Chapter 1324 Battle Achievement


The terrifying sound wave torrent pierced through the air, pouring all of its destructive power onto Chi Liu’s body, who was locked in position due to Zhou Yuan.

All of Chi Liu’s Genesis Qi defences were instantly destroyed. Space shattered layer by layer as cracks grew on his body. Blood began to spray from his wounds, creating a rain of blood.


A loud boom sounded. Chi Liu released an ear-piercing shriek as his body was thrown towards the ground.

The sonic boom torrent continued on its path, tearing through nearly half of the golden Law Domain.

In the end, Chi Liu’s body landed in the very same pit he had bombarded Zhou Yuan into previously. The ground within a several thousand mile radius shuddered as if an earth dragon was rolling about beneath the land. A giant cloud of dust rose into the air, accompanied by countless lava spouts.

Zhou Yuan stood in the sky while his brush hair double disintegrated into countless particles that soon scattered in the wind.

He gently patted the Heavenly Yuan Brush, a satisfied look in his eyes. The Heavenly Yuan Brush had brilliantly displayed the might and unique properties of a Saint Genesis Weapon in the earlier battle. The brush hair double was created by the Myriad Transformations Rune and did not have much battle power. However, its advantage lay in being stealthy, making it essential for any sneaky maneuvers. It was precisely because Chi Liu had failed to detect it that he ended up being caught off guard and struck by the merciless attack from the bell.

The Heavenly Dragon Golden Bell had dealt a solid direct blow. He was definitely going to suffer even if he was a second stage Law Domain expert.

Zhou Yuan waved his sleeve, blowing away the cloud of dust. He looked towards the giant crater and found a bloodied Chi Liu lying on his back. His body was covered in cracks as if it was a vase that would shatter at the slightest touch.


He vomited a mouthful of blood mixed with golden light. Chi Liu’s expression turned even redder as he glared at Zhou Yuan in anger.

Zhou Yuan’s successful sneak attack had made him completely lose his composure.

“I’m going to kill you! I’ll make you experience so much pain that you’ll be begging for death!” A roar filled with almost solid killing intent erupted from the crater. Chi Liu’s expression was so twisted with hatred that he could not even be bothered about the wounds on his body. The slit between his brows wiggled, a sign that his Sacred Pupil was about to open.

However, Zhou Yuan suddenly asked, “What do you think about this place?”

The sudden question stunned Chi Liu for a moment before he instinctively glanced towards a certain spot deep in the crater. After which, his expression drastically changed.

He had seen many faint, strange and concealed undulations deep within the crater. Numerous strings of light weaved together like a spider’s net, covering the bottom of the crater in numerous layers. If one took a closer look, one would discover that they were Genesis Runes!

Every Genesis Rune gave off extremely alarming undulations.

All of them were grade-8 Genesis Rune!

When Chi Liu looked again, he realized that the crater was basically a danger zone booby trapped with numerous grade-8 Genesis Rune!

Chi Liu’s pupils shrank as he cried out in horror, “You!”

These Genesis Runes must have been planted by Zhou Yuan when he had been blasted into the crater earlier. What scared Chi Liu the most, however, was that Zhou Yuan had been able to turn the pit into a deathtrap of grade8 Genesis Runes without him noticing while dealing with his crazy full-power bombardment. 

If so, Zhou Yuan’s sneak attack must have also been planned in advance to blast him into this location!

Everything was part of Zhou Yuan’s plan!

A chill rose in Chi Liu’s heart. When he looked at the young man in the sky again, he could not help but feel some terror.


However, Chi Liu was a second stage Law Domain expert after all. The terror quickly passed and he immediately moved in spite of his injuries, intending to get out of the crater. Even someone like him felt intense danger from the crater and he needed to get as far away as possible!

However, Zhou Yuan’s indifferent voice rang out just as he began to move, “Great Seal Rune!”

A grade-8 Genesis Rune suddenly erupted, instantly locking the surrounding space. Chi Liu’s body abruptly slowed, unable to rise into the air.

Zhou Yuan’s somewhat helpless voice sounded from above, “I took so much effort to prepare this present for you. Isn’t it a little impolite of you to run?”

Before Chi Liu could answer, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit flashed faintly, setting off all the grade-8 Genesis Runes in the crater.

Terrifying Genesis Qi undulations exploded in the giant crater.

The ground within several thousand miles crumbled as a shockwave frantically unfurled. The experts, who were still fighting nearby, hurriedly stopped and retreated with terrified expressions...

Zhou Yuan stood in the air, somewhat speechless as he watched the destruction unfurl from above. In a direct clash, it would be very difficult for Spirit power to triumph over Genesis Qi of the same level. However, Spirit power could be used to create Genesis Runes and create chain reactions of astonishing power.

Hence, as long as he had enough time to prepare, even a Genesis Rune trap set by an initial Allroamer stage Spirit could endanger a second stage Law Domain expert. Of course, it would only work if the second stage Law Domain expert fell into the trap...

Like what had just happened.

The earth-shaking explosions continued for some time before slowly coming to an end.

When the terrifying Genesis Qi undulations finally faded, Zhou Yuan looked down and found that the rows of volcanoes had disappeared, replaced by an indescribably enormous crater. From how klava flowed from the depths of the crater, it would perhaps not be long before a sea of lava was formed.

Zhou Yuan slowly descended and lightly swung the Heavenly Yuan Brush. Snow-white hairs shot out like snakes, burying into the ground. After a few dozen breaths, the brush hairs returned with a charred figure.

It was Chi Liu.

His current appearance was extremely miserable, and his Genesis Qi was exceedingly weak. Half of his body had been incinerated, leaving only his upper half and his head stubbornly clinging on to life.

The golden Law Domain gradually crumbled, turning into countless specks of light.

“Law Domain experts are really not easy to kill.” Zhou Yuan sighed. Chi Liu had taken a direct blast from his Heavenly Dragon Golden Bell and subsequently blown up by the Genesis Rune trap. Despite this, he was only heavily injured instead of dead.

Chi Jiu opened his eyes with some difficulty. He gazed at Zhou Yuan in silence for a while before his hoarse voice sounded, “Despicable low-life!

“If you are confident in your abilities, let me open my Sacred Pupil and have a proper battle with you. If I lose, I will willingly accept my defeat!”

A contemplative look arose on Zhou Yuan’s face. “Really?”

A sliver of joy flitted across Chi Liu’s eyes. Just as he was about to nod, he suddenly sensed something and hurriedly turned his head, only to find grade-8 Genesis Runes wrapping around his body.

Most importantly, one of the Genesis Runes covered his glabella, sealing his Sacred Pupil.

“Bastard! You lied to me!” roared Chi Liu.

Zhou Yuan chuckled, “If you didn’t bring it up, I would have nearly forgotten that your Sacred Race’s Sacred Pupil is very strange.

“Besides, why do I need to convince a dead person? You’re a really funny guy.”

As Zhou Yuan’s chuckle sounded, ice-cold killing intent abruptly surged in his eyes.

Before Chi Liu could make another sound, the Heavenly Yuan Brush thrust forward, its sharp tip mercilessly piercing Chi Liu’s head. Spirit power rippled berserkly, instantly destroying Chi Liu’s Spirit.

Chi Liu’s body went rigid, anger and murder still present in his eyes, clearly still unable to accept this outcome. He still had so many techniques he had yet to use, he should have been able to make a comeback!

But everything was useless now.

Darkness swarmed towards him as his heat was swallowed by endless regret.

If he knew this kid was so dangerous, he would not have wasted any time. He would have directly unleashed his Sacred Pupil and use his strongest attack to end the battle.

However, regret was now useless.

Before his Spirit completely disintegrated, Chi Liu’s final resentful words rang out, “Zhou Yuan, captain Yuan Quan will soon send you to accompany me!”

A Sacred Race second stage Law Domain expert had died to Zhou Yuan, adding another line to his list of amazing battle achievements.

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