Chapter 1329 Saint Candle Law Domain


The howling of swords filled the land as nine rainbow light swords soared into the sky, the instantaneous explosion of aura seemingly capable of cutting the heavens.

This was naturally Zhou Yuan’s Rainbow Sky Severing Sword Light!

In the past, he had been unable to summon the full nine sword line-up at once, and thus unable to bring out the technique’s maximum power.

After the past two years of closed cultivation, however, the Rainbow Sky Severing Sword Light was finally able to display its magnificence.

Nine rainbow sword lights whizzed through the air, gradually fusing together into what seemed to be a rainbow crystal sword. The rainbow crystal sword shot forth at a mind boggling speed, pulsing with an unimaginable aura of sharpness. Before anyone could take a single breath, the sword light had already appeared in front of Yuan Quan, thrusting towards him with unmatched ferocity.

Yuan Quan’s eyes narrow slightly at ths sudden counterattack. The sharpness that assaulted his face caused a little surprise to appear in his eyes for the very first time.

This Genesis art’s power was not bad, but what stood out the most was it's astonishing indestructible sharpness.

Yuan Quan’s eyes rapidly flicked in thought and slammed his armored hands together. Vast Genesis Qi unfurled, the power sufficient to flatten a ten-thousand-mile long mountain range.

The rainbow crystal sword was caught between the armored hands like two converging stars.

The two forces frantically clashed. The rainbow crystal sword slowly pushed forward, its sharp tip cutting even space itself as it tried to escape from Yuan Quan’s hands and penetrate his body. 

However, it underestimated his terrifying Genesis Qi foundation.

The deadlock lasted for a dozen breaths. Just as the sword was about to finally come into contact with Yuan Quan’s golden armor, a faint crack appeared on it. Yuan Quan exerted an even greater force, crushing the rainbow crystal sword that was the culmination of Zhou Yuan’s full power.

“This Genesis art is not bad and has its merits.

“However, is this all you’ve come up with? It’s honestly somewhat disappointing.” Yuan Quan watched the rainbow sword scatter into specks of light between his palms as he chuckled.

Just as he finished speaking, however, space quietly shattered open behind him as a streak of rainbow abruptly shot out, heading straight for him at an astonishing speed!

It was another rainbow crystal sword!

The attack was far too sudden and even Yuan Quan could not react in time. The rainbow crystal sword slashed at this armor with unbelievable sharpness!


A loud clang erupted as the nearby space was torn to shreds by the sharp sword qi.

Yuan Quan’s expression darkened as he punched. Vast Genesis Qi surged as the horizon seemed to darken and the second rainbow crystal sword was smashed to pieces by his punch.

He turned his head and stared at a certain spot where space rippled as a figure emerged.

It was Zhou Yuan.

Yuan Quan glanced at the ‘Zhou Yuan’, who had been pinned to the bottom of the pit, only to see that it had already turned into a silver puppet.

Evidently, Zhou Yuan had used the puppet to draw his attention while he took the chance to hide and wait for an opportunity to deal a sneaky blow.

Intense murder rose in Yuan Quan’s eyes. After receiving a slash from the rainbow crystal sword, cracks had appeared on his golden armor. The cracks rapidly spread before the armor shattered, turning into countless specks of light that filled the sky. It was quite a gorgeous sight.

Yuan Quan stared at Zhou Yuan’s true body and said, “To think that you managed to break my Thousand Scale Golden Armor Art...I’ve truly underestimated the power of a mouse.”

Zhou Yuan ignored the hair-raising killing intent in Yuan Quan’s eyes as he chuckled and said, “Even a rabbit will bite back when cornered, right?”

However, his heart sank. The earlier ambush was intended to injure Yuan Quan, but he had underestimated the latter. Even all nine sky severing sword lights had only managed to break Yuan Quan’s armor.

Yuan Quan shook his head. “You should know what happens to the rabbit after it bites, right?”

The smile on his lips gradually grew sinister.

Yuan Quan grasped his hand and the great golden halberd returned to him before he stomped his foot.

A terrifying wave of Genesis Qi unfurled as Yuan Quan’s cold voice rang out, “Sacred Candle Law Domain!”


An ash gray Law Domain rapidly expanded from Yuan Quan, enveloping the surrounding area.

Zhou Yuan and Tuntun were pushed out of the Law Domain. A dreadful pressure oozed from it, causing a grave look to arise in their eyes.

Ash gray light rose in the Law Domain as an enormous ash gray candle formed. White flames leaped from the candle’s tip, causing Zhou Yuan to feel a stabbing pain in his Spirit, evidently sensing extreme danger.

Wax dripped from the enormous ash gray candle, turning into an ash gray sea.

Zhou Yuan stared at the candle wax sea. He could just barely make out several figures in its depths.

“An Allroamer stage Spirit senses are quite sharp.” Yuan Quan laughed. Soon after, he raised his hand and towering waves rose from the ocean. Only then could Tuntun and Zhou Yuan finally see the seemingly human and beast-like figures at the bottom of the sea.

The figures were encased in a thick layer of wax with empty holes for eyes.

“This is my Sacred Candle Law Domain’s power. Anyone whose sealed inside will become wax puppets that I wield life and death over.”

Yuan Quan feverishly gazed at his wax puppets. “These are the battle trophies I’ve collected. What do you think? They’re very beautiful, right?”

His eyes shifted towards Zhou Yuan and Tuntun as his smile grew even more chilling.

“After today, you guys will also become a member of my collection...don’t you think that is something to look forward to?”

Zhou Yuan’s expression was a little ugly. He would rather be dead than made into a wax figure.

Tuntun also released a low roar as it glanced at Zhou Yuan as if asking: what should we do?

Zhou Yuan frowned deeply. Even he felt very troubled by such a strong enemy. It was not going to be easy to win this battle.

While man and beast were searching for a chance at victory, Yuan Quan revealed a mocking look and waved his sleeve.

The countless wax figures in the wax sea suddenly began to move, forming a great wax army that began charging towards Zhou Yuan with torrential Genesis Qi.

It was a magnificent scene.

However, it only made Tuntun’s and Zhou Yuan’s scalp turn numb.

This Yuan Quan was really a freakishly tough opponent!

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