Chapter 1326 Fight for the Anchor Points

Outside the Stone Dragon Mysterious Domain.

Countless dots blinked on an enormous screen. Green and red continuously invaded each other like two giant dragons, giving off an aura of relently ferocity.

Numerous Saint experts observed with grave expressions.

From the current situation, the Sacred Race was undoubtedly at the advantage in this anchor point battle.

This made the Saint experts’ hearts sink a little. The more anchor points occupied, the greater the hold one side would have on the stone dragon. However, there was nothing they could do for now except wait for the final result.

“Eh?” A faint surprised sound rang out amidst the tense atmosphere.

One of the Saint experts had been observing a certain area on the screen that was entirely red when green dots suddenly began lighting up one after another.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo stared at the spot and asked, “Is that the 77th battle zone?”

A Saint expert immediately nodded.

“Zhou Yuan should be in-charge of that battle zone, right?” Prime sovereign Jin Luo looked towards Cang Yuan.

Cang Yuan smiled and nodded. With a wave of his sleeve, light gathered towards him, revealing an earth-shaking battle. It was a video of Zhou Yuan killing Chi Liu and the other two Sacred Race experts.

Some of the nearby Saint experts clicked their tongues in amazement, evidently a little surprised by this. After all, their senses had swept through the area previously, but none of them had expected anything from Zhou Yuan and his team after seeing the Sacred Race team led by Yuan Quan. In fact, they had already prepared for the 77th battle zone to be lost.

No one would have imagined that nearly half of the Sacred Race team would be eaten by Zhou Yuan and the rest...

The loss of three second stage Law Domain experts was undoubtedly a serious blow to Yuan Quan’s team.

“Cang Yuan, your disciple is full of pleasant surprises,” prime sovereign Jin Luo smiled. Although Zhou Yuan and the others had only occupied a tenth of the Ancestral Spirit Anchor Points in the zone, it was a pretty good start and a job well done from a team with that line-up.

Cang Yuan chuckled. Just as he was about to speak, an indifferent laughter sounded from the side. “Zhou Yuan’s performance is not bad, but Yuan Quan’s team has occupied nearly all of the Ancestral Spirit Anchor Points in that zone. From the direction they are pushing in, they should be heading for the center. Although Zhou Yuan and his team are trying, they will likely be unable to change anything. Moreover, once Yuan Quan is free, a third stage Law Domain expert will be akin to a natural disaster for Zhou Yuan and the others.”

Cang Yuan glanced at  the seemingly regretful supreme sovereign Lu Liu. Although he had not said it directly, the implied meaning was clear: no matter what Zhou Yuan and his team did, the battle zone would be lost sooner or later.

The other Saint experts sighed softly. There was truth to Lu Liu’s words. Although Zhou Yuan and his team had killed nearly half of the opposing team, the strongest Yuan Quan had not participated in the battle. In addition, a third stage Law Domain expert did have the qualifications to reverse the situation.

When that happened, the battle zone would end up with the Sacred Race.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo carefully observed the Stone Dragon Secret Domain, seemingly taking in everything in the battle zone. After a brief silence, he slowly said, “Only time will tell what the outcome will be. Spectators like us might not be able to see everything.”

Lu Liu smiled and nodded in agreement. He looked towards the giant screen and said, “Xu Beiyan’s team has been making good progress. His battle zone is close to being entirely swept.”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo turned towards Xu Beiyan’s battle zone and gave a faint nod of approval. “Xu Beiyan is very talented and is indeed a good sapling.”

With the exception of Zhuan Zhu, who had already stepped into the Saint stage, there was likely no one who could compare to Xu Beiyan among the all-heavens Law Domain experts.

A pleased smile appeared on Lu Liu’s face. “Given Xu Beiyan’s talent, reaching the Saint stage should be certain as long as he obtains a portion of the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence.”

Cang Yuan indifferently remarked, “You’re already eyeing the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence before it's over? Isn’t this a little too unbecoming?”

Lu Liu’s expression did not change as he replied, “I was merely being truthful. If we manage to triumph in the end, no one will be able to doubt Xu Beiyan’s contributions. If even he can’t get a portion of the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence, who will be deserving?”

Cang Yuan shook his head. “Contribution is not based on talk and there will naturally be an evaluation when the time comes. Moreover, how can you be so certain of Xu Beiyan’s contributions before it's over?”

Lu Liu displayed a skin-deep smile. “If Xu Beiyan isn’t up to standard, do you think Zhou Yuan, who is about to lose the entire 77th battle zone, is?”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo frowned and said in a booming voice, “Enough!

“No more unnecessary talk until it's over. I can’t believe you guys can still argue in front of our mortal enemies.”

Cang Yuan and Lu Liu shut their mouths, icily glaring at each other one final time before looking away.



A several foot long mottled pitch-black needle was hammered into the ground, causing it to shake. The faint roar of a dragon echoed as threads of light spread across the land. From above, the threads resembled a spider net that covered the area within a hundred miles.

“Done.” Zhou Yuan gazed at the Dragon Moving Nail that had been embedded in the ground. Occupying this Ancestral Spirit Anchor Point made a smile appear on his face.

Having dealt with the split Sacred Race team that had gone after them, Zhou Yuan and the team began to occupy anchor points. After half a day, they managed to occupy six of the nearby anchor points.

“All the nearby Ancestral Spirit Anchor Points have been occupied. We’ll have to push deeper into the battle zone if we wish to occupy more. However, we’ll likely meet the other half of that team.” Su Youwei arrived at Zhou Yuan’s side with a somewhat grave expression.

Although the morale had been boosted after defeating half of the Sacred Race team, they did not lose their rationality. They understood that the strongest Sacred Race team captain had yet to reveal his power.

If they pushed deeper, they would likely meet Yuan Quan.

He was a third stage Law Domain expert, wielding strength that far surpassed any of them.

Zhou Yuan’s expression did not change much. The Ancestral Spirit Anchor points in the central area were extremely enormous. A single anchor point there was basically equivalent to a dozen anchor points here. Hence, he was determined to secure the central area anchor points and was definitely not going to let the Sacred Race team have their way.

“We’ve already eaten half of that Sacred Race team and now have the numbers advantage.” Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept across the crowd, his calm voice filled with confidence. This soothed the nerves of the team. After all, no one longer dared to underestimate him after the earlier fight.

“Leave the third stage Law Domain expert, Yuan Quan, to me and Tuntun.” The group was stunned by these words, but ultimately nodded in silence. If there was anyone here who could threaten a third stage Law Domain expert like Yuan Quan, it would be Zhou Yuan and Tuntun.

“However, the other Sacred Race experts cannot be allowed to disturb us.” Zhou Yuan’s expression was deathly solemn.

Everyone looked at each other, seeing the stern resolve in each other’s eyes.

“Don’t worry captain, they won’t get through us unless we’re dead!”


Deep in the 77th battle zone.

Yuan Quan indifferently gazed upon the nearby occupied anchor point from atop a hill.

Space rippled behind him and a figure emerged. It was the only remaining second stage Law Domain expert in the team.

The second stage Law Domain expert reported with a somewhat ugly expression, “Captain, something might have happened to Chi Liu and the others. I sent out a signal earlier but did not receive any response.”

Yuan Quan’s eyes narrowed slightly. After a brief silence, he said, “It seems that we have been fooled.”

Splitting up their force might have been exactly what the other side wanted. The only thing that puzzled Yuan Quan was how this all-heavens team had managed to take down Chi Liu and the other two second stage Law Domain experts with their line-up. 

“How interesting.” He softly chuckled. The Sacred Race expert beside him could feel the intense killing intent in his voice.

“What do we do now? Do we need to change our original goal and clean out these rats first?” asked the Sacred Race expert.

Yuan Quan waved his hand and nonchalantly said, “Ignore them and continue pushing towards the central area. Their captain seems like an ambitious person and will definitely come to us.

“He has piqued my interest.”

Yuan Quan laughed as cruel killing intent gathered in his eyes, causing the temperature to plummet.

“To show how highly I regard him, I shall peel off his skin, place it on a statue and add it to my collection.”

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