Chapter 1334 Core Anchor Point

By the time Zhou Yuan opened his eyes and finally recuperated, three days had already passed.

Sand drifted across his eyes and the huge pit left from the fierce battle was already filled by sand. It resembled a huge yellow lake from a distance.

Zhou Yuan checked himself and found the Nascent Source in his Divine Dwellings was again surrounded by halos of divine light. He had restored what he had consumed. However, the Saint Rune Light Ball, which was made up from the four Saint Runes in his Divine Dwellings, was much dimmer than before. His Genesis Qi was easy to restore but the Saint Runes needed time to repair.

Zhou Yuan sighed helplessly. There was nothing else he could do. It wasn’t easy to kill a third Law Domain stage expert and it would have been impossible if he didn’t pay such a price. 

“I’m still not strong enough,” murmured Zhou Yuan. Yuan Quan could at most be ranked tenth among the Law Domain experts who participated in the battle. There were much stronger enemies in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain. If it was already so difficult for Zhou Yuan to kill Yuan Quan, he knew it would be extremely hard for him to compete against someone stronger than Yuan Quan.

Ultimately, there was still a huge difference in strength between the Nascent Source stage and the Law Domain stage.

Even if his Nascent Source was 9.7 inches, he was still at the Nascent Source stage.

Even though his team had occupied the 77th battle zone, the battle wasn’t over. According to the Saints’ plan, the two sides would continue to advance until they reached the stone dragon’s core position, which was the dragon head.

The battles that erupt there would be the most important. 

The troops on both sides would eventually gather at the dragon head for the final battle.

But Zhou Yuan felt his current strength would make it extremely dangerous and exhausting for him to participate in those fierce battles. He could encounter a Sacred Race expert stronger than Yuan Quan and be easily pushed into a dangerous state.

“Your highness, have you recovered?” While thoughts were streaming though Zhou Yuan’s mind, a sweet voice sounded next to him.   

Zhou Yuan turned his head to see Su Youwei’s slim and beautiful figure. He nodded and swept his eyes across. He saw many people standing not too far away. It was his other team members.

The team members’ faces lit up when they saw Zhou Yuan awaken and their gazes were much more respectful than before.

They were evidently astounded that Zhou Yuan killed Yuan Quan.

“How is the situation these days?” Zhou Yuan asked with a smile.

“Your Highness, during the three days you were recovering, we have occupied all the anchor points in this battle zone,” Su Youwei quickly replied.

Zhou Yuan nodded. “What about the core anchor point?”    

“That hadn’t been occupied yet, mainly because we are waiting for you to do it yourself. After all, that’s your fruits of victory,” Su Youwei said with a smile.

Zhou Yuan also smiled. He stood up to say something, but his expression suddenly changed and he took out a glowing jade stone. It formed a dragon silhouette in front of him.

“It's a message from the saints of all-heavens.” Zhou Yuan raised his brows. The all-heavens Saints had been watching the situation outside the Stone Dragon Secret Domain. Although they couldn’t enter, they were able to send messages in and let everyone know about the overall situation.

Ai Tuanzi, Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao and the others also gathered around.

Everyone stared at the dragon silhouette formed from specks of light, watching the jade-green and crimson red colors inside constantly corroding each other.

“That’s our 77th battle zone.” Wu Yao pointed to an area on the dragon silhouette. The anchor points in that area all turned green, indicating those anchor points had fallen into the all-heavens’ hands.

“The all-heavens is still at a disadvantage.” Zhou Yuan said after staring at it for a moment.

Judging from the situation on the dragon silhouette, scarlet light spots occupied more areas. Fortunately, the all-heavens gritted their teeth and the gap between the two sides weren’t too huge. 

“Victories are being decided in each battle zone and the people from both sides will soon start to gather at the dragon head…” Su Youwei softly said.

Everyone's gaze was fixed on the stone dragon’s head. The number of light specks there was the greatest and each one was extremely dazzling, indicating that the quality of the anchor points was far stronger than those in other battle zones.

The dragon head battle zone would determine the final outcome, but Zhou Yuan’s team likely wouldn’t be eligible to participate and could at most be spectators.  

Zhou Yuan gazed at the specks of light for a good while before he put away the jade stone and said calmly, “Don’t think about other things. First, let’s occupy the core anchor point of this area.”

With a slight movement, he transformed into a stream of light and sped away. 

He had already located the core anchor point in that area.

As soon as he moved, the entire team followed after him.

The team traveled into the desert’s depths. The weather gradually started to change after around half an hour and a sea area came into sight, dotted with islands of varying sizes. 

Zhou Yuan scanned the area and eventually locked his eyes on one of them. With a flick of his sleeve, a beam of black light streaked across the sky with a loud rumble and landed in the island’s center.


As the Dragon Moving Nail was inserted into the area, the sea area violently quaked and thousand-feet waves raged across the sea.

“Huh?” Zhou Yuan found that as the waves swept across, wisps of mysterious qi were drilling out from the sea area, swimming in the air like fish.  

“That's...Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits!” Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank.

It was obvious that the Dragon Moving Nail broke the area’s balance and brought out Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits. 

The team also noticed wisps of mysteries qi wandering in the air and by the time they realized what they were, their breathing turned rapid and their eyes gleamed covetously. 

It was impossible to find a trace of Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirit in the chaos void even after a month of searching but there were so many there. How could they remain calm?

“Let’s first collect all the Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits and then divide them according to contributions." Zhou Yuan gave an order.

“Yes!” Everyone’s spirit was lifted. They raced out and captured the wandering wisps of Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits.

“It's indeed worthy of being the core anchor point of the battle zone.” Zhou Yuan nodded. The anchor points they previously encountered didn’t present them with such a gift. 

Tuntun appeared on Zhou Yuan’s head with a flash. Taking a whiff, he passed a message into Zhou Yuan’s mind. “Those Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits all rushed out from the seabed.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression changed dramatically and his gaze shifted to the sea surface while the Decoder Saint Rune emerged in his eyes. 

To his eyes, the seawater suddenly became transparent. His gaze directly penetrated the many obstacles and cast into the deepest part of the sea. After a while, his gaze was fixed on a deep-sea trench.

Through his Decoder Saint Rune, he saw a whirlpool with strands of Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits wandering out. At the deepest part was a drop of chaotic liquid floating there and inside was a faint ancient dragon shadow looming. It exuded an indescribable primitive and ancient aura.

Zhou Yuan felt his heart fiercely quivering as he gazed at the drop of chaotic liquid in the whirlpool, and a lightning flashed across his mind, making him instantly understand its origin.

Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence?!   

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