Chapter 1325 Great Victory

When Chi Liu died, everyone in the area felt his presence disappear. The commotion that ensued was basically earth-shaking. Nearly every expert stopped what they were doing as they dazedly stared at the giant crater that was gradually being filled by lava.

The hearts of Zhou Yuan’s team members churned crazily. They never imagined that Zhou Yuan would settle his battle so swiftly.

One must know that his opponent was a Sacred Race second stage Law Domain expert!

An existence of that level was top-tier no matter the place. However, such an existence had now been slain so easily.

Shock filled their eyes. Most of them had no choice but to settle for Zhou Yuan’s team after failing to be selected by the stronger teams. 

In their view, although Zhou Yuan was well-known for being Yaoyao’s assistant in the Ancestral Dragon Pill production, such fame was useless in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain. After all, the Sacred Race experts would not show any mercy because of such frivolous things.

In the battle zones, following a strong leader would undoubtedly bring greater advantages and benefits. However, Zhou Yuan did not look like a strong leader to any of them.

If not for Tuntun’s presence, the team would have likely been much smaller.

These were everyone’s most initial opinions, opinions which had now been forcibly reversed. Everyone had to review these opinions, especially after the cruel slap reality had just given them.

However, none of Zhou Yuan’s team members were unhappy with this shocking slap of revelation. Instead, their hearts surged with excitement and jubilation.

Although they had been a little blind previously, they were pretty lucky to at least be on Zhou Yuan’s boat.

In contrast to the all-heavens side, the Sacred Race team was horrified. They were also caught completely off guard by this outcome. One must know that Chi Liu was second only to team leader Yuan Quan in their team.

Even so, he had been killed by an all-heavens Nascent Source expert?!

They could not understand how this had happened.

Regardless of how incomprehensible this was, the truth was clear for all to see. When Chi Liu’s presence disappeared, they understood that their temporary leader had lost.

This greatly affected the Sacred Race team and was a substantial blow to their morale.

Zhou Yuan’s indifferent voice sounded in all his team members’ ears, “Get your acts together! It’s time to bring out all of your power to bury this entire Sacred Race team here!”

“Understood!” Some of the more prideful experts had not been very willing to listen to Zhou Yuan’s commands earlier. However, they now responded immediately and turned their chilling gazes towards their opponents.

Blasts of Genesis Qi erupted as the battles restarted.

Zhou Yuan observed a little from the air before shifting his gaze towards another battlefield in the sky: Tuntun versus one of the second stage Law Domain experts.

Both parties were ferocious without equal, making it difficult to decide the victor any time soon.

When Zhou Yuan looked over, however, the Sacred Race expert’s expression turned rather ugly. Chi Liu’s death put him under a tremendous amount of pressure. Although he did not know how Zhou Yuan had done it, such details were unimportant.

He was slightly weaker than Chi Liu, and if even Chi Liu had lost, what more himself? What’s more, his sacred beast opponent was clearly not weaker than him.

This is bad, I need to escape and notify team leader Yuan Quan!

It finally dawned upon him that the leader of this all-heavens team had been concealing his true strength all along. They had fled as if they were too weak to fight until the strongest expert on the Sacred Race side, Yuan Quan, grew impatient at their shamelessness. However, after splitting the team, the sheep shed its disguise, revealing its sinister fangs.

He needed to inform team leader Yuan Quan to temporarily put aside node occupying and gather their forces to exterminate this all-heavens team!

As such thoughts flashed past in his head, the second stage Law Domain expert cast aside all hesitation. With a wave of his sleeve, his Law Domain abruptly shrank back towards him and covered his body.

Coated in his Law Domain, he circulated his power to the max and took a step forward, smashing into space in an attempt to escape.

Just as he was about to leave, however, a cold voice suddenly sounded around him, “Mysterious King!”

To his horror, the second stage Law Domain expert felt the Law Domain on his body seemed to freeze for a moment as if it was being suppressed by a certain special power, a power that he had only ever felt from Saint experts before!

How had such a power appeared here?!

Although it lasted for a split second, a split second could change everything when one made a desperate attempt to escape.


A ferocious roar rang out as a black hole began forming behind the second stage Law Domain expert. The space around the black hole squirmed, ultimately creating a giant, sinister mouth.

It was Tuntun’s devouring mouth!

The black-hole-like mouth revolved as devouring power exploded from it, rapidly shaving away the second stage Law Domain expert’s Law Domain power. By the time the suppressive power lost its effect, there was nearly nothing left of the Sacred Race expert’s Law Domain power.

An intense chill rose in the second stage Law Domain expert’s heart. He felt naked and very uneasy without the protection of his Law Domain.

If someone attacked at such a time, he would have to pay a painful price.

Hence, the second stage Law Domain expert immediately began circulating his Law Domain, making Law Domain power to surge out once more.

It was at this instant, however, that the faint rustle of wind sounded. All he saw was a streak of pitch-black that swiftly pierced through the few remaining defences around his body. In the end, something broke out from the pitch-blackness with a faint muffled noise.

He finally saw what seemed to be a mottled black brush within.

Despite its appearance, the absolute aura of sharpness it gave off made him understand that this black brush was a powerful Saint Genesis Weapon. Otherwise, it could not have so easily penetrated his body.


He vomited a mouthful of blood as the Genesis Qi in his body fell into chaos.

The Sacred Race second stage Law Domain expert had been gravely injured by Zhou Yuan and Tuntun’s near perfect teamwork.

Before the Sacred Race expert could try to suppress his wounds, space shattered behind him and Tuntun ferociously leaped out, space cracking like glass under its paws.

At the same time, Zhou Yuan’s figure appeared in front of the Sacred Race expert. His grip tightened around the Heavenly Yuan Brush as he rapidly thrust, unleashing a barrage of attacks that could shake even the stars.

Zhou Yuan and Tuntun simultaneously attacked in the most ferocious manner possible.

The Sacred Race expert had no choice but to swallow his bloody spittle, a crazed look on his face as he rose to meet them.

He did not hesitate to open his Sacred Pupil, drastically boosting his battle power.

Three figures fiercely clashed in the sky, exchanging over a thousand blows in a few brief moments. Space within a several thousand mile radius rippled violently, the disturbance caused more berserk than Zhou Yuan’s and Chi Liu’s earlier clash.

However, this battle was also much shorter.

Both Zhou Yuan and Tuntun possessed the power to challenge a second stage Law Domain. Hence, it was effortless for them to subdue the Sacred Race expert, especially since he had already been injured by Zhou Yuan.

Thus, it was not long before Tuntun finally found its chance. A giant black-hole-like mouth tore through the air, swallowing the Sacred Race expert that was riddled in wounds.

It ended even quicker than Zhou Yuan had anticipated.

Zhou Yuan appeared in the sky, blood dripping from the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hands. Every drop that landed on the ground created a thousand-foot-wide crater.

It was the Sacred Race expert’s essence blood.

Tuntun also stepped out in the sky, its body currently as large as a mountain. Its golden scales flickered under the light, giving off a mysterious, ferocious and ancient aura.

Black light surged in its stomach as if containing a domain of its own that could devour all things.

Tuntun released a low roar at Zhou Yuan, causing the latter to nod. The Sacred Race expert had already been heavily injured and now swallowed by Tuntun. Even if he did not die immediately, he would sooner or later be destroyed by Tuntun’s devouring power, turning him into nutrients.

After dispatching the second Sacred Race expert, Zhou Yuan and Tuntun charged straight at the third second stage Law Domain expert.

The third expert was currently locked in battle with the Ai Tuanzi trio of first stage Law Domain experts. However, the trio were clearly at a disadvantage. Besides Ai Tuanzi, who was still stubbornly enduring, the other two had already been seriously injured.

However, the trio were still as fierce as ever. It was perhaps Zhou Yuan’s victory over Chi Liu that had given them confidence. Hence, even in such a disadvantageous position, they continued to desperately engage the third Sacred Race expert, who had grown fearful and uneasy.

By the time Zhou Yuan and Tuntun appeared, the Ai Tuanzi trio had deathly pale faces, their bloodied bodies collapsing almost immediately after the reinforcements arrived. Genesis Qi chaotically pulsed around them, while they were so exhausted that they could not even muster the energy to speak.

“It’s been hard on you guys. Leave everything else to us.” If he had arrived just a little later, the trio would have likely shared Chi Liu’s fate.

The third Sacred Race second stage Law Domain expert’s expression changed drastically, his eyes filled with terror. He immediately turned and fled without the slightest hesitation. 

However, his path was forcibly cut off by a giant black-hole-like mouth.

Powerful auras exploded from Zhou Yuan and Tuntun as they charged at the Sacred Race expert.

The battle started again.

After a while, a Law Domain shattered into fireworks.

When the Ai Tuanzi trio opened their eyes, they saw the silhouette of a giant beast and a young man stepping out from the fireworks.

Their hearts could not help but surge at this sight. They knew they had triumphed in this first clash with the Sacred Race.

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