Chapter 1318 Set Off

Zhou Yuan leaned back on a chair in a small quiet courtyard with a bamboo slip in his hands, studying the information about the Sacred Race Law Domain experts. 

“It’s going to be a tough battle.” He sighed, narrowing his eyes. A lot of information was recorded on that bamboo slip, but that shouldn’t be all. Even so, it was still very terrifying.  

Although not all the Law Domain forces in all-heavens were gathered in the All-Heavens City, the list also didn’t include all the Sacred Race’s forces.

“Tai Xuan…” Zhou Yuan uttered a name. According to the information on the bamboo slip, the person called Tai Xuan should be the most outstanding person of the Sacred Race’s Law Domain stage. Although there were only a few sentences about him in the information, a sentence shocked Zhou Yuan…  

His Law Domain power could shake Saints.

Zhou Yuan didn’t know whether this so-called shaking meant defeat or competed with. But no matter which one it was, it was enough to terrify someone.

Tai Xuan might be the greatest opponent to the Law Domain experts in all-heavens.

However, in addition to Tai Xuan, there were also top elites in the Sacred Race army who weren’t easy to deal with.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan's heart felt a little heavy after he read the information. The stone dragon battle would inevitably be a fierce and bitter battle.

Zhou Yuan turned his head and swept a glance over Tuntun, who was leisurely basking in the sun with his belly exposed. “What is your strength now?”

Tuntun opened his eyes and groaned lazily.

“You can deal with an expert at the second Law Domain stage…” Zhou Yuan's eyes blazed hopefully. Tuntun had reached the grade 8 stage and so should be equivalent to an expert at the first Law Domain stage. However, Alpha Holy Beasts were extraordinary and could defeat someone at a higher cultivation level.   

“You can’t deal with someone at the third Law Domain stage? I overestimated Alpha Holy Beasts.” However, Zhou Yuan was a little dissatisfied.

Tuntun shot an annoyed glance at him and then simply ignored him. Do you think it’s that easy to fight someone at a higher level? But that pervert indeed often does that sort of thing.

This irritated Tuntun. Who is the real Alpha Holy Beast?

“Tuntun can indeed compete with someone at the third Law Domain stage but he wouldn’t be strong enough to defeat them unless he improves again in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain.” Yaoyao’s voice sounded.

She was also leaning back on another chair with her slender arms behind her head. Her beautiful eyes were closed and her thick and long eyelashes fluttered under the sunlight.  

Her pose accidentally highlighted her impressive body.

Zhou Yuan darted a sideways glance at her and couldn’t stop his mouth from watering like mad. Yaoyao usually doesn’t show much but her body is actually amazing.

“Is it good looking?” Yaoyao’s voice was full of coldness.  

Zhou Yuan guiltily looked away and threw his head back, laughing.

Yaoyao opened her spring-like eyes and glanced at Zhou Yuan. A faint blush came to her porcelain-like cheeks and she immediately said, “The battle in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain will be tragic, but you have nothing to fear, and you must have been used to it all. So I shouldn’t need to remind you.

“But there is one thing that you should pay attention to. That is, you shouldn’t use the so-called combining with Tuntun anymore.”

Zhou Yuan cried out in surprised, “Why?”

He had already treated that move as one of his trump cards.

Yaoyao helplessly glanced at Tuntun and explained, “The previous combination was just Tuntun messing around. You are a person and you are a beast. You have different bloodlines and different Spirits. Even if the divine matter I left in your body could force you two to combine, there will be repercussions if it happens too frequently.”  

“What repercussions?” Zhou Yuan asked.  

Yaoyao blinked and said, “Your behaviour and manner might become more and more like his.” 

Zhou Yuan paled as though struck by lightning. It was only after a long while that he silently grabbed Tuntun who was lying beside him. He held him up by the scruff of his neck and said through gritted teeth, “Bastard, you almost killed me!”

Tuntun roared, flicked his tail and coiled around Zhou Yuan’s neck.

“Your Highness, the team members have been decided.”

While Zhou Yuan and Tuntun were tearing each other apart, a voice sounded from the courtyard. Su Youwei stood at the gate, staring dumbstruck at them.

Zhou Yuan angrily flung Tuntun off and went over to take the parchment from Su Youwei. He smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Three days had passed since the battle zone leaders were decided and the spaces in Zhou Yuan's team hadn’t been filled until now.

Zhou Yuan understood that, because the deadline was near, the majority who just joined his team was likely rejected elsewhere and only settled for his team in the end.

Although Zhou Yuan was a little unhappy about this, there was nothing he could do. After all, even if he had Tuntun in his team, in terms of attractiveness, he was still inferior to the other battle zone leaders, who were at the third Law Domain stage.

He unfolded the parchment and examined it closely. He found that there were only nine Law Domain experts, including Ai Tuanzi, in his team. From what he knew, battle zone leaders at the third Law Domain stage had at least 20 Law Domain experts in their teams. Among them, there were even powerful elites at the second Law Domain stage.

Compared with them, the team he assembled was quite shabby.

But there was nothing he could do. He had scared away many people because he was only at the Nascent Source stage. He couldn’t blame other people for not joining his team.

Fortunately, the battle zone that Zhou Yuan was in charge of wasn’t considered popular and likely wouldn’t attract powerful Sacred Race experts. Of course, Zhou Yuan wasn’t afraid. He just intended to search for some benefits in the battle zone first. If he could improve his team’s strength or Tuntun’s, they would have the qualification to face top teams in the future.


While Zhou Yuan was pondering, a resounding bell suddenly rang throughout the All-Heavens City.

The bell rang in immediate succession, and the urgency of the ringing made Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei's expressions turn solemn.

They knew that it was time to set off…

He looked at Su Youwei and said, “Assemble the team and get ready to leave.”

Su Youwei nodded and hurried off.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head, staring stilly for a good while. Then, he turned around and went over to Yaoyao.

Yaoyao straightened Zhou Yuan's clothes, like a wife sending her husband off. “Be careful.”

Zhou Yuan gazed at the fair jade-like face, his heart pounding. He suddenly lowered his head, and when his lips touched her red lips, he decisively turned around and left.

Tuntun leaped to his head, and waved his paw at Yaoyao, who was in a daze.

Yaoyao watched their departing figures as they left and eventually snapped out of her daze. She gently stroked her lips, and the corners of her lips curved slightly.

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