Chapter 1322 Genesis Spirit

Chi Liu was enraged. Chilling killing intent rapidly swirled in his eyes, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet. He clearly felt extremely offended by how the all-heavens side had left him an Allroamer stage opponent.

Zhou Yuan was also a little annoyed by how angry Chi Liu was and felt offended as well.

Have I become a nobody just because I didn’t come out for two years? Zhou Yuan shook his head. He had caused much trouble for the Sacred Race over the years, and one of the Sacred Race’s prime saints had even put him on their kill list. It was a little outrageous that they had forgotten him after only two years...

It felt as if he was in a world with entirely different people.

Chi Liu stared frostily at Zhou Yuan as terrifying Genesis Qi slowly oozed out of his body, rippling the surrounding air. A mighty pressure that made the volcano below wail in agony flooded towards Zhou Yuan as if intending to crush him to a pulp.

As the Genesis Qi pressure descended, Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened slightly.

This pressure...

This guy’s Genesis Qi foundation is likely no less than 500 billion.

Zhou Yuan took a deep breath. The Nascent Source in his Divine Dwelling suddenly glowed brightly as vast Genesis Qi erupted without reservation.


Platinum Genesis Qi soared into the sky.

When Zhou Yuan unleashed his Genesis Qi, Chi Liu’s expression changed slightly as he stared at Zhou Yuan in astonishment. “This Genesis Qi foundation…more than 300 billion?”

The amount naturally could not make Chi Liu fearful, he was merely shocked that this foundation had appeared on a Nascent Source expert. It was inconceivable.

“It seems that I’ve bumped into an all-heavens super heaven pride.” Chi Liu slowly said. This time, he seemed more interested when he observed Zhou Yuan again. To have achieved such a foundation at the Nascent Source stage could only mean that his Nascent Source was extremely perfect. In other words, Zhou Yuan’s Nascent Source was at least 9.5 inches.

Even in the Sacred Race, such a Nascent Source expert very rarely appeared.

It would be quite a big contribution if he managed to eliminate an all-heavens super heaven pride here.

Chi Liu nonchalantly said, “However, this bit of Genesis Qi foundation won’t be able to save your life today.”

More than 300 billion was indeed inconceivable to the Nascent Source stage. Unfortunately, it was no threat to a second stage Law Domain expert. The gap between them was far too great and was impossible to breach through ordinary methods.

Zhou Yuan ignored his opponent. He likewise understood that a 300 billion Genesis Qi foundation could not threaten Chi Liu.

However, this was not all Zhou Yuan had...

Dazzling divine light surged from Zhou Yuan’s glabella like a warm sun. Spirit power flooded out like the tide and fused with his 300 billion Genesis Qi foundation, causing his pressure to rise.

“A 300 billion Genesis Qi foundation plus All-roamer stage Spirit power? You are honestly quite surprising.” Chi Liu’s eyes narrowed slightly as he smiled in amusement. “However…”

His smile abruptly receded, his eyes turning as deep as the abyss as mockery rose from the corners of his lips. “It’s still far from enough!”

Chi Liu's foot slammed into the ground. Space abruptly shattered as a giant golden hand chopped downwards. The hand was akin to a mighty titan’s axe, smashing apart everything in its path.

Although Chi Liu did not feel Zhou Yuan was a threat, he did not hold back. As someone who could step into the second realm of the Law Domain stage, Chi Liu was clearly no fool.

When a foundation of more than 500 hundred billion was channelled into an attack, it could only be described as pure destruction. Before the attack landed, a bottomless crevice had already been torn open on the ground below...

The giant palm fell like an axe that was about to split the world in two. Zhou Yuan had a serious expression, not daring to relax in the slightest against a full power attack from a second stage Law Domain expert.


Platinum Genesis Qi roared into the air, turning into a giant platinum dragon claw. The claw gleamed dazzlingly, seemingly indestructible.

At the same time, Spirit power also surged forth, wrapping the platinum dragon claw in countless layers of defensive layers.

After being augmented by Spirit power, the pressure from the platinum dragon claw was clearly much greater than purely 300 billion Genesis Qi.

The claw tore through the air and smashed into the falling golden palm.


An ear-piercing clang rang out, followed by a Genesis Qi storm that could be seen with the naked eye. Everything in a fifty thousand mile radius was caught in the aftershock, several volcanoes were flattened and magma was sent flying into the sky.

However, the giant golden palm was clearly the victor, cleanly cleaving through the platinum dragon claw.

“Hahaha, you naive brat. Spirit power might be able to augment Genesis Qi, but they are two entirely different powers after all. Did you think forcibly fusing them together would really work out?!” Chi Liu roared with laughter. He stood in the air, eyes filled with mockery as he locked onto the hurriedly retreating Zhou Yuan.

It was not impossible for Genesis Qi and Spirit power to fuse perfectly. However, that was something only Saint experts could do and Zhou Yuan was clearly far from achieving it.

Zhou Yuan’s figure flickered like a shadow, ultimately managing to escape the falling golden palm’s range. He pursed his lips. Although Chi Liu’s words were unpleasant, he had hit the nail on the head. Genesis Qi and Spirit power could augment each other, but it was far from enough to challenge a second stage Law Domain expert.

Though Zhou Yuan had already anticipated this outcome, seeing it with eyes still made him a little disappointed.

It seems that a crude and simple fusion like this was not going to work.

“Pure Gold Law Domain!” Chi Liu's chilling voice rang out. A golden Law Domain abruptly expanded, enveloping the entire area in the span of a few breaths.

Zhou Yuan was likewise caught in its range.

Chi Liu indifferently looked at Zhou Yuan and pointed. Space rippled as countless giant golden pillars slowly emerged. The pillar tips were as sharp as spears, gleaming coldly under the light.

These pillars were made from Chi Liu’s Law Domain power and possessed astonishing might.

Chi Liu indifferently said and flicked his finger, “I don’t have time to play with you. Die, I will soon send your companions to meet you.”


Space rippled as the sharp golden pillars shot forth like a sky full of shooting stars. They spun at speeds that would make one scalp numb as they zoomed straight towards Zhou Yuan.


Astonishing ripples bloomed one after another as terrifying power tore up the earth.

Zhou Yuan seemed to have fallen into a disadvantageous position.


While Zhou Yuan and his team were fighting against Chi Liu and the others, intense battles also erupted across the other battle zones.

The smell of blood slowly spread.

Outside the Stone Dragon Secret Domain, the all-heavens Saint experts observed the fighting on the seemingly endless dragon’s body.

With their capabilities, they were able to clearly view each battlefield despite being so far away.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo waved his hand, bringing light together into a giant map. Countless, densely packed tiny glowing dots covered the map, each one representing an Ancestral Spirit Anchor Point.

These dots were constantly changing between green and red.

The green dots represented Ancestral Spirit Anchor Points that had been occupied by the all-heavens side, while the red dots represented those that had been occupied by the Sacred Race...

Numerous Saint experts observed the giant map. Each flickering dot represented cruel and savage clashes.

Cang Yuan also stood with them. He glanced at the map and frowned slightly. He had realized that Zhou Yuan’s battle zone was continuously being dyed in red dots, and there was not a single green dot to be found.

Evidently, Zhou Yuan’s team had been blocked.

“Hehe, Cang Yuan, it seems that your important disciple hasn’t created any miracles this time.” Laughter suddenly sounded from the side. Cang Yuan cast a glance over and found that it was Xu Beiyan’s teacher, supreme sovereign Lu Liu.

He was currently observing a certain area in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain, evidently also observing the battles.

Cang Yuan’s expression remained indifferent, ignoring Lu Liu.

However, Lu Liu refused to back down. With a smile he said, “Zhou Yuan might be going to disappoint prime sovereign Jin Luo this time.”

Cang Yuan indifferently said, “Lu Liu, have you not learnt from your previous failure?

“Keep quiet and watch. It’s still too early to make any conclusions. You’ll only humiliate yourself even more if you’re wrong later.”

Lu Liu’s eyes narrowed. Just as he was about to retort, he saw several nearby Saint experts look over and even prime sovereign Jin Luo shot a glance at him. Hence, he could only swallow his words and angrily wave his sleeve.

“Heh, then I’ll be waiting to see.”


Boom boom boom!

The earth shook in the golden Law Domain as countless Law Domain pillars blasted the land. 

“I don’t think even bones will be left,” mumbled Chi Liu.

He looked towards the giant crater below as his eyes began to glow. His sight pierced through the darkness, reaching the deepest part of the pit.

Next, his pupils abruptly shrank.

He had seen Zhou Yuan grasping a mottled black brush, covered in some kind of crystal-like dome. Some kind of power continuously poured out from the brush to maintain the crystal light dome...

This light dome had stopped Chi Liu’s crazy bombardment?!

“How can this be?” Chi Liu’s expression darkened. Zhou Yuan’s crude Genesis Qi and Spirit power augmentation and his 300 billion Genesis Qi foundation could not possibly have stopped the attacks.

Moreover, he did not know why but the power undulations from Zhou Yuan’s body were somewhat different than before.

While Chi Liu’s expression was turning uglier, inside the crystal light dome, Zhou Yuan slowly raised his head and exhaled.

“You’re right, that crude fusion of power earlier was nothing special…”

Zhou Yuan slowly raised the mottled black brush as a fierce light gathered in his eyes.

“But what about this?”

The eighth rune on the Heavenly Yuan Brush slowly began to light up, ultimately glowing brightly.

It was the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s eighth rune...

Genesis Spirit

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