Chapter 1333 Praise from All Saints

When Yuan Quan died, the battle for anchor points in the 77th battle zone also came to an end.

The battle outcome was undoubtedly unexpected to everyone.

Who would have thought that golden armored Yuan Quan, who had a great reputation within the Sacred Race, would be defeated there…Given the overall strength of his team, he had a high chance of winning even if his team were to compete for the more popular battle zones. 

Unfortunately, they unexpectedly failed miserably.

As Tuntun smashed out from the shattered Law Domain and delivered the news of Yuan Quan’s death, all Sacred Race experts were horrified by the result and their morale instantly collapsed. They were left with no more fighting spirit.

Thus, while Tuntun’s roar echoed throughout the area, the Sacred Race team members began to flee.

On the other hand, Ai Tuanzi, Wu Yao, Su Youwei and Zhao Mushen watched blankly. They previously were filled with worry when they were bitterly battling the opponents because they knew how strong Yuan Quan was. A third Law Domain stage expert was strong enough to suppress everyone present. 

They knew they would face a massacre if Zhou Yuan and Tuntun failed to defeat Yuan Quan.

But who would have thought that, while they were overwhelmed with worry, Tuntun would bring such shocking news.

“Yuan Quan is killed…how is that possible…” Ai Tuanzi said dazedly, wiping the blood on her face.

He is a top expert at the third Law Domain stage, while Zhou Yuan is only at the Nascent Source stage and Tuntun has just reached grade 8. Their strength shouldn’t be on the same level. Even if Zhou Yuan had previously defeated cultivators at a higher level than him, who would dare think he could do the same with Yuan Quan?

An expert of Yuan Quan’s level wouldn’t play a minor role even in the entire Sacred Race!

“Your Highness is invincible.” Su Youwei smiled sweetly, her fair and beautiful face glowing brightly. Although the others were still in disbelief, she easily accepted the result because she had always had utmost confidence in Zhou Yuan. 

Zhao Mushen extremely disliked Su Youwei blindly and brainlessly praising Zhou Yuan all the time so he reflexively wanted to refute, but when he thought of Yuan Quan, he couldn’t spit out his words anymore.

Zhao Mushen could also be considered a heaven pride and so he even more understood the challenge of defeating Yuan Quan. Zhou Yuan’s accomplishment would no doubt cause an uproar when it spreads out.

After all, Zhou Yuan didn’t kill a cat or dog but someone at the third Law Domain stage, the level closest to the Saint stage.

“That bastard is getting more and more abnormal,” Zhao Mushen could only snort coldly in the end. He remembered that Zhou Yuan had to exhaust his strength to defeat him at the nine regions tournament, but the gap between them was widening more and more.

However, Zhao Mushen didn’t feel despair or upset because of that. Instead, his eyes blazed and he said unwaveringly, “I won’t admit defeat. There are increasingly more conflicts between all-heavens and the Sacred Race and there will be huge opportunities born from that. If I, Zhao Mushen, could grasp those opportunities, I will certainly surpass Zhou Yuan and have hopes of reaching the Saint stage!”

Wu Yao turned her head, peering in the direction that the Law Domain dissipated. They previously couldn’t sense what sort of great battle broke out within the Law Domain but they could imagine how fierce the battle was.

The most important part of the battle between the two teams was the one between Zhou Yuan and Yuan Quan.

There would be fatal results regardless of who loses.

Zhou Yuan understood the important responsibility he had and yet he still survived in the end. He had a tenacity unimaginable to ordinary people, and this tenacity was cultivated when Wu Yao’s father took the Sacred Dragon Blessing from his body. 

“Father, although you have done a lot of stupid things, you might have accidentally created a true sacred dragon...This is really ironic.”

Complex emotions filled Wu Yao's phoenix eyes as they drooped.


Outside the Stone Dragon Secret Domain.

The Saints of all-heavens were all silent, staring at the light screen in disbelief. The image on the light screen was precisely the scene when Zhao Yuan killed Yuan Quan.

“What a powerful crimson shuttle…” An admiring chuckle sounded, breaking the silence.

All Saints turned to see prime sovereign Jin Luo nodding with a smile. “I detected a familiar energy from that crimson shuttle. The shuttle should originate from Cangxuan Heaven. That person from Cangxuan Heaven…it’s a pity…”

Surprise crossed all Saints' faces. Cangxuan Heaven was ranked at the bottom of all-heavens and was considered the weakest. Only very few Saints were born from Cangxuan Heaven. However, the most famous one was naturally old ancestor Cang Xuan.

The many Saints present also admired and respected old ancestor Cang Xuan.

Although Cangxuan Heaven had produced the least number of Saints, old ancestor Cang Xuan wasn’t the only one. It was just that they all had no choice but to eventually leave Cangxuan Heaven.

The Sacred Race had severely encroached on Cangxuan Heaven in the ancient times and that created many hidden problems not visible from the surface. Those problems had no influence on the Law Domain stage, but once one reached the Saint stage, one would be affected and their cultivation progress would slow down. 

The Saints in Cangxuan Heaven chose to leave Cangxuan Heaven in order not to be affected.

But that led to the Sacred Race’s encroachment on Cangxuan Heaven becoming more and more serious because there were no Saints keeping watch. In ancient times, the Sacred Race could even strike down lightning tribulation to destroy sects and factions that were disrespectful to them. The beings in Cangxuan Heaven were treated like dogs.

The entire Cangxuan Heaven almost fell into the Sacred Race’s control during that period and the other four heavens couldn’t assist due to being suppressed by the Sacred Race.

It was during that crisis when old ancestor Cang Xuan broke through to the Saint stage. He never thought of leaving Cangxuan Heaven and chose to stay in Cangxuan Heaven. He even received the Cangxuan Saint Stamp’s approval and became the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven. It was from then that Cangxuan Heaven escaped from the Sacred Race’s control.

However, old ancestor Cang Xuan also paid a price for that and in the end…perished.

All Saints present wore solemn expressions because they greatly applauded old ancestor Cang Xuan’s choice.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo retracted his gaze from the young figure in the light screen and gave Cang Yuan a smile. “Cang Yuan, your disciple might be the second Saint from Cangxuan Heaven after old ancestor Cang Xuan.”

The other Saints couldn’t help sighing emotionally. If Zhou Yuan really became a Saint, wouldn’t there be three Saints in Cang Yuan’s line? That had never happened before.

Cang Yuan’s wrinkled face lit up with a proud smile. He then glanced at Lu Liu, who was expressionless and had never glanced at the light screen where Zhou Yuan was. It was as though he was a blind man with his eyes open.

Cang Yuan had no intention of letting him go easily and said indifferently, “Saint Lu Liu, isn’t Zhou Yuan’s performance pleasing to the eye?”  

Lu Liu's eyes twitched. How could he not hear what Cang Yuan meant from his words, but even prime sovereign Jin Luo complimented Zhou Yuan so even if he disagreed, there was nothing he could say. In the end he replied reluctantly, “It’s not bad, but that should be his limit.”

Cang Yuan just smiled and didn’t try to argue.

But his attitude made Lu Liu even more irritated.

Old fool, don’t be so smug. It was so difficult for him to even defeat someone ranked tenth in the Law Domain stage. The final battle depends on Beiyan…

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