Chapter 1320 Chase

The team led by Yuan Quan was also taken aback when they saw Zhou Yuan decisively led his team around and fled. But then they burst into uproarious laughter.

They didn't think an all-heavens team would be so weak and fled for their lives before a battle even started.   

“Does the all-heavens only have trash?”

“Cowards like them even dare to compete with our Sacred Race for the secret domain?!”

Many Sacred Race experts broke into laughter, but when they looked at Yuan Quan, they noticed he scrunched his brows together while peering in the direction that Zhou Yuan and the others were fleeing. He then said indifferently, “Their leader is smart. Although it’s embarrassing to flee, it’s also the most sensible thing to do in that situation.”  

The other Sacred Race experts nodded with a smile. “He’s a smart coward.”

“Captain Yuan Quan, what should we do now?’ someone asked.

Yuan Quan pondered for a few seconds and said decisively, “Let’s catch them first and eat the entire team. After that we will set down sacred pillars in the nodes of this area to radiate to other areas.”

His intuition told him that he shouldn’t let that go easily.

“There's no need to waste so much time on a group of trash, right? How about this captain Yuan Quan, you lead a group to continue with the important business, while I will lead a group to destroy them,” suggested an expert at the second Law Domain stage.

A light flashed in Yuan Quan's eyes and he directly refused, “There's no need to take such a risk. That little time can’t change anything. We will all catch up to them and kill them.” 

Seeing Yuan Quan so cautious even towards a group of trash, the expert at the second Law Domain expert couldn’t help curling his lips. However, he didn’t dare to question him and just nodded in response.

Yuan Quan was the first to shoot out. His speed was so fast that it even ripped apart space. Behind were several fierce and murderous-looking Sacred Race experts following after him.

“Zhou Yuan, they’re catching up!” Wu Yao notified Zhou Yuan when she saw the movements behind.

Zhou Yuan turned his head around and couldn’t help wrinkling his brows when he saw Yuan Quan leading the group. Yuan Quan didn’t relax even in the face of a team with only second-rate strength and intended to pursue and kill them with all his might. He evidently didn’t want to give them the slightest chance.

“Zhou Yuan, they are quickly approaching, what should we do?” Ai Tuanzi asked. The opponents were much stronger than them and thus had a clear advantage. 

A light flashed in Zhou Yuan's eyes and he sent a sound wave to his team. “Everyone, stay within five hundred feet to me.”  

Though puzzled, everyone still quickly adjusted their positions.

Zhou Yuan held out his hand and a Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared in his grip. The brush drew across the air and brought out countless streaks of light. Those light streaks converged to form a pair of huge light wings on Zhou Yuan’s back. He flapped his wings and enveloped everyone.

“Grade 8 Genesis Rune, Chasing Light Wings!”

After Zhou Yuan’s Spirit had reached the Allroamer stage, he followed Yaoyao and studied as much as possible about Genesis Runes. After all, his Spirit of the Allroamer stage was his only means to compete with Law Domain experts. Therefore, he couldn’t neglect that aspect of his cultivation. 

The huge light wings beated, causing wind between heaven and earth to rage. Zhou Yuan’s and the others’ speed suddenly skyrocketed, and they immediately shook off the team led by Yuan Quan that was closing in on them.

Yuan Quan was surprised to see their speed soar. “There’s someone with Spirit at the Allroamer stage?”

A grade 8 Genesis Rune could only be drawn by someone at the Allroamer stage. 

He found this a little irritating because he wouldn’t be afraid of someone with Spirit of the Allroamer stage if it was a head-to-head battle, but the effect that someone at the Allroamer stage could achieve could give him a headache in a pursuit. 

It also happened that they had no Allroamer experts on their side.

Yuan Quan’s eyes flashed coldly and he folded one hand in a seal.

“Spirit Destruction Song!”

Vast amount of Genesis Qi surged, forming a huge face behind him. The face was very strange. As its huge mouth opened and closed, a bizarre sound wave erupted. The sound wave was incapable of destroying any physical matter but it could tear Spirit apart in an instant.

As the strange sound wave approached him from behind, Zhou Yuan wrinkled his brows and felt his Spirit trembling between his brows.

The opponent was attacking his Spirit.  

But he had to maintain his speed and couldn’t split his attention to deal with the corrosive sound wave.

Fortunately, he wasn’t alone.

“Tuntun!” Zhou Yuan bellowed.  

Tuntun appeared on Zhou Yuan's head, glancing behind him. Then, his mouth suddenly opened and unleashed an earth-shaking beast roar. That roar, which was filled with the pressure of an Alpha Holy Beast, gradually suppressed the strange sound wave. 

“A grade 8 Alpha Holy Beast?” Yuan Quan’s face became even colder when his soundwave shattered. He previously had already sensed Tuntun’s presence and knew he was the strongest in the team

“Let's see how you can escape today!” Yuan Quan's voice was filled with killing intent. He withdrew the sound wave and increased his speed even more. 

A chase broke out again.

Half a day passed in the blink of the eye.   

One team fled frantically and the other chased madly. Half a day had passed but the two sides almost hadn’t done anything except wasting their time.

“Zhou Yuan, how long do we have to flee for?” Ai Tuanzi asked bitterly.

Zhou Yuan grinned, “What's the hurry? We have profited already if we could hold out against a top Sacred Race team.” 

Ai Tuanzi looked helpless. Although that made sense, she couldn’t help feeling a little frustrated. However, she also understood that the opponent's overall strength could simply crush them, and so, it was indeed the most sensible choice to avoid the sword’s cutting edge.

Su Youwei frowned and reminded, “Your Highness, they might be intending to exhaust your Spirit power.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. He of course knew what the other opponent’s plan was. “Then let’s see if my Spirit will be exhausted first or their patience.”

He didn't believe that a top Sacred Race team would be willing to spend all their time on a second-rate team.

And just as Zhou Yuan thought, disagreements were appearing in the chasing team.

"Captain Yuan Quan, we have spent too much unnecessary time here. We haven't even gained control of one node yet. If this continues, how can we earn battle credits?!” An expert at the second Law Domain stage said impatiently. 

His remark drew a lot of agreement.

“I already said earlier that this team isn’t strong and you can leave it to me. There’s no need to waste all the precious time on them.” another Law Domain expert echoed.

Two of the four experts at the second Law Domain stage under Yuan Quan’s command had openly opposed his decision and made him wrinkle his brows. As he peered at the team still fleeing desperately in the distance, a look of unwillingness flashed in his eyes. He knew his opponent’s Spirit couldn’t hold on for long and they could surely wipe them out if they continued the pursuit. 

But that would consume more of their time and the people under his command evidently didn’t think it was worth it.  

However, Yuan Quan intuitively felt they should get rid of Zhou Yuan’s team as soon as possible.

But if he insisted on chasing the second-rate team, the people under his command would soon be at odds because the Sacred Race required them to earn battle credits. If they wasted too much time on Zhou Yuan’s team, they would have too little battle credit and that would bring ridicule or even punishment on them.

After pondering for a few breaths, Yuan Quan said with a sigh, “Chi Liu, I leave them to you.”

The man called Chi Liu was the person who previously suggested to lead a separate team to hunt down Zhou Yuan’s team. Chi Liu’s expression immediately relaxed when he heard the new arrangement. “Captain, don’t worry, I will kill them all.”

Yuan Quan shook his head, “But you can’t go alone.”

He waved his hand and the two Law Domain experts beside him nodded after some hesitation. 

“They will assist you,” said Yuan Quan.

Chi Liu’s face darkened. The strongest existence in the opponent’s team was only a grade 8 Alpha Holy Beast and he believed he could handle it, but Yuan Quan sent out two experts at the second Law Domain expert to assist him. Does he not believe in my ability? 

He wanted to refuse, but when he met Yuan Quan's icy gaze, he swallowed his words and nodded helplessly. 

After assigning the team, Yuan Quan didn’t hesitate anymore. He swept a cold glance at the team fleeing in the distance, turned around and left with a group of people.

Zhou Yuan immediately noticed the movements behind.   

“Only three experts at the second Law Domain stage are left behind.”

Although it was good news to hear that the opponents had divided forces, Zhou Yuan was surprised to learn that the opponent had cautiously left behind three Law Domain experts to deal with them.  

But if Zhou Yuan and the others continued to flee, Yuan Quan would occupy the entire battle zone.

“Everyone…” His voice fell into every team members’ ears as he ran his eyes across them.

“Whether we are going to eat meat or go home empty-handed will depend on the next battle. So…be ready to fight with your lives!”

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