Chapter 1316 Leaders of the Battle Zone

Prime sovereign Jin Luo ran his eyes across the all-heaven experts clamoring. Although some people seemed nervous, not many people showed a trace of fear. He inwardly nodded his head, seeming somewhat glad. Although the Nascent Source and Law Domain stage didn’t have much decision power compared to the Saint stage, those two levels were still very important to all-heavens and the Sacred Race.

This was because a new saint would no doubt be born from them.

“The heart of all-heavens.” Cang Yuan said to prime sovereign Jin Luo with a smile.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo nodded and pointed to the stone dragon silhouette in midair. He then continued, “The attack on the stone dragon will be divided into 89 battle zones.”

As his voice rang out, patches lit up on the stone dragon’s huge body. Each patch of light represented a battle zone. 

The stone dragon’s body was incomparably tremendous. Although it seemed ordinary, one would only know the vastness of each area once in it.

“Each battle zone will be led by a battle zone leader and the people under the leader will have to listen to their orders and win as many Ancestral Spirit Anchor Points as possible.” Prime sovereign Jin Luo ran his eyes across the crowd. “Everyone in the battle zone where an Ancestral Spirit Anchor Point is won will be rewarded with an Ancestral Dragon Pill afterwards.”

All Nascent Source and Law Domain experts stared dumbfounded at prime sovereign Jin Luo.

No one expected prime sovereign Jin Luo to promise such great benefits.

Once an Ancestral Spirit Anchor Point was won, everyone in that battle zone would be rewarded an Ancestral Dragon Pill. Moreover, there were at least dozens of Ancestral Spirit Anchor Points in a battle zone, which means, if everything goes well, they could obtain dozens of Ancestral Dragon Pills as rewards?! 

This was a luxury for those who used to have to spend several months to exchange for an Ancestral Dragon Pill!

Therefore, the atmosphere buzzed like never and sparks flew before many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts as they all gazed covetously at the stone dragon silhouette. They all rubbed their fists, eager to start. The generous reward evidently ignited their battle intent.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo smiled at the scene. He knew what everyone cared the most about and so he didn't spur them on with any principles of right and wrong, but threw out the greatest temptation.

As long as you’re willing to devote yourself, the all-heavens would reward you generously.

“So generous.” Zhou Yuan exclaimed. Even his heart pounded when he heard the reward, let alone other people.

Chi Jing nodded with a smile, “I'm really looking forward to it.”

Her eyes below her fierce eyebrows blazed with fiery fighting spirit.

“Now, I will announce the leader of each battle zone, and the rest of the people can freely choose which leader to follow and fight with.” Hearing prime sovereign Jin Luo's words, everyone’s spirit rose and listened attentively.

In such a situation, it was obviously more advantageous to follow a strong battle zone leader. 

“Xu Beiyan from Qiankun Heaven will be the leader of the first battle zone.”

Zhou Yuan's eyes flickered to a certain direction when he heard that name, only to see Xu Beiyan, clad in a long black robe, looking particularly handsome. He gave a humble smile at the surrounding people.

Xu Beiyan sensed Zhou Yuan's gaze and smiled faintly at him.

Zhou Yuan wore a calm expression, but he was still vigilant of Xu Beiyan even if he looked outwardly amiable.

“That guy is a hypocrite...but no one can question his strength. Not only is his Spirit at the Allroamer stage, his Genesis Qi cultivation base has already reached the third Law Domain stage. He could be regarded as one of the strongest at the Law Domain stage in all-heavens. Unfortunately for him, senior brother has stepped into the Saint stage first. Otherwise he would be showing off here,” Chi Jing whispered.

Even a prideful person like Chi Jing had to admit that Xu Beiyan was strong.

“Chi Jing from Hunyuan Heaven will be the leader of the second battle zone.”

“Jiang Xiao from Wanshou Heaven will be the leader of the third battle zone.”

“Zhao Xiansun from Hunyuan Heaven will be the leader of the fourth battle zone.”

Hearing another familiar name, Zhou Yuan couldn't help but glance in another direction. There, a one-armed figure stood with his hand behind his back. It was Zhao Xiansun from the Wanzu Region. That guy had clashed with Zhou Yuan many times in Hunyuan Heaven, and his arm was severed by Yaoyao when she regained consciousness.

Zhao Xiansun also cast a look at Zhou Yuan and then retracted his gaze. His expression wasn’t particularly friendly, but Zhou Yuan wasn’t surprised by this. After all, the grudges between them weren’t small and couldn’t be wiped away so easily. 

Zhou Yuan couldn’t fight back when facing a top Law Domain expert like Zhao Xiansun in the past, but, although he wouldn’t dare to say that he could defeat him now, he believed he had the power to protect himself if they really fought.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo continued to read out all the names well-known in the All-Heavens City. Th0se people, without exception, were all at the third Law Domain stage and could be considered pillars of the Law Domain stage in all-heavens. 

Therefore, every name announced drew a clamor of congratulation because everyone knew that those who could obtain a battle zone leader position was thought highly of by prime sovereign Jin Luo and would have a promising future.

Zhou Yuan also exclaimed while evaluating himself. His Spirit was at the initial Allroamer stage, and he could contend with powerful enemies at the first Law Domain stage with his Spirit power. However, even if one’s Spirit had many mysterious functions, one would still be inferior against experts of the same level in a head-to-head battle.

Although his Genesis Qi cultivation was still at the Nascent Source stage, his 9.7 inch Nascent Source still made his foundation superior to that of experts at the first Law Domain stage. With his Spirit and Genesis Qi foundation combined, he believed he didn’t need to fear enemies at the second Law Domain stage.

But the risk would be greatly increased if he were to face an expert at the third Law Domain stage. 

“I still need to improve…” Zhou Yuan murmured discontentedly.

If he told others that he, someone at the Nascent Source stage, could be compared to someone at the third Law Domain stage, many people would hurl abuse at him. After all, those who could cultivate to the third Law Domain stage were all Saint seeds that the major forces had cultivated with all their time and efforts. Those people were considered giant among men whether it was in terms of talent or potential. But Zhou Yuan thought he, who was at a lower cultivation stage, could compete with them. Does he not treat them as human?

While Zhou Yuan was sighing, a voice rang out and took Zhou Yuan aback. 

“Zhou Yuan from Hunyuan Heaven will be the leader of the 77th battle zone.”

Zhou Yuan blinked repeatedly, staring dumbfounded at prime sovereign Jin Luo, who was smiling.

At the same time, gasps and exclamations arose from all around. Then, doubtful eyes gathered on Zhou Yuan, who was still in a daze.

Nascent Source stage…Spirit of the initial Allroamer stage?    

He can become a leader of a battle zone? Is prime sovereign Jin Luo joking with us?

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