Chapter 1336 9.8 inches

In the seabed depths.  

Zhou Yuan sat quietly on a water lotus. There wasn’t the slightest Genesis Qi released from his body as if he was sleeping soundly.

However, Tuntun, who wasn’t far away, could perceive the huge changes within Zhou Yuan's body-a wave of Genesis Qi that made even him tremble was brewing.

It was clear that Zhou Yuan had received huge benefits from absorbing and refining that little drop of Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence.

Zhou Yuan’s training lasted half a day.  

By the time he opened his eyes, the seawater in that area had completely evaporated and left a huge thousand-miles vacuum zone. An indescribable pressure filled the area, stirring up stormy waves from the other seas. 

Zhou Yuan's eyes glinted. He immediately examined himself and couldn’t help curling his lips. 

“9.8 inch Nascent Source…”

That little drop of Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence refined directly made Zhou Yuan’s Nascent Source, which he couldn’t change regardless how much he cultivated, grow by 0.1 inch!

That little increase in size seemed insignificant, but those who had reached that level would understand what kind of opportunity would be needed to achieve it.  

Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation also soared to the level of 500 billion in that half a day! 

If Zhou Yuan were to fight Yuan Quan again, he was confident that he could properly defeat him even without exhausting the power of his four Saint Runes. Moreover, it wouldn’t be as thrilling and dangerous as it was before.

However, as his Nascent Source reached 9.8 inches, he even more clearly felt how difficult it was to break the Nascent Source stage’s limit. He was still one step away from 9.9 inches and that step made Zhou Yuan shudder because the amount of Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence required to achieve it would be far greater.

But Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence wasn't just cabbage that he could find everywhere. He was really lucky to discover a little drop, but the thought of acquiring enough to break the limit made Zhou Yuan feel his scalp numb. 

But that was a problem for the future. Zhou Yuan was very satisfied with his upgrade. Now, even if he were to face a top third Law Domain stage expert, he should have the ability to protect himself and it wouldn’t be as risky as before. 

Tuntun also came over to study Zhou Yuan and his beast eyes widened in surprise. He sensed the dangerous aura exuded from Zhou Yuan.

“Let’s go.” Zhou Yuan gave a satisfied smile and darted up the sea.

The scene of a beast and human shooting out from the sea immediately drew everyone’s attention. 

“You seem to have become stronger again?” Wu Yao’s expression changed as she stared at Zhou Yuan with her beautiful phoenix eyes.

The others puzzledly studied Zhou Yuan because although they couldn’t detect the changes in his Genesis Qi foundation, they could feel the pressure emitted from Zhou Yuan. It made their breathing become laboured and rapid. He resembled a towering mountain standing in front of everyone. 

Zhou Yuan smiled. “I found something good on the seabed that increased my strength.”

He didn't try to hide anything because everything happening in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain was watched by the all-heavens Saints. He couldn’t hide anything even if he wanted to.

A trace of envy flashed across everyone’s eyes when they heard this, but they didn't question any further. After all, they all saw Zhou Yuan’s contribution along the way and they likely would have been shred to pieces by Yuan Quan, let alone occupy the 77th battle zone if it weren’t for him. 

“Your Highness, we have collected a total of 43 Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits. They are all here.” Su Youwei handed Zhou Yuan a square jade box inscribed with runes.

The others’ eyes gleamed covetously as they looked at the jade box.

“Right, everyone has a share in this,” Zhou Yuan said with a smile. “I will hold onto this until the great war is over and then I will share it among the team according to contribution.”

Everyone naturally had no objections. Moreover, they each lit up with excitement. It seemed they  were all extremely satisfied with the harvest.

After everyone calmed down, Zhou Yuan said solemnly, “Everyone, we have completely occupied the 77th battle zone. I suggest we rush to the dragon head battle zone at full speed because that is the last place where the troops of both sides would gather. You should know that the two sides are now at a stalemate and the dragon head battle zone would be where the final outcome is decided.”

The excitement on everyone’s faces faded and was replaced by nervousness and hesitation.

The dragon head battle zone would bring together the troops of both sides and would undoubtedly turn into a meat grinder battlefield. No one’s safety would be guaranteed there. On the contrary, if they stayed in an outer battle zone, they would be much safer and might even find some benefits.  

“You all should understand the importance of the Stone Dragon Secret Domain Battle. The friction between the all-heavens and the Sacred Race has worsened over the years and the Sacred God of the Sacred Race will soon awaken. Therefore, a second world-ending war is inevitable. If we lose the Stone Dragon Secret Domain Battle, our situation will only worsen and we might have to personally taste the bitter fruits from our failure in the future.”

Zhou Yuan ran his eyes across and spoke in an unwavered voice. “So, we must go to the dragon head battle zone no matter what. But I won't force you all. If there are people who really don't want to go there, they can stay here and wait till the battle ends.” Zhou Yuan's voice faded and he turned around and left first.

It was human nature to seek good fortune and avoid evil, and not everyone had the courage to face danger. This was why Zhou Yuan didn't want to force them and left them to decide for themselves.

“That guy is trying to scare us. Does he want to block my opportunity? Ridiculous.” Zhao Mushen sneered as he watched Zhou Yuan’s departing figure.

Then he cast a glance at some people who were hesitating. “I hope you would have a place to hide when the world-ending war breaks out and the Sacred Race invades all-heavens.” As his voice faded, he already sped across the air and left.

But in front of him were three beautiful figures leading the way. They were precisely Wu Yao, Su Youwei, and Ai Tuanzi.

Shua! Shua! 

The other team members gritted their teeth and followed after the four after a moment of hesitation..

Zhou Yuan glanced behind to see that the majority of the team had followed him. But there were still some too cowardly to advance in the distance.

Zhou Yuan retracted his gaze, his expression as usual. It was normal to be afraid. He was already surprised to see so many people following him. He lifted his head and peered into the distance. The sky was completely grey, but vaguely, there seemed to be a murderous spirit rising into the air, as if an unprecedentedly huge battle was brewing. 

This battle would no doubt shake all-heavens.

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