Chapter 1319 Entering the Stone Dragon Secret Domain

Vast amounts of Genesis Qi condensed to form never-ending cloud lands. The great all-heavens army arrived at the Stone Dragon Secret Domain under the Saints’ guidance. 

Zhou Yuan stood in the crowd. As he came to the secret domain, the giant light film in the darkness immediately caught his eyes. 

Although he had seen it in the projection image before, he still felt his scalp numb when he saw it in person.

"Is that the Dragon Moving Formation?” Su Youwei asked. 

Zhou Yuan followed her gaze and saw a boundary formed outside the giant light film. The boundary was so complex that even Zhou Yuan, whose Spirit was at the Allroamer stage, felt his vision blurred like he was seeing flowers through a mist. He wanted to investigate it closer, but his Spirit immediately throbbed with pain as though instinctively sensed danger.

The boundary was more dangerous than he imagined. 

After glancing at the Dragon Moving Formation, Zhou Yuan’s gaze shifted further into the distance, where it was shrouded in complete darkness. But even his perception couldn’t penetrate there because that area was close to the central area where the Saints of both sides had already sealed-off. 

However, even if it was impossible to perceive, Zhou Yuan could guess that the Sacred Race army was ready for action. 

While the great all-heavens army was marvelling at the Stone Dragon Secret Domain, prime sovereign Jin Luo suddenly emerged, pointing to the deepest part of the Dragon Moving Formation. “The passage to the secret domain is in the Dragon Moving Formation. You shall enter from there and the saints of all-heavens will automatically cast you to the battle zone you are assigned.

"Everyone, this isn’t a training experience. You can treat it as a small war against the Sacred Race. Therefore, no one can guarantee your life there. Even us can only watch from the outside.”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo's expression became incredibly grave as he said, “War is always tragic and even saints could lose their lives. However, if we don’t want to be enslaved by the Sacred Race, if we don’t want our family to become pill ingredients for the Sacred Race, we have to fight with all our strengths. We have no other path.

“For that, we would have to pay a heavy price. But from ancient times to today, the all-heavens have never retreated!”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s voice fell in everyone’s ears, making the army silent for a good while. Everyone silently tightened their grip around their weapons and their eyes turned increasingly fierce and filled with killing intent.

There was no room for reconciling between the all-heavens and the Sacred Race. This was especially true for people like Zhou Yuan who had dealt with the Sacred Race before. They knew well that the living beings in all-heavens were nothing more than ingredients for refining Blood Genesis Pills to the Sacred Race.

Since there was no chance of reconciliation, the two sides couldn’t coexist. 

“If all of you are ready, then…go.” said prime sovereign Jin Luo.


As his voice faded, earth-shaking Genesis Qi erupted from everywhere and every participant circulated their Genesis Qi on the Genesis Qi clouds. The momentum was the grandest sight that Zhou Yuan had even seen.

All figures turned into streams of light and sped away.

Zhou Yuan also led his team, which included Ai Tuanzi, Wu Yao, Su Youwei and Zhao Mushen, into the huge Dragon Moving Formation.

Violent wind whistled in his ears and the surrounding space rippled. Zhou Yuan glanced back at the rays of boundary light constantly flashing away behind him, and then a huge light film came into sight. At the center was a crack of some thousand li.  

Ancient and primitive qi was constantly escaping from the crack.

“Get ready, we are entering the battlefield!” Zhou Yuan roared, reminding his teammates.

The others nodded, Genesis Qi pulsing violently around them.   


As the team members rushed through the huge crack, they felt a mighty force enveloping them. Then, space distorted and darkness gushed over to engulf them.  

The darkness lasted for several breaths, and when Zhou Yuan and the others regained their consciousness, the landscape before them had greatly changed.

They were standing on a crimson land with no end in sight. Volcanoes spewing black smoke grew from the ground and intense heat rose into the air.

Zhou Yuan scanned around and checked on his teammates. After confirming that no one was separated, he took out a compass that was flashing brightly. After a while, he stated, “This is the 77th battle zone.”

He couldn’t help marvelling. When he was allocated the battle zone, he had no idea that it would be so vast and what they saw was only a little corner of the battle zone.

Su Youwei looked at Zhou Yuan and said, “What’s our plan?”

“There’s no hurry. Let’s first check out the Sacred Race team that has fallen into our battle zone.” Zhou Yuan waved his hand. But as soon as his voice faded, his face rippled and he looked up to see the space violently distorted, forming a spatial vortex.

A figure rushed out like the tide from the vortex.

As more and more people rushed out and the Genesis Qi around them grew stronger, Zhou Yuan’s countenance changed uncontrollably. 

In particular, when the last few figures came out from the spatial vortex, Zhou Yuan couldnt stop his lips from twitching.

There were a total of five figures. The first was a man clad in gold armor and wielding a golden halberd. He wore a cold and arrogant expression and he emitted a chilling murderous spirit from his body. It was as though he had just walked out from a sea of corpses.

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank rapidly when he saw that person. “We might be a little unlucky this time.”

Wu Yao also narrowed her phoenix eyes. “That person is mentioned in the bamboo slip…Golden Armored Yuan Quan?

“That guy is at the third Law Domain stage! Also, he’s not an ordinary Law Domain expert. According to the information we received, he is ranked in the top ten among the Law Domain experts dispatched by the Sacred Race!”

Zhao Mushen's face darkened, glaring at Zhou Yuan. “You have such bad luck.”

Ai Tuanzi put down all the jerky in her hands and murmured, “Behind that guy are four experts at the second Law Domain stage...this lineup...we might be in trouble.”

The lineup could compete head-to-head with the strongest teams on the all-heavens side. Zhou Yuan’s team, which was considered at the bottom, was simply not qualified to face them.

Zhou Yuan also sighed and felt a headache coming on. He also didn't think his team would encounter such difficult and powerful enemies as soon as they arrived.

While Zhou Yuan’s head throbbed with pain, the golden armored warrior walked out of the spatial vortex and locked his sinister gaze on Zhou Yuan’s team. After sizing them up, undisguised disdain and mockery came to his eyes as he said, “The all-heavens is so pitiful?”

He raised his hand and commanded, “Kill them all.”   


A series of terrifying Genesis Qi erupted behind him and then shot into the sky.

“What do we do?”    

Su Youwei and the others urgently turned to Zhou Yuan when they saw the enemies attacking without a single word.

Zhou Yuan smiled helplessly, waving his hand.  

“What can we do? Of course…we run!”  

He unhesitatingly took the lead and fled. The opponents had an advantage in numbers and they could clearly crush them with their strengths. If Zhou Yuan chose to face them head-on, his team would only be wiped out. 

Zhou Yuan and the others fled with tails between their legs the moment they entered their first battle in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain.

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