Chapter 1315 Dragon Moving Formation, Dragon Spirit Anchor Point

The troops on the all-heavens side and the Sacred Race side in the secret domain temporarily took a break. They each had occupied half the domain and were focussing all their strengths in breaking the stone dragon light film.

But everyone underestimated the stability and mystery of the stone dragon light film.

Almost half a month had passed but both the all-heavens and the Sacred Race side hadn’t succeeded in breaking the light film. But the Saints on both sides realized the light film was connected to the inside of the stone dragon, and if they destroyed it with brute force, there was a chance of damaging the inside of the stone dragon. The Saints on both sides naturally dared not act recklessly. 

However, although the stone dragon light film was mysterious, it wasn’t unbreakable. After all, that would be underestimating the saints of both sides.

Therefore, as time passed, the saints each displayed their remarkable abilities and finally figured a way to solve the problem. But what surprised everyone was that the two sides’ solutions happened to coincide.  


The All-Heavens City had been in a sealed-off state during this period, but that didn’t make it desolate. Instead, there was a steady stream of Nascent Source and Law Domain experts rushing there from all-heavens and made the city increasingly lively.

Although the clash among the saints in the stone dragon secret domain was dangerous, anyone with a discerning eye knew what opportunities were in the secret domain. The stone dragon secret domain was rich in Ancestral Spirit Remnant Spirits. A few wisps could be exchanged for several Ancestral Dragon Pills, which would benefit their cultivation hugely. Any expert would regret it if they missed such a good opportunity. 

However, although many experts in the All-Heavens City were staring eagerly at the stone dragon secret domain, they understood that they, as Nascent Source and Law Domain experts, had no qualification to do anything. After all, a large number of Saints had assembled on both sides. How would they have a chance to come forward and display their abilities?

They could only watch how the situation developed and see if there was an opportunity for them.

But what made everyone overjoyed was that they didn’t have to wait long.



As the chiming of bells reverberated throughout the All-Heavens City, everyone abruptly cast their eyes to the central hall. Then, figures raced across the air one after another. This was because they knew that the bell was a call to assemble everyone in the All-Heavens City and a huge matter should have happened.

Zhou Yuan also rushed to the central hall, only to find the hall was already packed with people.

He saw a tall and beautiful figure beckoning to him. With a slight movement, he flashed away and said with a smile, “Senior sister Chi Jing.”

“Did she not come?” The beautiful beckoning figure teased. Her short burgundy hair fluttered in the wind, making her appear even more formidable-looking.  

Knowing that she was talking about Yaoyao, Zhou Yuan smiled. “She doesn't like noisy places.”

Chi Jing nodded. “That’s right. Given her popularity, I wonder how much waves she would cause if she showed up.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled and changed the topic. “Senior sister, do you know what the sudden call is for?”

Chi Jing's pretty face grew solemn as she said, “It’s likely related to the Stone Dragon Secret Domain.” 

Zhou Yuan's heart trembled. Could there be progress with the stone dragon light film? His heart suddenly felt unusually hot because everyone in the All-Heavens City was waiting for the result, including him.

While the two were talking, figures headed by prime sovereign Jin Luo flashed across the hall.

Many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts hurriedly bowed.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo waved his hand and his laughter rang in everyone's ears. “The reason I summoned you all today is mainly to inform you all that we have finally broken the stone dragon light film.”

Many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts lit up with joy. However, there was still a trace of puzzlement in their eyes because there was no need to assemble them all just because the stone dragon light film was broken.  

“We have set up a Dragon Moving Formation outside of the light film to try to pull the stone dragon out using the formation’s power, but it was ineffective in the end…”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s one sentence made many experts’ countenances changed dramatically. So many Saints still couldn’t pull up the stone dragon?

Prime sovereign Jin Luo swept his gaze around, saying, “After our investigations, we found that the Dragon Moving Formation failed to move the stone dragon because the stone dragon is formed from Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits and thus is protected by a divine barrier that is resistant to the Dragon Moving Formation. 

“However, that divine power barrier isn’t impossible to deal with…”

“These spots of light are exactly where Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits are richest in the stone dragon’s body. We call them Dragon Spirit Anchor Points. There are 9,999 anchor points in total…”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo lifted his hand into the air and a dark nail emerged in his palm. The nail, about half a foot in length, was thick and icy-cold. "This is a Dragon Moving Nail. If we could strike this nail into the Dragon Spirit Anchor Points, they could weaken the divine power barrier as well as coordinate with the Dragon Moving Formation. The combination of the two could create an explosion of mighty force to move the stone dragon!

“However, although we have broken the stone dragon light film, the power it emitted still resists entry of Saints…”

His gentle eyes ran across everyone. “We need your strength.”

Many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts’ eyes blazed. They couldn’t disguise their eagerness to act. The reason they gathered here wasn't it for such an opportunity?

Even Zhou Yuan couldn't help smacking his lips. What an opportunity this is!?

Previously, only the Saints on both sides could act and anyone below the Saint stage didn’t have the qualifications to intervene. Fortunately, every cloud has a silver lining, and they didn't have to be spectators anymore.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo was pleased to see everyone's reaction, but his voice turned low when he said, “But I have to remind you that the Sacred Race’s plan is the same as us. They will also send Nascent Source and Law Domain elites to fight for the Dragon Spirit Anchor points…

“Every fight at a Dragon Spirit Anchor Point will be paved with blood.

“The stone dragon might fall into the hands of the side that wins more anchor points…The victory of the Stone Dragon Secret Domain Battle doesn’t lie with the Saints but with you guys.”

The many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts’ faces turned solemn, but no one surprisingly showed a trace of fear. Those who could come here were naturally already prepared to fight to death with the Sacred Race. They already knew well about the dangers inside. However, they weren’t ordinary people and so they understood that they had to fight for any opportunity themselves. 

Zhou Yuan wore a thoughtful expression. From what prime sovereign Jin Luo said, the current situation, in simple terms, was like a tug of war.

The two sides would exhaust all their strength to win Dragon Spirit Anchor Points and then move the stone dragon with its power.

Whoever wins more Dragon Spirit Anchor Points would have a greater advantage.

He couldn't help smacking his lips. He thought that the secret domain was too peaceful, but he clearly overthought. Every area on the stone dragon’s huge body would be stained with blood.

A horrifying and tragic aura had already assaulted his face even if it hadn’t started.

This…is going to be lively.    

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