Chapter 1309 Stone Dragon in the Darkness

Zhou Yuan couldn’t help but widen his eyes when he saw the scene his Spirit sent back.

From his Spirit’s prying eyes, he saw a domain in the darkness. The domain was tremendous with a film of light in the center that stretched endlessly. 

Countless Sacred Race experts were hovering around the outside of the film of light as if forming some sort of formation and circulating terrifying powers to constantly bombard the film of light.

Under the Sacred Race’s bombardment, the mysterious film of light constantly rippled.

As the ripples spread, the scene within the film of light loomed.  

Zhou Yuan saw what was happening inside.

There seemed to be a tremendous mottled stone dragon stained with the traces of time. The stone dragon exuded an ancient aura as though born since the beginning of the world.

The stone dragon was so tremendous that even one of its dragon scales would be a land of thousand miles if placed elsewhere. From this, it was clear how majestic and colossal its body was.

It was simply a stone dragon continent.

The giant stone dragon, enveloped in a mysterious film of light, occupied the depths of the darkness. Zhou Yuan saw flecks of light flashing on the stone dragon’s body, in which figures seemed to be sitting cross-legged. Those figures gave Zhou Yuan a strange feeling because he couldn’t feel a trace of vitality from them. 

That split second of a scene already made Zhou Yuan feel waves lifting high in his heart. The aura that the stone dragon in the depths emitted wasn’t unfamiliar to him because it was formed from Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits. They were identical to the Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits in the Ancestral Spirit Mountain of the Dragon Spirit Utopia.  

The only difference was that the Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits here were clearly more tremendous and could even condense into a strong dragon, something that those within the Ancestral Spirit Mountain couldn’t achieve.

The reason the Sacred Race hid here and mobilized such large forces was to break the film of light and seize the stone dragon?

Zhou Yuan realized he had accidentally discovered something unexpected. 

“Huh?!” But while Zhou Yuan was stunned by the scene, a cold voice resounded in the darkness, shaking the stars.

A gaze containing mighty power suddenly cast his direction and then locked on the four Sacred Race Law Domain experts who just entered the domain. Then, an angry bellow echoed like a clap of thunder from the ninth heaven, “An ant dare pry into the Sacred Race’s secrets?!”

As that bellow spread out, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit trembled violently and he even unhesitatingly destroyed his own Spirit seal to avoid being caught by the Saint and prevent him from tracing the Spirit back to his true body.

On a little mist-shrouded island in the chaos void.  

Zhou Yuan's eyes snapped open and terror filled his face. Without any time to explain to the others, he flicked his sleeve and circulated Genesis Qi to engulf Su Youwei and the others, who were staring puzzledly at him. He suddenly cried out, “This is bad, run!” 

Although he destroyed his Spirit seal in time, the Sacred Race’s Saint clearly discovered him and so he had to flee right away. Otherwise their lives could be in danger.

He bolted into a full speed dash through the chaos void and fled frantically. 

However, he still underestimated the strength of a Saint.  

While Zhou Yuan led the others to flee, the chaos void quaked violently before it was torn apart and a pair of huge icy-cold eyes emerged, locking on Zhou Yuan and the others. 

“Lowly ants, you’re here already, why are you leaving?”

As the voice resounded, a chaos storm rapidly gathered and formed a giant chaos hand. It blotted out the sky and aimed directly for Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan was so terrified that he immediately went numb. A Saint was indeed tyrannical. A Saint could even manipulate the chaos storm in the chaos void at will. It should be said that even Law Domain experts would unlikely survive in such a storm. 

But the storm was even more terrifying now that it was controlled by a Saint. The slightest contact could make Zhou Yuan die a graceless death.

Wu Yao and Su Youwei also paled at the sight.  

Zhao Mushen couldn't help yelling, “What did you do?! How come we are being hunted by a Saint now?!”

He felt he was suffocating. They had been in the chaos void several times in the past two years and had never encountered a Saint from the Sacred Race, but now that they were traveling with Zhou Yuan, they were fiercely attacked by Sacred Race’s Law Domain experts and even provoked a Saint from the Sacred Race to chase him down. Zhao Mushen, who was always cold and arrogant, couldn’t help erupting in anger. 

Zhou Yuan, however, paid no attention to his explosiveness and continued to desperately circulate Genesis QI to flee for their lives.  

But no matter how fast they fled, the storm hand still rapidly approached them. It was as though it could penetrate all space and it was impossible to evade.

Zhou Yuan’s face turned grave and he operated an escaping art. 

Tuntun suddenly appeared on Zhou Yuan’s head. He arched his back and unleashed a low roar towards the giant storm hand. A fierce light flashed in his eyes. He planned to fight back at such a dangerous moment to give Zhou Yuan a chance to escape. 

“Tuntun, don’t be reckless!” cautioned Zhou Yuan. Although Tuntun was now promoted to the grade 8 stage, he still couldn’t compete with a Saint!

Tuntun let out a roar, black light leaping between his sharp teeth.

The giant storm hand came crashing down on him.

Tuntun leapt up, his body expanded and he transformed into his mighty combat form.  

However, just as he was about to face the giant hand, the space above twisted and an incomparably huge Saint lotus bloomed from a blaze of light. The Saint lotus met the giant storm head-on. The two mighty forces clashed without any earth-shattering collision. Instead, they silently annihilated each other. 

“Haha, a high and mighty Saint wants to kill a junior at the Nascent Source stage. Does the Saint from the Sacred Race know what shame is?” 

As the two mighty forces were destroyed, a laughter that was very familiar to Zhou Yuan echoed throughout the area. Then, Cang Yuan’s figure emerged in the rippling space.

The Sacred Race’s Saint stared icily at Cang Yuan and then swept a chilling glance over Zhou Yuan. He didn’t say a word to Cang Yuan and then the huge eyes gradually faded away. 

Although reluctant to retreat, the Sacred Race’s Saint knew that there was nothing he could do to Zhou Yuan now that a Saint from all-heavens had come. 

Moreover, the secret domain might be exposed. He had to notify the rest of the Sacred Race right away. A huge battle was about to break out.

Zhou Yuan and the others breathed a sigh of relief.

Cang Yuan came over to Zhou Yuan and the others, saying helplessly, “Kid, you’re too good at attracting troubles. How did you provoke a Saint from the Sacred Race? If I hadn’t secretly concealed a seal in your body when you left the All-Heavens City, I wouldn’t have been able to come in time.”

Zhou Yuan smiled foolishly, and then, he assumed a serious expression. He didn't hide anything. His Spirit between his brows suddenly flashed and a scene enveloped in Spirit power was presented to Cang Yuan.  

Cang Yuan puzzledly received it, but his face, which was always calm and composed, changed dramatically when he saw the stone dragon in the darkness.

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