Chapter 1317 Strengthen

The uproar continued in the hall, and gazes filled with doubts were constantly cast towards Zhou Yuan. Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s arrangement had aroused controversy.

It was true that Zhou Yuan wasn’t inferior to top figures in the third Law Domain stage in terms of fame, but everyone knew that the root of this fame was because he assisted in refining Ancestral Dragon Pill. No one could question Zhou Yuan's ability and role in that aspect.

The problem was that the situation they would soon face had nothing to do with refining Ancestral Dragon Pill. They were going to fight the Sacred Race with real swords and spears!  

From everyone’s point of view, the only pleasing thing about Zhou Yuan was his Spirit. Although the Allroamer stage Spirit was remarkable and tyrannical, Law Domain Genesis Qi still had an advantage in a head-to-head battle. Therefore, although Zhou Yuan’s Spirit of the Allroamer stage could ensure he wouldn’t be defeated or killed when facing Law Domain experts from the Sacred Race, in the same way, he likely wouldn't achieve any dazzling achievements.

If prime sovereign Jin Luo had arranged for him to participate as an ordinary participant, he wouldn’t have attracted that much opposition and doubt. He was still too lacking to become the leader of a battle zone.

After all, the other battle zone leaders were all top experts at the third Law Domain stage. How could Zhou Yuan, who only possessed a Spirit of the Allroamer stage, be compared to the others? 

Under those gazes, even Zhou Yuan was a little dumbstruck. He clearly was equally surprised by the arrangement because he indeed didn’t have the required qualifications.

Xu Beiyan tightly clasped his ink flute, a light flashing in his eyes. Then, he nodded to somewhere, and when his signal was received, someone immediately spoke out, “Prime sovereign, did you not appoint that role too carelessly? Every battle zone is extremely important because the difference in Ancestral Dragon Spirit Anchor Points could cause the situation to collapse.”

“Prime sovereign, please reappoint!” voices suddenly rang out.   

The majority didn’t express their opinions, but they obviously didn’t agree with the decision. After all, every aspect of the battle was extremely important, and they didn't want their efforts to come to nothing because of Zhou Yuan.

Xu Beiyan's face didn’t ripple amidst the clamor, but a satisfied look flashed across the depths of his eyes. He was obviously glad to see Zhou Yuan fallen into such an embarrassing situation.

Tapping the ink-colored flute in his palm, Xu Beiyan looked at prime sovereign Jin Luo and gave a cupped fist salute. “Prime sovereign, grand elder Zhou Yuan is skilled in refining pills. It would be a huge loss to all-heavens if he dies on the battlefield. So wouldn’t it be better to just leave the battle to us? Grand elder Zhou Yuan only needs to wait here for us to bring back Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits.”

His tone was sincere as if he was really worried that Zhou Yuan would be killed in the secret domain.

“Are you saying that Zhou Yuan isn’t qualified to go to the secret domain and should only stay in the All-Heavens City to refine pills?” Chi Jing said coldly.

The others might be fooled by Xu Beiyan's hypocrisy, but Chi Jing could sense the malicious intent in his words. 

Xu Beiyan shook his head, saying innocently, “Grand elder Chi Jing, don't wrongly accuse me.”

Chi Jing was about to angrily rebuke when Zhou Yuan stopped her. Zhou Yuan swept a glance over Xu Beiyan and gave a gentle smile. “Are you afraid that I will steal your limelight again?” 

Xu Beiyan was taken aback at first and then he couldn’t help breaking out in laughter. “Grand elder Zhou Yuan would be laughed at in the secret domain. Everyone has to rely on their own abilities there and no one will take care of you anymore.”

He implied that Zhou Yuan was only able to take the pill refining assistance position because of Yaoyao taking care of him and not because of his own ability. 

“If tough-talking is an ability then you can move the stone dragon out with just your mouth. How would we need to do so much?” Zhou Yuan said with a smile.

Many people couldn't help chuckling, but when they saw Xu Beiyan's face darkening, they quickly closed their mouths.

Xu Beiyan narrowed his eyes and was about to retort when he saw prime sovereign Jin Luo waving his hand for silence.

Drawing many gazes back onto him, prime sovereign Jin Luo smiled faintly and said, “I naturally have given serious considerations to appointing Zhou Yuan to be the leader of a battle zone. Although he’s only at the Nascent Source stage, we can't just look at everything on the surface. Besides, Zhou Yuan is a lucky general. Our all-heavens had never fallen into a disadvantageous situation wherever he is. So, I believe he would bring miracles again this time.

“Zhou Yuan, what do you think? Do you think you’re qualified for this position?” He looked at Zhou Yuan and asked with a smile.

Facing prime sovereign Jin Luo’s deep and wise eyes, Zhou Yuan assumed a serious expression and said, “It’s the duty of being a member of all-heavens to fight the Sacred Race. As long as the prime sovereign thinks I can do it, I will do my best.”

Since prime sovereign Jin Luo thought highly of him, he of course wouldn’t object. Moreover, given prime sovereign Jin Luo’s ability, he must have already noticed that Zhou Yuan’s Nascent Source was extraordinary and he wouldn’t really think that Zhou Yuan was unqualified as the other people thought.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo nodded with a relieved smile.

Seeing that prime sovereign Jin Luo had already made a decision, they couldn’t question his decision anymore. However, their gaze towards Zhou Yuan still didn't change.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo waited until everyone calmed down before he continued to announce the other battle zone leaders. After half an hour, all the leaders were announced. Everyone looked around and realized that the weakest person was at the second Law Domain stage. As a result, Zhou Yuan, who was only at the Nascent Source stage, was particularly noticeable.

Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief knowing that not all the battle zone leaders were at the third Law Domain stage. He wasn’t under as much pressure as he thought he would be.

He wasn’t certain of the result if he were to face an expert at the third Law Domain stage, but he wouldn’t fear someone at the second Law Domain stage.

“The battle zone leaders have been selected. In the next three days, you all can recruit your team members.

“Right, there’s information on the Sacred Race. All the powerful Nascent Source and Law Domain experts are recorded there. You all should carefully analyze them!” Several bamboo slips flew out from prime sovereign Jin Luo’s hand and suspended in front of everyone.

Everyone hurriedly received them. The people who could come here were naturally experts with rich battle experiences and thus they knew how precious the information was.

After accepting the bamboo slips, the area quickly turned chaotic. Many experts immediately flocked to the battle zone leaders who they had a preference for. After all, their life and benefits would be guaranteed to a certain extent if they followed a strong leader.  

There was no doubt that Xu Beiyan would be the most popular.

Chi Jing was also greatly sought after. Seeing a large number of people flock over, she could only nod to Zhou Yuan before she was pushed away by the crowd.

Compared with the other battle zone leaders’ popularity, Zhou Yuan’s surroundings was cold and lonely, and no one paid any attention to him.  

Zhou Yuan looked a little embarrassed. Those guys are too narrow-minded. Although I don’t dare to say that I have the ability to suppress the other battle zone leaders, at the very least, I shouldn’t be ranked at the bottom, right?!  

But everyone could choose freely and he couldn’t push people to his side. 

Fortunately, his embarrassment didn't last long, because two beautiful figures flashed past the crowd and approached him.

“Your Highness, we will join you!” Su Youwei smiled sweetly. Her beautiful face looked even more stunning than usual.

Wu Yao stood with her arms crossed. She seemed to enjoy seeing Zhou Yuan in an embarrassing state and her red lips were curved in a teasing smile.

Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief and said, “You two have good taste. Those commoners can’t see my inner beauty at all.”

“Where is that guy Zhao Mushen?” he asked    

Wu Yao said, “He went to Zhao Xiansun’s side.”

Zhou Yuan nodded, but he didn't think much of it. After all, Zhao Mushen was a member of Wanshou Heaven. It was natural that Zhao Mushen wanted to follow Zhao Xiansun.

But while thinking, he saw Zhao Mushen coming over with an embarrassed look and saying expressionless, “I'll join you.”

Zhou Yuan understood right away. “Zhao Xiansun doesn’t want you?”

Zhao Mushen's expression turned even worse. “He said he doesn't want any Nascent Source expert.”

Zhou Yuan couldn't help looking pitifully. “Is it because you've been too close to us recently?”

Zhao Mushen ignored him and just said with a frown, “There are only a few people here? What can we do? We don’t even have a Law Domain expert?!”

Seeing Zhao Mushen’s disgusted face, Zhou Yuan pursed his lips and was just about to speak when a voice rang behind them. “Law Domain? I count as one.”

Zhou Yuan, Zhao Mushen and the others twisted around to see a beautiful and elegant woman. She was holding a little cloth bag, from which she constantly picked out dried-up meat. Her spotlessly white teeth crunched on them and quickly got rid of them.

“Ai Tuanzi?” Zhou Yuan exclaimed when he saw her familiar face.

The woman in front of him was Ai Tuanzi, who he had met in Wanzhou Heaven. He didn’t expect her to have reached the Law Domain stage after not seeing her for two years.  

“Am I welcome?” Ai Tuanzi asked with a grin.

“Of course.” Zhou Yuan hurriedly nodded.   

Zhou Yuan’s team naturally attracted some people’s attention after the first Law Domain expert joined. Some people started to gather around him but still seemed hesitant.

A light flashed in Zhou Yuan and he snapped his fingers.


The snap of his fingers was immediately followed by a roar outside the hall. A silhouette cut through the crowd and landed on Zhou Yuan’s head.

It was Tuntun.    

He growled continuously and a very powerful pressure filled the area. It immediately calmed the chaos nearby. Many people looked over with astonishment. Even some people at the second Law Domain stage couldn’t help but stare solemnly at Tuntun because they felt the dangerous aura he emitted.

Zhou Yuan patted Tuntun and said with a smile. “My team is strengthened again.”

Tuntun's appearance undoubtedly had a greater attractive force than Ai Tuanzi. After all, tshe pressure he exuded was comparable to someone at the second Law Domain stage. It seemed that Zhou Yuan's team was also beginning to take shape.

Zhou Yuan's side was finally much livelier.

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