Chapter 1314 Prime Sovereign and Prime Saint


Amidst shocked gazes, a resounding ring reverberated throughout all-heavens, and a giant golden bell appeared out of thin air. As the chiming of bells echoed, huge tremendous halos of light constantly spread out from the golden bell. 

As the golden halos spread out, they collided with the giant ancient painting crashing down, causing the space to ripple and crumble.

Under the golden halos obstruction, the Sacred Mountain Painting couldn’t descend any further. The golden bell refused to budge and it seemed that no one could do anything about it.

“Prime Saint Tai Mi, you really think our all-heavens have no people?”

During the standstill, an old laugh rang in the void and an old figure emerged from the distorted space. The figure’s golden eyebrows hung down and his eyes were deep and wise like a bottomless abyss.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo, one of the three prime sovereigns of the Omega Shrine!

Following prime sovereign Jin Luo’s appearance, the figure sitting on the lotus in the spatial crack on the Sacred Race’s side cast an indifferent gaze onto him. The space rippled and his figure suddenly appeared in the secret domain.

It was a white-haired man in a golden robe. His face was rather young, but his deep eyes strike fear into his opponents. Even Saints wouldn’t dare underestimate him.

Standing barefoot on a golden lotus in the air, he exuded endless mighty force, stirring the chaos.

Prime Saint Tai Mi, one of the seven prime saints of the Sacred Race!

“Jin Luo, old fellow, you’re still alive.” The prime saint called Tai Mi indifferently studied prime sovereign Jin Luo. “Back then, you were just a new Saint. I didn’t think you would become a pillar of all-heavens.”

“Compared to prime saint Tai Mi, who has made no progress in thousands of years, I am indeed a lot better.” Prime sovereign Jin Luo smiled, his face kindly and amiable.

Prime saint Tai Mi narrowed his eyes. How would he not hear the meaning in Jin Luo’s words? However, he didn't seem angry and instead said indifferently. “Jin Luo, you came in such a threatening manner. Are you really planning to go to war with the Sacred Race?”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo said, “The nine heavens of the Tianyuan World is divided into different areas, but the chaos void isn’t part of the Sacred Race’s territory, isn’t that right? 

“Also, that is where the Ancestral Dragon remnants are. So why does it have anything to do with your Sacred Race?”

Prime Saint Tai Mi raised his eyes, the chilling intent inside them made all the Saints present feel a gush of cold air.

But prime sovereign Jin Luo seemed unconcerned and said indifferently, “Tai Mi, although the Sacred Race is strong, at least you can’t stop the all-heavens this time with your people here.

“If we really fought, the two sides will just end in a stalemate. It’s just a waste of time. So why don’t we both take a step back and fight for the stone dragon with our own ability?”

Prime Saint Tai Mi said indifferently, “When had your all-heavens ever beat my Sacred Race? Jin Luo, why do something that would bring humiliation to yourself?”

He paused, a fierce light flashing in his eyes, and then continued, “But if you want to die, I will fulfil your wish.”

With a flick of his sleeve, a mighty force crashed down and formed a light screen that divided the secret domain into two, and the central location was the tremendous stone dragon as well as the mysterious light film that enveloped it.

“This will be the dividing line, if the all-heavens troops dare to advance any further…”

Tai Mi narrowed his eyes and a strong killing intent erupted from him, “They will be killed!”

Without a ripple of expression on his face, prime sovereign Jin Luo turned his hand over and pushed his hand down. Mighty force similarly descended and formed another layer of mighty force barrier next to prime saint Tai Mi’s. 

In this way, the two mighty force barriers divided the secret domain.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo and prime saint Tai Mi’s gazes collided, chilling killing intent roamed in that calmness. They both evidently had strong killing intent towards each other.

But they didn't fight in the end. Instead, they both took a step back and created a situation where the two sides could coexist.

This result was inevitable because when the saints of all-heavens had blocked the Sacred Race's counterattack, they earned the qualifications to stand in the secret domain. But in the same way, the all-heavens didn’t have enough strength to drive the Sacred Race out of the secret domain.

Moreover, looking at the situation, it seemed that neither side could call in much reinforcements.

Since that was the case, they decided that each side could occupy one area and see who would win the stone dragon in the end.

Many experts on the all-heavens’ side were relieved to see such a result and cheers erupted across the city. After all, from the situation, it seemed that the Sacred Race was forced to step back and even tacitly agreed to share with the all-heavens.  

This was good news for all-heavens.

Zhou Yuan, who was in a courtyard, retracted his gaze, but his brows were still knitted together because he wasn’t as optimistic as the others. He knew that the Sacred Race must have other plans for them to willingly back down. However, he also understood that this was the best result that prime sovereign Jin Luo could achieve.

Prime saint Tai Mi wouldn’t give up so easily if the Sacred Race wasn’t able to allocate more forces to his side.

“Now everything depends on which side will break the light film barrier first,” said Yaoyao.

Zhou Yuan nodded. A mysterious light film had enveloped the stone dragon, which the Sacred Race couldn’t break through even till now. This was perhaps one of the reasons why the Sacred Race would step back. Next, it was time for both sides to show their remarkable abilities.

Perhaps the situation would change again when the light film was destroyed and the agreement made by the two leaders could be torn in an instant.

After all, no one would be happy to see the stone dragon taken by the opponent.

Zhou Yuan let out a disappointed sigh. The situation was no longer something that people at his level could intervene...but without an opportunity to help out, he would have no contribution and his final share could be uncertain.

Of course, he might be able to do what he wanted if he used his relationship with Yaoyao, but, in truth, if he could, he wanted to fight for a share with his own strength and hard work. He didn’t want Yaoyao to worry about him all the time.

While thoughts were streaming through Zhou Yuan's mind, prime sovereign Jin Luo retracted his gaze and stared at the mysterious light film around the stone dragon. His expression was incredibly serious. The light film was very tricky to deal with even for him. It was no wonder that even the Sacred Race had been troubled for so long.

But he soon stabilized his emotions and calmly said to Cang Yuan and other Saints. “Get ready, we must break that layer of light film no matter what.

“Because the resources inside could allow the birth of a new Saint.”

“The Sacred Race has been eager to act for years. No one knows when they would suddenly start another war-ending battle, so…”

His eyes became grave and his voice rang out. “For all-heavens.”

 All Saints responded solemnly, “For all heavens.”

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