Chapter 1330 A Way Out

Countless man and beast-like wax figures flooded out from the bottom of the wax sea, powerful Genesis Qi undulations pulsing from their bodies. Although the undulations were not as strong as when they were alive, the army could not be underestimated.

The great wax army charged forth as killing intent swept through the air, threatening to engulf Zhou Yuan and Tuntun.

Zhou Yuan and Tuntun did not dare to tarry in the face of such a giant force. They immediately circulated their Genesis Qi and prepared to meet their opponents.

Countless hairs shot out from the Heavenly Yuan Brush, leaping towards the great wax army like chains. The brush hair chains swept through the army like a giant windmill, chopping numerous wax figures to pieces.


Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan shook the Heavenly Yuan Brush, dispersing innumerable invisible brush hairs. The hairs drifted into the numerous surrounding wax bodies and absorbed their Genesis Qi before returning to the Heavenly Yuan Brush like birds to the forest, feeding back the Genesis Qi into Zhou Yuan’s body.

This allowed Zhou Yuan to maintain a full supply of Genesis Qi.

“Silver Shadow!”

However, this was clearly not enough. With another thought from Zhou Yuan, the silver figure that had been pinned to the ground by Yuan Quan previously leaped out. Silver liquid squirmed on its body, repairing its wounds as it charged into the wax army.


Tuntun released a thunderous roar as its giant claws danced in the air, shredding countless wax figures to ribbons.

Man, beast and puppet wreaked havoc in the great puppet army, seemingly immovable like mountains.

Yuan Quan stood in the air, an amused smile hanging from the corners of his mouth as he watched. “Once you’ve fallen into my Sacred Candle Law Domain, don’t even think about leaving.”

Boom! Boom!

As the intense battle continued, Zhou Yuan gradually began to feel that something was wrong. Their numbers never seemed to decrease no matter how many he destroyed. His Spirit senses immediately swept out and found that the smashed wax figures would soon rise from the bottom of the wax sea once more.

They were basically endless, making it impossible to wipe them all out no matter how many were destroyed.

Zhou Yuan’s brows knitted together as he looked towards Tuntun. In that moment, he faintly sensed some kind of peculiar undulation from its body. However, the undulation was far too indistinct and difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Due to his cautiousness, he did not cast aside this seemingly insignificant discovery. Instead, the Decoder Saint Rune soon began to rotate in his pupils.

The scenery immediately began to change and he finally discovered the origin of the indistinct undulations from Tuntun’s body. They were ash gray specks similar to the wax on the wax figures. The wax entered the body and slowly accumulated as more and more wax figures were destroyed.

When the wax accumulated to a certain point, it would smother all other auras, ultimately transforming the target into one of the wax figures.

A chill rose in Zhou Yuan’s heart. Only now did he realize the most problematic aspect of the wax figures. If they destroyed too many, they would slowly be infected and turned into wax puppets.

Zhou Yuan hurriedly looked down at his own body. Sure enough, he found several ash gray specks. These spacks were near impossible to detect and were not removed when they circulated their Genesis Qi. If not for the Decoder Saint Rune, he would not have discovered their existence until it was far too late.

No wonder Yuan Quan was just watching them destroy his wax army without bothering to interfere. It turns out that they were digging their own graves.

Zhou Yuan sucked in a deep breath and sent a transmission to Tuntun to inform it of his discovery.

Tuntun’s body immediately turned rigid. Its eyes changed somewhat as it released a deep growl.

“We can’t keep doing this. We need to think of some way to break us out of this situation or we’ll be dying here today.” Zhou Yuan sighed. As expected, a third stage Law Domain expert was a tough foe. He had originally believed he and Tuntun together might be able to put up a good fight, but they had been completely suppressed from start to end.

The cultivation gap between the two parties was just too great. Both he and Tuntun were first stage Law Domain experts and though they could go toe to toe with second stage Law Domain experts, it was very difficult for them to defeat a third stage expert through ordinary means.

The Nascent Source stage is ultimately not enough

However, Zhou Yuan was also helpless about this predicament. Although his Nascent Source was 9.7 inches, he was still only a Nascent Source expert. If he could ascend to the Law Domain stage, he was confident in taking Yuan Quan’s head.

It was honestly not hard for him to reach the Law Domain stage and he had already sensed it long ago. However, Yaoyao had warned him that he should not attempt to establish a Law Domain before his Nascent Source surpassed its limit.

Although it was baffling, Zhou Yuan trusted Yaoyao and had been working hard towards this goal all along. He knew that there must be an extremely important reason for her to request this of him. He still clearly remembered how serious she was when she mentioned it.

If a cultivation breakthrough is not an option, I’ll have to think of something else...

Zhou Yuan’s eyes turned deep as the night. It was delusional to think any ordinary method would work in this situation. After all, he and Silver Shadow simultaneously unleashing nine Rainbow Sky Severing Sword Lights had only managed to break the opponent’s armor. In addition, Yuan Quan had already experienced it and such a sneaky attack would likely not work a second time.

Zhou Yuan transmitted, Tuntun, our dynamic duo will be turned into wax statues if this continues. I have a trump card, but it can only be used once, so if he doesn’t die, we’ll be the ones to perish. Do you dare to gamble on it?

Tuntun roared angrily. It opened its large mouth at Zhou Yuan, black light flickering within. Who's a dynamic duo with you?!

This bastard Zhou Yuan was still trying to take advantage of it at such a time.

However, Tuntun’s roar also informed him of its choice. It would not idly sit by and wait for death.

Zhou Yuan frowned and voiced his concerns, But I need a place where I won’t be disturbed. This trump card’s preparation time is a little long and Yuan Quan has been keeping a close watch on us. If he realizes something, he might move to disrupt me.

Tuntun’s eyes flickered in thought. In the next instant, it appeared beside Zhou Yuan and abruptly opened its giant black-hole like mouth. Black light flashed as the dazed Zhou Yuan was swallowed.

Prepare it in my stomach.

In the air, Yuan Quan’s brows raised slightly as he nonchalantly remarked, “Silly tricks.”

Although he did not know what Zhou Yuan and Tuntun were up to, he did not care. The wax poison was already spreading and it would not be long before the sacred beast was turned into his puppet. There was no way for Zhou Yuan to escape either.

After being swallowed by Tuntun, Zhou Yuan found himself in a domain of darkness. It seemed as if no senses could reach into this area.

“Is this Tuntun’s stomach?” Zhou Yuan was somewhat stunned. No wonder it seemed impossible to satisfy Tuntun. Its stomach was a domain of its own.

However, he did not dwell much on this topic. Since no senses could reach into this domain, Yuan Quan should not be able to find out what he was doing.

They did not have much time left. More and more ash gray specks were covering Tuntun’s body and it would soon be too late for them to do anything.

Zhou Yuan took a deep breath and saw down as his expression gradually turned serious.

He had only joked around with Tuntun earlier to console it and he clearly understood how dire the situation was. There was only one chance to counterattack and they were dead if it failed.

Light suddenly emerged from Zhou Yuan’s palm, giving off a faint rainbow glow.

After several breaths, a seemingly corporeal rainbow glass gourd appeared.

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