Chapter 1313 Battle Method

When the Saints from all-heavens boldly took action, the laws of this world also seemed to be broken. The omnipresent universe Genesis Qi was completely melted and anyone below the Saint stage, including Law Domain experts, would likely be melted if they entered the area. 

Mighty forces descended immediately afterwards, penetrating the layers of space like a heavenly tribulation smashing down from above. 

The strength of a Saint lies in that its body had become the world. If Law Domain experts were said to possess Law Domains, then Saint experts could be said to possess a world. 

A Saint could engulf one side of the world with their strength, and that power was called mighty force, which was unbearable to anyone under the Saint stage.

In the face of attacks from the all-heavens Saints, the Sacred Race Saints headed by Zi Guang all reddened in anger and bellowed, “Ridiculous!”

While roaring they also launched an attack.

Mighty force penetrated the void and collided with the chaos. Although there wasn’t any earth-shattering scene, everyone in the All-Heavens City and the Sacred Race army wore solemn and frightened expressions.

This was because they could perceive how many domains were silently crumbled and destroyed from the impact.

Standing in a courtyard, Zhou Yuan peered through the portal in the spatial crack and watched the terrifying battle among the Saints. Even his scalp numbed because he could feel the destructive force even from such a distance. 

His ashes would likely be destroyed if he was caught in the collision.

"How is the situation?" Zhou Yuan couldn't help but ask Yaoyao.

Even he couldn’t read the situation in a battle of such a level. After all, the battle they saw was only on the surface and the fight in the void’s depths was undoubtedly more mysterious and unusual.   

Yaoyao raised her beautiful face, revealing her snow-white and slender neck. “They are neck and neck.”

Zhou Yuan couldn’t help sighing. “The Sacred Race has a strong foundation. Even though we have gathered so much forces, we still couldn’t gain the upper hand.”

However, he also understood that the all-heavens could be said to have the dominant position if they could hold on. After all, this showed that they had the strength to get a share of the secret domain.

“There should also be prime saints hiding on the Sacred Race’s side.”

“If the all-heavens want to stabilize the space portal and get a share of the secret domain, that would depend on prime sovereign Jin Luo. He’s the key,” Yaoyao explained.

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. No wonder prime sovereign Jin Luo still hasn’t showed up. Is he waiting for the Sacred Race’s prime saint?

Prime sovereign and prime saint…even the Saints on both sides wouldn’t have seen a battle of such a level in a long time. 

While Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were talking, the saint battle outside the space portal grew increasingly violent. As mighty force surged, saint flames engulfed the area and tremendous light lotus collided like fireworks.

Cang Yuan hovered in the air with two saint lotus slowly rotating on his shoulders. A halo of saint light surrounded his body and protected him from evil invading his body.

He was constantly entangled with Zi Guang, who was also at the double lotus Saint stage. Zi Guang had a very impressive reputation within the Sacred Race and Cang Yuan had also fought him back when he was fleeing with Yaoyao. They could be called old enemies. 

Saint Zi Guang’s face was cold and fierce. He became increasingly impatient after testing Cang Yuan’s strength. He folded his hands together and endless purple light gathered between his palms, turning into a purple light prism. It slowly rose into the air.

The prism was covered with countless ancient runes, shining on Cang Yuan as it rotated.

That light wasn’t ordinary light, but when it locked on a person, it seemed to have directly locked on that person’s destiny and it was difficult to escape no matter what means was used. 

This was called the Purple Lightning Mirror, a double lotus Saint artifact that he made his name with.  


Under the illumination, thunder rumbled with extraordinary effect. When it sounded, even from such a long distance, the many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts on the all-heavens side felt their Spirit shaking and experienced sharp, shooting pain, as if their Spirit was shattered by the thunder.

If even the residual force had such a terrifying impact, it was hard to imagine what it would feel to face it head-on. 

“Old man Zi Guang, your purple lightning hasn't changed much after so many years.” Cang Yuan smiled faintly. As he lifted his hand into the air, one of his eyes slowly opened and released a terrifying aura.

“That’s the Sky Illuminating Eye?”   

Zhou Yuan’s heart trembled. He was very familiar with that aura because it belonged to the Saint artifact from the Tianyuan Utopia, the Sky Illuminating Eye. He didn’t think Cang Yuan would bring it from the Tianyuan Utopia for this battle.

As the mysterious eyes rolled, the light runes inside rippled. It was at that moment when a purple lightning struck down and instantly turned the place where Cang Yuan was standing into a purple lightning sea. The bolts of lightning were extremely berserk. They transformed into all sorts of living beings and charged towards Cang Yuan.  

“Sky Illuminating, Blazing Seal.”  

The Sky Illuminating Eye in Cang Yuan’s palm suddenly erupted in a blaze of dark light. Dark flames blazed inside. Cang Yuan suddenly opened his hand and the Sky Illuminating Eye erupted with infinite power. It sucked in everything in the lightning sea in one breath like a black hole. 

Black flames rose in the eye, annihilating all purple lightning.

Saint Zi Guang couldn’t help scrunching his brows. His purple saint lightning had brought a lot of trouble to Cang Yuan in previous battles, but he didn't expect Cang Yuan to have come prepared this time. The eye in his palm was clearly equally as strong as his Purple Lightning Mirror.

He swept his gaze across the battlefield. A battle between Saints was extremely fierce, but he could tell that the Sacred Race hadn’t gained the upper hand and the Saints on the all-heavens side had a firm foothold. Moreover, the space portal had become increasingly stable.

It seemed that the Sacred Race didn’t come prepared against the fierce all-heavens army. If they didn’t have other schemes to focus on, they could have gathered all their forces and give the all-heavens a real headache.

Unfortunately…to reverse the situation and defeat the all-heavens army now depended on the prime saint. 

While thoughts streamed across Zi Guang’s mind, his eyes suddenly flickered and he looked up to see the space above breaking apart as endless saint light poured out. Inside the saint light was a saint lotus suspended in the air and a figure sat cross-legged on it.

A wave of energy that made the Saints from all-heavens shudder suddenly erupted. 

At the same time, the figure on the saint lotus cast his indifferent gaze over. He lifted his hand and a silhouette shot out from his sleeve. 

The silhouette streaked across the sky, meeting the storm head-on. In an instant, it turned into a painting scroll that obscured the sky. Then, a mysterious mountain seemed to be emerging on the scroll.

That mountain was of unmeasurable height and contained unmeasurable power. The saints from all-heavens couldn’t stop their expressions from changing when it appeared and a trace of terror flashed across their eyes.  

Cang Yuan's pupils shrank, “That’s...the Sacred Mountain Painting, a triple lotus artifact?!”

The saint artifact was infamous in all-heavens because it had killed many Saints in the ancient world-ending war! They didn’t expect to see it again!

The enormous painting sped across the air and came crashing down on the all-heavens Saints. 


It was then that a resounding bell sound echoed. The noise penetrated the boundary wall and reverberated throughout all-heavens.

A blaze of golden light suddenly erupted inside the secret domain. Everyone saw a golden bell emerging out of thin air. The golden bell, ancient and primitive, was engraved with all objects in all-heavens as though it contained the power of all-heavens.

Cang Yuan’s and the other Saints’ faces lit up when they saw the golden bell.

The Chaos Golden Bell, a triple lotus saint artifact ranked sixth on the sacred treasure list.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo finally made a move.

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