Chapter 131 Heavenly Luo Halberd

The trio had finally successfully entered the House of Geniuses and were led to their room by a servant.

“It seems that someone is out to get us.” Once they were in the room, Luluo’s eyebrows knitted together. Someone as sharp as her had naturally realised that there were some problems with Xiao Luo’s attitude.

Zhou Yuan frowned. It was the first time they had come here, and none of them knew anyone, why were they being targeted?

On the way here, the only one they had offended was the Gu clan.

Could the Gu clan’s hands have reached all the way here?

Luluo seemed to be able to read Zhou Yuan thoughts, shaking her head as she said, “The faction behind the House of Geniuses is the city lord residence. I doubt that Gu clan can make them do anything.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. The city lord residence? Why was this faction making things difficult for them?

The trio thought about this matter for a while, but were unable to arrive at a conclusion. Hence, they could only drop it for the time being.

Luluo wrinkled her nose as she said, “No need to be too worried. Although the city lord residence is strong, they do not dare to do as they please. It's not like we don’t have any powerful backers.”

Zhou Yuan nodded.

“I’ll head out and ask around for some information while also looking up where to buy the Underworld Spirit Fruit and the Blood Vermillion Grass.” Luluo grinned. She was clearly someone who was unable to sit still for long.

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao nodded. The House of Geniuses was a mix of both good and bad characters that they did not intend to mingle with. They would rather stay in the room to train.

Thus, Luluo went out alone, but it was not long before she slipped back in again, her face brimming with excitement.

“There’s news!”

Zhou Yuan was somewhat surprised. That was fast.

Luluo eagerly blurted out, “There will be an auction tonight in the House of Geniuses, and both the Underworld Spirit Fruit and Blood Vermillion Fruit have been mentioned. Moreover, the ones gathered here are the various geniuses from all over the Cangmang Continent so any treasure can be put on sale regardless of where they came from. Hence, there’s likely going to be quite a few gems.”

From the looks of it, she was extremely fond of such rare and lively events.

Zhou Yuan was also a little thrilled at this news. There was finally information about the Underworld Spirit Fruit and Blood Vermillion Fruit.

As long as he could obtain these two Genesis resources, his Spirit would be able to ascend to the advance Illusory stage, allowing him to begin learning grade 3 Genesis Runes. When that happened, he would no longer have to fear advance Heaven Gate stage opponents.

The current him was amongst a gathering of geniuses of which several possessed the strength of the advance Heaven Gate stage. If Zhou Yuan did not raise his battle power, he would be disadvantaged when he met them in a fight.

“Then we’ll have a look at the auction tonight.” Zhou Yuan decided. The current him needed to the Underworld Spirit Fruit and Vermillion Blood Grass far too much.

Time flowed as night began to envelope the enormous Saint Remains City. The outside of the city was pitch-black darkness, while the inside was brightly lit.

Under the House of Geniuses was a vast underground room that was the chosen venue for the auction.

At this current time, several geniuses from all over were flooding into the room. It was obvious that many were interested in the auction tonight. After all, the Saint Remains Domain was about to open, and everyone wanted to make themselves as strong as possible. Obtaining a powerful Genesis weapon or treasure would certainly be hugely beneficial to them.

Luluo’s reputation was clearly much greater than Zhou Yuan’s. Hence, the group of three easily acquired a VIP room for themselves. The room had a view looking down from above, the transparent glass allowing them to clearly see the entire place and the auction stage.

“The other VIP rooms are likely occupied by the super geniuses of our Cangmang Continent.” Luluo smiled craftily at Zhou Yuan as she continued, “Wu Huang may even be amongst them.”

The hand holding Zhou Yuan’s cup trembled slightly, but he did not reply. The expression in his eyes however turned a little graver.

He knew that Luluo’s words were likely true.

Zhou Yuan took a small sip of the wine in his cup as its fiery taste entered his mouth. He had the faint premonition that his meeting with Wu Huang was not far off.

The one that has my sacred dragon blessing, you’ve been having a pretty good life…


While Zhou Yuan was lost in thought, the sound of a gong suddenly reverberated throughout the auction area. The noise quickly died down as excited gaze after gaze focused on the stage.

The stage lit up and an elderly figure walked out. The moment he appeared, powerful Genesis Qi undulations spread from his body.

This elder was clearly an Alpha-Origin expert.

When Zhou Yuan saw this, he uttered in amazement, “To think that they’ve actually sent an Alpha-Origin expert to host this auction, impressive.” 

“The latter part of the auction will definitely be hosted by the city lord residence. This Alpha-Origin expert is likely also a member of the city lord residence.” Said Luluo.

Zhou Yuan nodded.

While they were conversing, the elder on the stage swept his gaze around the place as his voice rang out in everyone’s ears, “Since everyone has come here from far away, I shall dispense with the pleasantries. A long time has been spent preparing for this auction, and I believe that everyone will be very interested in our selection.”

“Let’s begin.”

The atmosphere intensified as the elder’s final word faded, every gaze in the place now tightly glued to the former.

The elder merely waved his hand and a dozen steel tower like men carried out a certain item, their footsteps heavy as if they were lifting a mountain.

The elder reached out a gnarly hand and lifted the black cloth that covered the item. A heavy night-black halberd instantly appeared in everyone’s sights.

The heavy halberd was several feet long and covered all over in veined patterns. An astonishing killing intent spread from it, causing the hairs of anyone who felt it to stand on end. However, it was a pity that there were several cracks on the heavy halberd, making it apparent that this weapon was a damaged article.

The elder slowly said, “This is a damaged quasi-Heaven tier Genesis Weapon. It is known as the Heavenly Luo Halberd.”


The auction area practically exploded. To think that the first item would be a quasi-Heaven Genesis Weapon. Although it was damaged, it could still be considered Heaven tier, and a quasi-Heaven tier weapon was not ordinary at all.

“Amazing, the first item is already a quasi-Heaven Genesis Weapon. Looks like they really put some thought into aweing the crowd.” Zhou Yuan could not help but exclaim in admiration. One must know that the highest tier Genesis Weapon in the entire Great Zhou Empire was the Nine Flames Spear owned by his father.

But even it was merely a high grade Black Genesis Weapon.

Don’t scoff at this quasi-Heaven Genesis Weapon just because it was damaged. Its power definitely surpassed a high grade Black Genesis Weapon, making it an extremely lethal weapon in battle.

With this halberd, an advance Heaven Gate expert would even be able to do battle with a first layer Alpha-Origin expert.

Back then, Su Youwei had used the remnant power of the Yangming Sword in her body to insta-kill an Alpha-Origin expert. From this, one can see just how much power a Heaven tier Genesis Weapon possessed.

Of course, it must be mentioned that the Yangming Sword was definitely much higher up on the ladder than this Heavenly Luo Halberd.’

“Bids for this item starts at 500,000 Genesis crystals.” The elder’s gaze swept across the entire auction area as his powerful voice rang out.

The auction area was silent for a split second before instantly being broken by a wave of voices.


“I bid 700,000!”

“800,000! I hope that everyone will give me, Lu Dameng, some face!”

“Who do you think you are, I’ve never even heard of you. One million!”


In the short span of a dozen minutes, the Heavenly Luo Halberd’s price had reached a whopping bid of 1.5 million.

Zhou Yuan itched to join in as he watched exhilarating exchange of bids, but could ultimately only let out a helpless sigh. He had no money. Only now did he realise how pathetic his 500,000 Genesis crystals were.

After the bid reached 1.5 million, less and less people were able to participate. In the end, a few more rounds of bidding left the bid at 2.1 million.

The Heavenly Luo Halberd was auctioned away at a price of 2.1 million as regretful sighs rang out in the auction area. There were even more people who were clenching their teeth in frustration because no one knew whose hands the halberd had landed in.

Although the majority of the crowd was rather regretful, the atmosphere in the auction area had become pretty lively, and countless burning gazes quickly turned to the stage again.

The first item was already so valuable. Looks likes the quality of the goods this time was indeed going to be pretty high. The only question was whether even better things would appear later on…

Hence,the auction continued under the countless expectant gazes, unstoppable as wildfire.

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