Chapter 1311 All-Heavens Stirred

For a period, the experts gathered in All-Heavens City all felt an unusual atmosphere within the city. That greatest change was that the number of missions issued by the Spirit Searching Hall had lessened significantly and all explorations were also greatly reduced. 

But before a dispute broke out due to this, the Saints in All-Heavens City issued a direct order that the All-Heavens City would be temporarily closed-off and no one was allowed to travel to the chaos void.

The order unsurprisingly set off surging waves in the city and undoubtedly shocked all experts from the various forces. The main reason they came to the All-Heavens City was to search for Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits and exchange them for Ancestral Dragon Pills, but the restriction order directly ruined their plan.

This matter concerned their foundations and so there were huge adverse responses to the order.

However, no matter how turbulent it was in the All-Heavens City, the Saints didn’t come forward to explain to them, which made many people in the All-Heavens City even more panicky.


Zhou Yuan stayed in Yaoyao’s residence these days and rarely went out. But he couldn’t calm his emotions ever since Yaoyao told him that his opportunity in breaking the limit of the Nascent Source stage lies in Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence.

This was because he knew how difficult it was to break the limit. Since ancient times, many heaven prides didn’t dare to have excessive expectations of breaking the limit and even Zhou Yuan wasn’t confident in achieving it.

The Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence was undoubtedly a life-saving straw to Zhou Yuan. He felt he wouldn’t be given a second chance if he lost this one. 

However, although Zhou Yuan was eager to get the opportunity, he understood that the secret domain was linked to a huge matter. The Dragon Spirit Utopia simply couldn’t compare to it. Moreover, a huge number of Sacred Race forces were gathered there, including Saints.

Given the scale of it, he knew he alone couldn’t change anything. Even if he were to sneak in, he would simply be seeking death. 

He needed to wait for the Omega Shrine to formulate a plan. Only then would he perhaps get a glimpse of the opportunity as well as a share of the profits. 

He could only wait quietly. Additionally, he believed it wouldn’t be long. 

It was indeed exactly as Zhou Yuan thought. A few days later, Cang Yuan came to the small courtyard where he was with the latest plan.

“Prime sovereign Jin Luo has led 17 Saints into the All-Heavens City.” Cang Yuan’s first sentence immediately stunned Zhou Yuan and he couldn’t help gasping out loud. He knew the Omega Shrine would attach huge importance to the secret domain, but he didn't expect even prime sovereign Jin Luo, one of the three prime sovereigns, would be dispatched.

There were also 17 Saints…the lineup was extremely grand.

The all-heavens evidently planned to create a huge wave.

While stunned, Zhou Yuan invited Cang Yuan to take a seat in a stone pavilion. Yaoyao held Tuntun while staring at Cang Yuan’s wrinkled face. She eventually removed the jade gourd hanging at her waist and poured a cup of wine for him.

Cang Yuan stared blankly at Yaoyao, who was wearing an indifferent expression.

He didn't think Yaoyao would take the initiative to pour him a cup of wine...Although she didn't utter a word, Cang Yuan could still feel a lot of her emotions were contained in that cup of wine. 

Although Yaoyao seemed cold and detached even after Zhou Yuan returned, she was actually better than before. 

Zhou Yuan quietly watched and didn’t say anything.

Cang Yuan slowly retracted his gaze from Yaoyao's face and gazed at the cup of wine in front of him. Even if his mind was always as calm as water, tears still welled in his eyes. After all, he watched Yaoyao born from the divine stone and he was the one who brought her up.

Although Yaoyao had a special identity, Cang Yuan had always treated her like his own daughter.

As Yaoyao's divinity was gradually restored in the past two years, her personality also grew increasingly cold and she gradually detached herself from Cang Yuan. Although Cang Yuan didn’t show how he felt, he was obviously very upset inside. 

Cang Yuan held up the cup and drank the wine in one gulp. “Little Yaoyao, grandpa Hei won’t blame you no matter what you do.” 

Yaoyao didn't respond and peered down and stroked Tuntun’s fur.

Cang Yuan wasn’t an ordinary person either and so he quickly composed himself and said to Zhou Yuan, “The Sacred Race should have a passage to the secret domain you discovered at another set of spatial coordinates. Those four Sacred Race Law Domain experts should have only entered through an undetectable spatial crack.

"The spatial crack isn’t noticeable, but it connects to the secret domain, and the Sacred Race must have sent them to suppress and conceal the spatial crack.

“The Sacred Race movements we discovered earlier should have unintentionally leaked out from that spatial crack. However, the Sacred Race Saints covered it up and so we didn't discover it until your Spirit accidentally broke in..”

Zhou Yuan nodded, “What plans does the Omega Shrine have?”

Cang Yuan smiled. “The stone dragon in the secret domain is a super strategic resource. The all-heavens won’t give it up so easily. Therefore, even prime sovereign Jin Luo will personally take action.”

Zhou Yuan's expression became solemn as he asked, “We plan to clash head-on with the Sacred Race?”

“Now that the Sacred Race is eyeing that secret domain, they are already ahead of us. It’s inevitable to clash with them if we also want to fight for the secret domain.”

Zhou Yuan was silent. Although what they said was simple, anyone could feel how earth-shaking the clash between the two sides would be. After all, there was a truce between the all-heavens and the Sacred Race for years. Even though there had been many frictions, they hadn’t reached the stage of war.

But Zhou Yuan also understood that the all-heavens didn’t want to go to war, but the Sacred Race’s ultimate goal was to eliminate all races. Their silence was just them waiting for a better opportunity…They would be deceiving themselves if they say people were trying to avoid trouble and bring about peace.

“If they were truly going to clash, that would be an opportunity for all-heavens…”

"The Sacred God of the Sacred Race hasn’t fully awakened yet. This has constrained many top forces in the Sacred Race. Most of the seven prime saints have gathered on the Sacred Mountain and dare not make the slightest movement. Therefore, prime sovereign Jin Luo personally acted this time. We should have the qualification to clash with the Sacred Race,” explained Cang Yuan.

Zhou Yuan nodded. Since the Saints of all-heavens had made a decision, he naturally had nothing else to say. Of course, he also hoped that the all-heavens would choose to seize the secret domain, so that he could obtain Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence.

“Prime sovereign Jin Luo will first take the lead in tearing the spatial crack apart, and then completely stabilize it to form a passageway where we could enter. And after that, we will face the Sacred Race and compete for the stone dragon.”

Zhou Yuan smacked his lips. The scale of the battle would likely be the greatest he had ever seen in these years. After all, even prime sovereign Jin Luo, a pillar of all-heavens, came out this time. 

Cang Yuan hesitated for a while before his gaze shifted towards Yaoyao, who hadn’t said a word. “I also came with a request from prime sovereign Jin Luo. He hoped that Yaoyao would help out slightly in this battle if there is a critical moment.”

Zhou Yuan didn't speak. He didn't want to influence Yaoyao’s opinion.

Yaoyao paused stroking Tuntun for a moment. She pondered and then nodded.

"I can help out depending on the situation, but if there’s Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence in the end…you need to leave a share for Zhou Yuan." She stated her requirement.

Cang Yuan nodded. His gaze remained on Yaoyao for a while and he eventually got up and left.

As Cang Yuan left, Zhou Yuan frowned. "You don't have to do that. If I need Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence, I will fight for them myself.”

He wasn't a male chauvinist. After all, he had lived off Yaoyao for so many years already. He just didn't want Yaoyao to do what she didn't want to do.

Yaoyao reached for Zhou Yuan’s hand and said, “I just casually agreed. Perhaps they won't need me.”

Zhou Yuan felt helpless towards her excuse. He could only grip her delicate little hand and peer at the chaos, his eyes narrowing. He knew that the incoming storm would stir all-heavens.

Could the all-heavens snatch food from the tiger’s mouth?

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