Wu Yao, and Zhao Mushen to the mountaintop.

The secluded lush green mountaintop was dotted with blue stones. 

Hundreds of figures were gathered in front of the mountain, each one exuding astonishing Genesis Qi. They were the leaders of each battle zone. 

The arrival of Zhou Yuan and his team members naturally caught many people’s attention, and many people’s eyes widened in surprise. After all, the strength that Zhou Yuan showed was clearly considered at the bottom among all the battle zone leaders. They thought it wouldn’t go well for Zhou Yuan and didn't expect him to come all the way.

Xu Beiyan was sitting cross-legged on a rock in the center of the crowd. Wearing a calm smile, he modestly responded to the compliments from the many battle zone leaders around. 

He also sensed Zhou Yuan’s appearance but he retracted his gaze immediately and acted like he didn’t care.

“Zhou Yuan, here.” Zhou Yuan heard a familiar voice and saw Chi Jing’s short burgundy hair fluttering in the wind as she beckoned to him.

“Senior sister.” Zhou Yuan smiled and quickly hurried over.   

“You’re not bad. You actually made it here.” Chi Jing examined Zhou Yuan with a smile, and after seeing that he had sustained no injury, she breathed an inward sigh of relief.

“Senior sister, is everything okay?" Zhou Yuan asked.

Chi Jing flicked her short hair as she said valiantly, “Of course everything is okay. My team occupied two battle zones.”

Zhou Yuan couldn’t help marveling. He could only occupy a battle zone after exhausting his strength, but Chi Jing’s team still had remaining strength to capture another zone. It was clear that her team’s overall strength was much greater than his.

“But Xu Beiyan occupied three battle zones,” Chi Jing whispered.

A light flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes, but he wasn’t too surprised because Xu Beiyan was indeed the no. 1 seed on the all-heavens side. Additionally, there were almost ten people at the second Law Domain stage on Xu Beiyan’s team and pseudo Law Domain experts weren’t qualified to join his team. It would be more surprising if that team couldn’t occupy three battle zones. 

“What about the Sacred Race's side?” 

Chi Jing knitted her slender eyebrows together and her face became solemn. “You should know who the strongest Law Domain expert in the Sacred Race is…He’s called Tai Xuan and he occupied four battle zones this time. From the intelligence we received, the all-heavens teams that encountered him were utterly wiped out in less than half an hour. Not one person survived.”

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. The Scared Race’s strength really shouldn’t be underestimated, particularly, the top sacred heaven pride specially cultivated by the Sacred Race. 

The dragon head battle zone would no doubt be fierce and bloody. 

While Zhou Yuan and Chi Jing were discussing, Xu Beiyan lightly tapped an ink flute on his palm and a battle zone leader immediately understood his meaning. The battle zone leader looked at Zhou Yuan and said with a smile, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan has such good luck. Did you come across a battle zone that no one competed for? Or…did you just give up the battle zone you were assigned to?”

Those words were a little offensive. Many battle zone leaders around felt that if Zhou Yuan really gave up his battle zone, that would tarnish his reputation.

Zhou Yuan simply shot a glance at the battle zone leader who asked him that question. That guy was obviously part of Xu Beiyan's gang and clearly just wanted to step on him.

“Zhao Jia, don't meddle in other people's business!” A cold light flashed in Chi Jing’s eyes. 

The battle zone leader Zhao Jia immediately stiffened and was clearly afraid of Chi Jing.

“Grand elder Chi Jing doesn't need to be so fiercely protective. Zhao Jia only asked that to gather information. Battle zone leaders need to inform us of the enemies they encountered when they arrive so that we can assess the Sacred Race’s strength,” Xu Beiyan said with a smile.

“Also, even if grand elder Zhou Yuan really gave up his battle zone, we can’t blame him. After all, there is indeed a gap in strength. It’s already very good that he made it here.”

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan, what do you think?” He looked at Zhou Yuan with a smile.

Zhou Yuan glanced at Xu Beiyan indifferently without responding, but Su Youwei couldn’t help interrupting coldly, “You don’t need to worry. We were assigned to the 77th battle zone and the enemy we encountered included golden armor Yuan Quan.”

“Golden armor Yuan Quan?” Some people exclaimed. They were very familiar with the name that was listed in the top ten in the Sacred Race’s Law Domain stage.

"You encountered Yuan Quan? No’s understandable that you abandoned the battle zone.” A battle zone leader sighed. He also would flee, let alone Zhou Yuan's team.

Su Youwei calmly explained, “You guys misunderstood. We didn’t abandon the battle zone. On the contrary, we occupied all the anchor points in the 77th battle zone. As for golden armor Yuan Quan…His Highness has already killed him.”

Her clear and sweet voice echoed throughout the mountains, making many battle zone leaders fall silent.

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