Chapter 132 Goods Get

Item after item continuously appeared on the auction stage. Although none of them could match the Heavenly Luo Halberd, every item was still considerably rare. Hence, the atmosphere of the auction remained extremely exciting.

At this current moment, the elder was once again taking out another item on the auction stage. It was a glass bottle in which a fiery-red liquid swam. The viscous liquid was akin to the essence of fire, flames endlessly burning around it.

“This is the Earth Essence Flame that was extracted from the depths of Wanzai volcano. If it is absorbed by someone who is cultivating a fire type Genesis Qi, as long as that Genesis Qi is below grade 5, it will be able to raise the raise the rank of the Genesis Qi by one minor grade.”

These words shook the auction area once again, burning desire instantly...

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