Chapter 1328 Tough Battle Against Yuan Quan

Yuan Quan stood atop a sand dune as berserk and alarming Genesis Qi pressure swept forth, nearly enveloping the entire land.

The revelation of his 800 billion Genesis Qi foundation made Zhou Yuan’s eyelids twitch faintly. An opponent of this level was definitely fearsome.


Tuntun roared as the scales on its enormous body flickered with golden light. An Alpha sacred beast’s pressure erupted at full force, fighting back against the terrifying Genesis Qi pressure.

Tuntun had recently advanced to the grade-8 level and was strictly speaking a first stage Law Domain expert equivalent. However, a sacred beast was an extraordinary existence and it was unafraid to face even a second stage Law Domain expert. However, Yuan Quan was a third stage Law Domain expert!

In fact, he was an elite even among the third stage.

Hence, even an existence like Tuntun was greatly pressured by this opponent.

Zhou Yuan’s figure landed on a sand dune. With a grasp of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared and he immediately activated Genesis Spirit.

Genesis Qi and Spirit power instantly weaved together, forming an even greater power that filled his body.

The Earth Saint Rune also activated. The desert shook as a heavy power surged out from the bowels of the earth, pouring into the Zhou Yuan’s body.

As Zhou Yuan activated his numerous techniques, the Genesis Qi pressure he gave off climbed steadily.

However, Yuan Quan remained indifferent in the face of Zhou Yuan multiple transformations, not appearing very surprised. He merely nodded and nonchalantly said, “Not bad, no wonder Chi Liu lost.

“But if this is all, I’ll be taking your skin today!”

His figure disappeared as the final word sounded.


Tuntun released a mighty roar as its enormous body leaped forward. Space shattered, black light flickering on its giant claws tore as they towards a certain spot.

As the claws descended, space rippled and golden light exploded.

A great golden halberd roared like that golden dragon, filled with boundless power as it smashed into the giant claws.


The sound of metal striking metal rang out as space shattered layer by layer.

The golden halberd was completely unfazed while Tuntun’s giant body was blown back. The golden scales on its paw shattered, sending a spray of blood into the air.

The pain from its paw made Tuntun roar in anger as a savage light filled its eyes.

“Sacred beast, you’re merely a brute.” Yuan Quan stepped out from space and mockingly glanced at the roaring Tuntun. “Don’t worry, don’t even think about running after I peel off Zhou Yuan’s skin. I’ll be enjoying your flesh as well.”


Space suddenly shattered behind Yuan Quan as a sharp brush tip thrust out. Powered by a mighty force, it created countless afterimages that shot straight towards Yuan Quan’s vitals. 

Yuan Quan softly chuckled as he jerked his halberd. Like a golden dragon emerging from the sea, a streak of gold smashed apart the countless afterimages, before precisely striking one of the black brush tips. A loud clang sounded as sparks flew.

The golden halberd pushed through, blowing away the black brush tip.

However, the countless black brush hairs scattered, turning into millions of glowing black needles that shot towards Yuan Quan once more.

“Pathetic little tricks.”

Yuan Quan stomped his foot, shattering space as a terrifying power spurted out and instantly evaporated the black needles.

“Mountain Splitting Golden Chop!”

After easily neutralizing the attack, Yuan Quan spun his body as he swung the halberd. An arc of golden light furiously slashed down onto Zhou Yuan at an unimaginable speed.

A deep, several thousand-mile-long crevice had already appeared in the sand below before the slash landed.

All of Zhou Yuan’s hairs stood on ends. Yuan Quan’s seemingly casual slash was more terrifying than Chi Liu’s full-power attack, and he had a strong feeling that this slash could seriously injure him.

“Great Flame Devil.”

Zhou Yuan did not dare to tarry. With a roar, his body abruptly swelled. A wave of heat unfurled as he turned into his flame devil form.

“Million Whale!”

Zhou Yuan swung the Heavenly Yuan Brush with all of his might. Countless enormous giant whale phantasms appeared behind him, charging forward along with the brush.


An earth-shaking noise sounded, followed by a terrifying wind storm. Sand filled the sky as the surrounding giant dunes were flattened.


Zhou Yuan’s body was sent shooting backwards, creating a sonic boom as he hurtled through the air. The skin between his thumb and index finger was torn, causing blood to gush out.

His body crashed into the sand with a loud boom, creating a deep pit that was a hundred miles wide.

Yuan Quan clearly had the absolute upper hand in their first clash.

He gazed at the pit as the mockery in his eyes intensified.


Space suddenly shattered as a giant shadow darted out with a deafening roar. Encased in devouring power, Tuntun’s sharp claws slashed at Yuan Quan’s back.

However, Yuan Quan’s figure slowly faded when the claws slashed past.

It was evidently an afterimage.

Alarm flashed in Tuntun’s eyes and it released a low roar. It had sensed Yuan Quan zipping towards Zhou Yuan like a lightning bolt, evidently planning on finishing him off first.

Yuan Quan was far too quick, arriving at the giant pit in the blink of an eye.

A golden halberd pointed down at Zhou Yuan as Yuan Quan smiled faintly. “I don’t even know where you found the courage to come and seek me out.”

Genesis Runes suddenly emerged from the pit, pulsing with terrifying Genesis Qi undulations.

Yuan Quan raised his brow. “Oh? You set up layers of Genesis Runes traps?

“Merely a mantis trying to stop a cart.”

The mockery in his eyes grew even greater. In the next instant, the fusion of extreme heat and cold abruptly erupted from his body.


The power swept across the pit, widening it into something akin to a bottomless trench in the deep sea.

The Genesis Rune traps were blown away like leaves and completely destroyed.

In the battle with Chi Liu, Zhou Yuan had managed to catch Chi Liu off guard with his Genesis Rune traps and seriously injure him. However, the same traps were easily swept away by Yuan Quan. From this, one could see how huge of a difference there was between these two individuals.

Chilling murder flashed in Yuan Quan’s eyes. He gave Zhou Yuan no time to respond as his golden halberd shot through the air, golden light roaring as it pierced Zhou Yuan’s body like a lightning bolt, punning him to the bottom of the pit.

The entire desert seemed to shake for a moment.

“I thought you would be able to entertain me a little…” Yuan Quan expressionlessly gazed at the figure that had been pierced by the golden halberd and shook his head in disappointment.

“Never mind, at least dealing with you earlier will save me some time.”

He reached out to retrieve the halberd.

However, his pupils suddenly shrank slightly because the impaled body’s skin had begun to turn silver. The silver Zhou Yuan raised its hand as rainbow light flickered in its sleeves.

The cry of a sword loudly rang out, accompanied by rainbow sword light.


The horizon was dyed rainbow in an instant as a sharp aura dashed into the heavens, slicing apart the clouds in the sky.

At the same time, a low voice sounded, “Rainbow Sky Severing Sword Light, Nine Sword Return.”

Rainbow sword light pierced through the air, heading straight for Yuan Quan. There were nine swords in total!

The swords’ howls filled the sky like booming thunder.

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