Chapter 1332 Crimson Shuttle Shows its Divine Power

As Zhou Yuan’s calm voice sounded, rays of light flowed around the gourd’s mouth and the crimson shuttle silhouette that was releasing endless heat began to move. It locked on in Yuan Quan’s direction before disappearing with a flash.

Yuan Quan’s hair stood on end as he felt an indescribable terrifying aura enveloped his heart.

As one of the top third Law Domain stage experts in the Sacred Race, Yuan Quan naturally wasn’t an ordinary person. Although Zhou Yuan’s sudden counterattack terrified him, he knew that it was Zhou Yuan’s final counterattack. In other words, he could kill Zhou Yuan and Tuntun if he withstood the counterattack. 

Therefore, Yuan Quan brought out his strongest means without any hesitation.

“Law Domain treasure, the Sacred Divine Candle Armor!” As Yuan Quan bellowed, the Law Domain frantically vibrated and the sacred candles in the Law Domain’s center blazed fiercely. Streams of golden liquid flowed out from its depths and formed a golden armor around Yuan Quan.

Behind the armor, there was a grey cloak billowing in the wind.

As the armor covered his body, his imposing bearing and power steadily soared, causing the surrounding space to shatter.

His terrifying aura made people dare not to approach as if he was a god of war. 

While Yuan Quan was summoning an armor to protect his body, the space in front of him suddenly crumbled and a crimson shuttle silhouette cut across the air.

At that moment, it was as though a tremendous sun descended and brought endless destructive heat with it.

The heat instantly set the surrounding universe Genesis Qi aflame. Even if Yuan Quan was protected by a Law Domain treasure, he still felt piercing pain from the intense heat. He speculated the treasure was a super Saint Genesis Art, but he couldn’t understand how Zhou Yuan could possess a Genesis Art of such a level?! 

Such a Genesis Art could be ranked at the top even in the Sacred Race. However, the conditions required to cultivate such a Genesis Art was extremely difficult, and one might not succeed in mastering it even if one was lucky enough to obtain it.

Even among the top Law Domain experts in the Sacred Race, only very few could cultivate a Saint Genesis Art of that level!  

And Yuan Quan wasn’t on that list!    

This was why he was so stunned to see Zhou Yuan, who should only possess Nascent Source stage strength, display such a Saint Genesis Art. 

Of course, he didn't know that Zhou Yuan was only able to use such a move, which was comparable to a super Saint Genesis Art, because of the four Saint Runes. However, to do so, Zhou Yuan had to pay the price of Silver Shadow’s foundation source. 

The crimson shuttle silhouette broke through space, bringing intense heat as well as a chilling aura of death. 

The shuttle silhouette whizzed across the air, as if it could teleport through space. At the tip of the shuttle was a very familiar wave of energy. It belonged to the Decoder Saint Rune that could see through millions of flaws. 

At the blade of the shuttle was the Earth Saint Rune circling around, bringing endless sharp and indestructible force. 

At the handle of the shuttle was the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune and the accumulation of Heavenly Punishment power. 

And in the crimson shuttle’s depths was the Mysterious King Saint Rune controlling the four rune’s power. 

That little 3 inch body was born from mysterious powers.    

The 3 inch crimson shuttle was clearly reflected in Yuan Quan’s eyes, but the shuttle was so fast that even he could only feel a streak of light flashed past before a tremendous sun came speeding towards him. Scorching heat and destruction also descended at the same time.

The collision happened silently without any earth-shaking movements. 

Even Zhou Yuan could only see a stream of crimson light flash passed. Then, the Law Domain stilled and quieted, and even the wind seemed to subside. 

Clad in battle armor, Yuan Quan was still hovering in the air, calm and unflustered like a mountain.  

Ashen-faced, Zhou Yuan stared intently at that figure with a trace of nervousness.

Tuntun, who was beside him, let out a growl and passed a message to him, “Is your showy move a fake? If it is, shouldn’t we take the chance to escape now?”

Zhou Yuan said irately, “You’re a fake.”  

His Great Sun Slayer Shuttle had accumulated the power of the four Saint Runes and he even had to sacrifice Silver Shadow’s Genesis Qi source to activate it. He could be said to have depleted himself to summon it. If he couldn’t get rid of a third Law Domain stage expert, it wouldn’t bode well for him. 

While the two were muttering, Yuan Quan’s expression rippled and a faint mark emerged on his armor.

Yuan Quan's pupils shrank and he reluctantly looked down. 

Then, he saw a clean cut on his chest splitting his armor apart, completely shocking him. The mark was like that left from a red-hot blade cutting across grease. The crack rapidly spread across the chest of the armor. Then, he felt the world rotating.

This was because his upper body was slowly collapsing.  

Zhou Yuan and Tuntun watched a clean cut split Yuan Quan’s body into two and his upper body slid down.

A crack also appeared on the grey Law Domain and similarly split the Law Domain where it passed.  

That feeling was as though an indestructible sharp object had cut through everything it passed.

“How is that possible…”    

The upper half of Yuan Quan's body slid down while his face was filled with utter disbelief. He never thought the Sacred Candle Armor he was incredibly proud of would fail to withstand a 3-inch crimson shuttle. 

Although it might be a super Saint Genesis Art, the person who activated it was only at the Nascent Source stage. 

In his opinion, he had an absolute advantage in the battle from beginning to end and Zhou Yuan and Tuntun were just preys he could easily slaughter with the turn of his hand.  

But who would have thought that Zhou Yuan would erupt with tremendous strength and reverse the tide in such an unbelievable way.

“I can’t accept it…I want a rematch!” Yuan Quan screamed. If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have planned to turn them into wax figures and would have killed them right away with the most powerful move. Then Zhou Yuan wouldn’t have the chance to perform that killing move, which required a long time to prepare!

Yuan Quan finally felt what regret is!    

As Yuan Quan’s scream echoed, his two body parts started to melt from the destructive heat released from the crimson shuttle as it passed his body. Even the vitality within Yuan Quan’s body vaporized.

In just a few breaths, even the grey Law Domain connected to his body was melting and turned into streaks of smoke and vanished from the world.  

Tuntun’s mouth fell open as he watched.

He couldn’t understand the sudden change.    

“He’s killed like that?” Tuntun blankly stared at Zhou Yuan. Only the person that the crimson shuttled locked onto would feel the terror it contained. This was why Tuntun was still unaware how powerful the crimson shuttle was. 

He just felt the situation had changed too fast and almost couldn’t accept it. 

Zhou Yuan similarly stared dumbfounded at the fading Law Domain. He waved his hand and four rays of light returned to the space between his brows. 

They were the four Saint Runes.  

Compared to Tuntun, who was still in disbelief, Zhou Yuan more easily accepted the result. Although Yuan Quan was strong, the four Saint Runes’ power shouldn’t be underestimated. However, Zhou Yuan could feel the sacred light of the four Saint Runes had dimmed when they returned.

It was obvious that the four Saint Runes had sustained some damage.

Zhou Yuan would find it even more unbelievable if he couldn’t get rid of Yuan Quan after paying such a huge price. After all, although Yuan Quan was strong, according to the information he had received, Yuan Quan was only ranked tenth and there were still many third Law Domain stage experts who were more powerful than him.

Zhou Yuan took a deep breath as he felt his Spirit had dulled and the Nascent Source in his Divine Dwellings weren’t as dazzling as before. 

“I leave you to finish everything else off…” Zhou Yuan said to Tuntun. He couldn’t bear the exhaustion anymore and sat down cross-legged. He closed his eyes and inhaled the universe Genesis QI to recuperate.

Tuntun knew that Zhou Yuan was close to collapsing, and so he spewed out a ray of black light to shroud him before speeding across the air.

Now that Yuan Quan was dead, there was no longer any threat in the Sacred Race team and the battle zone would fall into their hands once they got rid of the remaining people.

The two sides’ strength wasn’t on the same level from the start; however, the weak still defeated the strong and became victorious.  

Even the Saints of all-heavens wouldn’t be able to pick out the thorns in that scene if they were present.

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