Chapter 1335 Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence at the Seabed

As Zhou Yuan dazedly stared at that drop of mysterious and chaotic liquid in the whirlpool on the seabed, fierce stormy waves were stirred up in his heart because that drop of chaotic liquid was an Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence that Cang Yuan had mentioned to him before.

Moreover, according to Yaoyao, Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence was essential to break the Nascent Source stage’s limit. 

The Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence was only formed by chance after a rich amount of Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits gathered together. Its rarity goes without saying. This was why Zhou Yuan couldn’t help rubbing his eyes in disbelief. 

“Is Yaoyao blessing me?” Zhou Yuan blinked repeatedly. One would indeed be blessed if they believed in Yaoyao!

He no longer hesitated and with a slight movement, he transformed into a stream of light and dived into the sea, speeding towards the whirlpool in the seabed.  

Zhou Yuan reappeared just outside the whirlpool after a few breaths.

Zhou Yuan could even more distinctly feel the ancient and mysterious power contained in that drop of Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence at such a close distance. Even the Nascent Source in his Divine Dwellings was slightly trembling. 

The Nascent Source’s yearning almost made it lose control.

As Zhou Yuan stared directly at it, his throat trembled and his eyes were blazing so much that the heat emitted from them almost evaporated the nearby seawater.

It was indeed a drop of Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence, but unfortunately, there was too little. 

But Zhou Yuan understood that a huge amount of Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirit was required to refine a drop of spirit essence.

“I have exhausted myself to get rid of Yuan Quan so it’s reasonable that I enjoy this drop of spirit essence, right? If anyone objects, you can directly tell me,” asked Zhou Yuan.

Tuntun, who was on Zhou Yuan’s head, puzzledly scanned around and found that only he and Zhou Yuan were on the seabed. Tuntun rolled his eyes. That bastard wants to have it so much but he pretends to act fair. He’s so shameless. 

Zhou Yuan nodded pleasedly when he saw no one objected. Then, his Spirit power unhesitatingly gushed out and parted the seawater in front before diving straight into the whirlpool.

The chaotic liquid slowly rose from the whirlpool under the Spirit power’s weight and floated in front of Zhou Yuan. 

“Protect me.” Zhou Yuan reminded Tuntun before he saw down cross-legged and the seawater transformed into a water lotus beneath him under his Spirit power’s manipulation.

That drop of Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence directly flew into Zhou Yuan’s mouth. 

Now that the battle for the stone dragon had erupted like a wildfire and the all-heavens and Sacred Race were battling with full-strength, Zhou Yuan’s current strength seemed to be lacking if he wanted to participate in the subsequent battles. Since he coincidentally encountered a drop of Ancestral Dragon Spirit essence, he had to improve his strength as much as possible.

He was only disappointed that the drop of Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence was too little and it was impossible to make his Nascent Source break the limit. However, it should be possible to improve his strength. That didn’t mean he would have the strength to compete with third Law Domain stage experts but he should have the strength to protect himself against them, right?

As the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence entered his body, Zhou Yuan could feel his Genesis Qi going out of control as though afraid of the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence.  

That sudden change caused a bit of headache to Zhou Yuan. If even his Genesis Qi didn’t dare to come into contact with the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence, how could he refine it?

Zhou Yuan pondered while gazing at the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence circulating around his body. He began to guide it into his Divine Dwellings.

His Divine Dwelling immediately vibrated and ancient dragon roars reverberated inside.

The Nascent Source sitting in the Divine Dwelling’s center also opened its eyes, staring at that drop of Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence with blazing eyes. It flashed out the Divine Dwellings and swallowed the drop in one mouthful. 

Thousand rays of light erupted from the Nascent Source and its body became jade-like.

An incomparably terrifying power was brewing in the Nascent Source as though it was about to explode and shred the Nascent Source to pieces.  

Ordinary people would be filled with fear if they saw such a scene. However, Zhou Yuan didn’t panic because he became very familiar with Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirit in his two years of closed-door cultivation. 

The Nascent Source sat down and swiftly operated the Ancestral Dragon Scripture. The billions of Genesis Qi stars in the Divine Dwellings erupted with dazzling light and illuminated the entire Divine Dwellings.

Zhou Yuan trapped the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence with his Nascent Source body and suppressed and refined it with his Ancestral Dragon Scripture. This was the rich experience he had gained from dealing with Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits in his two years of closed-door cultivation.

That set of processes indeed had significant effects. Although the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence in the Nascent Source body was still restless, it was clearly weakening. Moreover, as the Ancestral Dragon Scripture was operated, wisps of mysterious power were leaked out from the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence and were eventually absorbed into the Nascent Source.

Zhou Yuan suddenly palpitated with excitement because he felt his Nascent Source that hadn’t moved in a long time beginning to change.


When Zhou Yuan found a drop of Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence on the seabed, the all-heavens Saints outside the Stone Dragon Secret Domain also perceived that scene. 

“Zhou Yuan's luck is pretty good. He even found a small drop of Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence in an outer battle zone,” exclaimed a Saint.

Generally speaking, only an extremely rich amount of Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits could produce Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence. Therefore, it was very lucky that a drop could be birthed in the 77th battlezone.

Lu Liu said expressionless, “The Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence is the final reward. Zhou Yuan should have waited until the final victory was decided to divide the reward, but he occupied the reward himself. That’s against the rules, right?”  

He naturally didn’t agree with Zhou Yuan’s action because of their previous grudges but the main reason was of course that he didn’t get along with Cang Yuan. Although the Sacred Race was the main enemy, internal strife was unavoidable.

Lu Liu naturally wanted his disciple Xu Beiyan to become the most dazzling person in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain battle. This was a perfect opportunity for Xu Beiyan to break through to the Saint stage. Moreover, as a Saint expert, Lu Liu could see that Zhou Yuan possessed abnormal strength. Zhou Yuan was only at the Nascent Source stage yet he possessed a Genesis Qi foundation comparable to the Law Domain stage, which showed that his Nascent Source’s grade was extremely high. He felt that Zhou Yuan could threaten Xu Beiyan if he allowed him to grow.

Cang Yuan said indifferently, “Prime sovereign Jin Luo has previously said that all the gains in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain are one’s own opportunity. Lu Liu, your trouble-making attitude will make all Saints lose face.”

Lu Liu wrinkled his brows. “Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence can’t be easily refined by someone at the Nascent Source or Law Domain stage and will require help from Saints. Your disciple’s appetite is too big. Is he not afraid of being eaten by the spirit essence? I only said that for his own good.” He acted considerate of Zhou Yuan.

The other saints also nodded. The Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence was formed from Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits and contained extraordinary power that not even Law Domain experts could refine it. However, Zhou Yuan was just at the Nascent Source stage. He was too impatient if he wanted to forcibly absorb it. 

Cang Yuan smiled. “Sovereign Lu Liu, you don’t need to worry.”

Lu Liu sneered and wanted to say something when he heard exclamations from the crowd. His eyes shrank when he looked over. 

This was because they all sensed that the drop of Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence that Zhou Yuan swallowed had been absorbed and refined.

Lu Liu narrowed his eyes. Zhou Yuan...really is a monster.

Even Xu Beiyan couldn't refine Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence with his own power. Fortunately, Zhou Yuan had a shallow foundation and there was still a huge gap between Zhou Yuan and Xu Beiyan.

Zhou Yuan might have known about this so he couldn’t wait to refine the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence to improve his strength. However, it was still a little too late to make that frantic last-minute effort.

Therefore, the opportunity in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain should belong to Lu Liu’s disciple.

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