Chapter 133 Little Heaven Genesis Technique

With the Underworld Spirit Fruit and Vermillion Blood Grass now in his hands, there was no longer anything else that Zhou Yuan needed from the auction. Hence, he calmly watched as the exciting auction progressed.

In contrast, Luluo excitedly bidded and won several items. However, what puzzled Zhou Yuan was that she did not face any obstructions from that particular VIP room.

This felt rather strange to him. Could the other party know that these two Genesis resources were important to him?

Yaoyao, whom had not said anything since the beginning, suddenly spoke up at this moment, “It seems the reason why Xiao Tianxuan is making things difficult for you is related to the Gu clan.” 

Zhou Yuan slowly said, “The Gu clan does have some capable people, and one of them has likely guessed the two Genesis resources needed to perfectly absorb Spirit...

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