Chapter 1312 The Great Battle of all Saints

When prime sovereign Jin Luo led the several Saints into the All-Heavens City, the news regarding the Stone Dragon Secret Domain was finally announced and unsurprisingly created great commotion in the All-Heavens City. Everyone was unusually shocked and they finally knew why the atmosphere in the All-Heavens City was recently so tense.

When the matter was announced, the Omega Shrine also explained the situation regarding the Stone Dragon Secret Domain in detail.

The many experts in the All-Heavens City learned that a huge stone dragon condensed from mighty Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits in the secret domain. Their initial reaction was to wipe the corners of their mouths and then, their eyes gleamed greedily and covetously.

After all, the past two years of searching the chaos void made them aware of how difficult it was to find Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits. In ordinary times, one had to put in tremendous time and effort to obtain a wisp of Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits. But the secret domain was incredibly rich in Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits. The harvest from one lap around the secret domain would likely be more than what they had found in the chaos void in the past two years!

However, many people soon began to worry because the all-heavens seemed to be planning to snatch food from the tiger’s mouth. The Sacred Race wouldn’t be easy to push around. Additionally, it had suppressed the all-heavens for countless years. Although many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts had encountered Sacred Race experts in the chaos void in the past two years, the majority fell into disadvantageous situations. This clearly showed how strong the Sacred Race was.

If they wanted to compete with the Sacred Race for the Stone Dragon Secret Domain, they would have to fight unimaginably fierce battles.

But no matter how complicated were the thoughts in their minds, that was the present situation. Moreover, those who could come to the All-Heavens City were all considered elites of all-heavens. And thus they naturally understood the Sacred Race and all-heavens always stood on completely opposing sides and there was no chance of them compromising. If they didn’t fight for the Stone Dragon Secret Domain, that would only tilt the two sides even more and they would have to pay an even greater price in the end.  

Therefore, instead of waiting for their doom, it was better to fight with their lives!

If they miraculously seized the Stone Dragon Secret Domain, it wasn’t just an opportunity for all-heavens, but it would also raise the all-heavens’ morale. 

Shortly after the announcement, many experts in the All-Heavens City felt the chaos void splitting apart. Waves of mighty force suddenly appeared, along with pillars-like images reflected in the void.

It was the Saints assembled in the All-Heavens City! 

The appearance of so many Saints at the same time triggered strange spectacles across the world. Even the storm wreaking havoc in the chaos void was suppressed. A natural barrier like the chaos storm had obediently subsided in the face of Saints.

Zhou Yuan, who was standing in a courtyard, looked up and saw a familiar figure in front of the many Saints. It was Cang Yuan.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo hadn’t shown up.

Under countless blazing and awed gazes, Cang Yuan guided the many Saints across the sky, and as he drew his hand, the chaos void in front of him split apart, revealing a passageway that led into an ordinary space.

Zhou Yuan could tell that this was where the spatial crack that the four Sacred Race Law Domain experts went through was.

Many people couldn’t help whisper to one another as they watched. After all, they didn’t know what Zhou Yuan did.

However, their bewilderment didn't last long because the Saints acted the next moment.

The chaos seemed to have frozen as several waves of mighty forces descended.


Such a terrifying impact almost instantly shattered the void. A tiny spatial gap was torn into the void. The gap that was less than a palm’s width rapidly expanded.

The tiny spatial gap turned into a huge space portal within a few breaths. 

Mighty forces hovered around the portal to stabilize it.    

But just as the space portal was close to completion, a majestic force came speeding over and re-activated the chaos. Like a boundless wave, it completely engulfed the area to crush the portal.

A fierce light flashed in Cang Yuan’s eyes. Without the need for Cang Yuan to say anything, the Saints from all-heavens coldly snorted out loud. Then, a mighty force rolled out like flames across the sky, colliding head-on with the wave of mighty force.


The two mighty forces were tyrannical, and the collision could be felt even in the All-Heavens City.

However, the two mighty forces eventually dissipated simultaneously.

As the clash ended, everyone from the All-Heavens City cast their gaze to the space portal, only to see a tremendous stone dragon in the depths as well as countless Sacred Race troops outside the stone dragon light film. They couldn’t help inhaling sharply.

"The secret domain belongs to the Sacred Race, yet the lower five heavens dare to covet it?!”

While many people within the All-Heavens City were astonished, several imposing figures in the secret domain suddenly sped across the sky and peered into the space portal with cold and ruthless gazes.

At the same time, a voice filled with murderous intent reverberated across the sky, striking terror into people’s hearts.

“Get away quickly! Otherwise, you will be slaughtered!”

Hearing a stern warning from a Sacred Race Saint, Cang Yuan simply smiled. Not only did he not retreat, he led all the Saints forward. When he reappeared, he had already passed through the space portal and was in the secret domain.

"The secret domain here is clearly transformed from Ancestral Dragon remains, and the Ancestral Dragon has nothing to do with your Sacred Race. How dare you say this place belongs to the Sacred Race?” Cang Yuan sneered.

The dozens of Saints standing behind him all wore icy expressions. Even simply by standing there, it felt as though heaven and earth were turned upside down.

The infinite power it exuded not only made the Nascent Source experts and Law Domain experts  in the All-Heavens City tremble, even the army of Saints assumed extremely serious expressions. But no matter what, a saint was the highest existence in the world and wouldn’t be humiliated so easily.

Only Saints could deal with Saints.  

“Oh, I asked why do the all-heavens have the guts to snatch something that belongs to the Sacred Race? It turns out that you’re thinking of fighting with your life? Unfortunately for you guys, the Sacred Race would rather throw our stuff to feed the dog rather than give them to the lower five heavens.”

A figure reaching to heaven and resting on the earth appeared above the Sacred Race army. It was a purple-robed elder with purple eyes and with purple light flowing inside. He swept a cold glance over Cang Yuan, the leader of the all-heavens army. “Cang Yuan, if you know what’s best for you, you would quickly lead your people out of the secret domain and I will pretend this never happened.”

"It turned out to be old man Zi Quang.”  

Cang Yuan, who was acquainted with the purple-robed old man, said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Since we discovered the secret domain, we have to take a few bites first.”

The Saint from the Sacred Race called Zi Guang smiled indifferently while shaking his head. “It seems that our Sacred Race has been too kind to the lower five heavens in the past. This created an illusion to you that our Sacred Race is easy to bully, is that right?” 

As his voice rang out, the space behind him rippled and enthusiastic cheers erupted from the Sacred Race army. This was because behind Zi Guang were several mighty figures emerging. 

The Saints from the Sacred Race. 

The number wasn’t inferior to the all-heavens army.  

Many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts watched nervously. This was the first time they saw so many Saints appear at the same time. The thought of a battle between such existences made them feel their scalp numb.

It was truly earth-shaking.

Zi Guang stood with his hands behind his back while sizing up Cang Yuan with an indifferent gaze. Then, a cold chilling killing intent filled his eyes.

“Cang Yuan, I am going to ask you one last time. Are you going to get lost?”

However, Cang Yuan didn’t respond again. Headed by Cang Yuan, the Saints from all-heavens acted the next moment.

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