Chapter 1307 Surprise attack

The four pill hunters fled without any hesitation when they saw Zhou Yuan. 

Even though Zhou Yuan's fame had lessened over the past two years, he still held the record of killing a pseudo Law Domain expert at the Nascent Source stage. Additionally, his Spirit cultivation level had reached the Allroamer stage.

He possessed strength comparable to a true Law Domain expert.    

He wasn’t someone that they could contend against.  

Although the pill hunters were greedy and ruthless, they knew very well how to correctly assess a situation.

“Since you’re in that occupation, you should know what price you would pay if you anger someone who you shouldn’t?” Zhou Yuan indifferently watched the four flee unhesitatingly and then he locked his eyes on one. He lifted a finger and pointed at him from afar.

As he flicked his finger, the pseudo Law Domain expert suddenly froze in the air. This was because Zhou Yuan’s Spirit power had completely solidified the space around the pill hunter.

The pill hunter roared and attempted to resist with his pseudo Law Domain. He eventually gave up in despair because his efforts were futile.  

Terrifying Spirit power poured towards him like silver liquid, crushing his pseudo Law Domain like foam. The Spirit power simply brushed past the pseudo Law Domain expert but he abruptly stopped struggling. Although he appeared unwounded, his Spirit was annihilated in that second.

He had lost all his vitality.  

Seeing Zhou Yuan get rid of one of their comrades, the other three pill hunters fled at full speed, almost ready to risk everything to escape.


It was at that moment when a deep imposing beast roar rang out in another direction. Then, the surrounding space rippled and twisted, forming a black hole. The black hole rapidly expanded and silently swallowed a pseudo Law Domain.

As the black hole whirled, a small beast jumped out of the void and swallowed the black hole in an instant.


At the same time, a phoenix cry resounded in another direction. The space around suddenly collapsed and golden feathers that were everywhere formed a torrent, engulfing a pseudo Law Domain pill hunter.  

The pill hunter resisted with all his strength and even brought out his pseudo Law Domain. However, he still underestimated the power from the sky of golden feathers. Blazing golden flames pulsed on the feathers torrent as they sped down. That amount could incinerate the pseudo Law Domain.  

The pseudo Law Domain swayed constantly and was on the verge of collapsing. The feathers pierced right through and set the pill hunter ablaze under his horrified gaze.  

As everything darkened into nothingness, he saw a beautiful red dress slowly moving across the air and a pair of phoenix eyes filled with chilling intent.

“Martial Empress…” he made his last murmur as death shrouded him.

The remaining pill hunter also sensed the death of his comrades. He knew he was in trouble. They had traveled along the river all year round but this time their boat finally capsized.

He suddenly halted. 

He looked up to see a tall man walking out from the dense mist. A light shuttle was slowly spinning in the man’s palm as dark rays of light rippled unsteadily around it. His hair stood on end and a chill ran down his spine.

“The Devourer, Zhao Mushen…” The pill hunter uttered with difficulty.

“You sewer cockroaches. You even dare to touch our people?” Zhao Mushen looked down condescendingly, his eyes filled with contempt and chilling intent. 

The pill hunter didn't respond and just frantically circulated all his Genesis Qi. A torrent pierced through the void, roaring towards Zhao Mushen.

As Zhao Mushen stared expressionless at the deadly attack, the black light shuttle vanished with a flash.

The space in front of him shattered as a dark spear was thrust out from the torrent, aiming for the center of Zhao Mushen’s brows. 

The tip of the spear rapidly neared Zhao Mushen, but he neither blocked nor evaded. 

In the end, the spear came to a stop a few inches away from Zhao Mushen.

The pill hunter reluctantly peered down at his chest to see a black light shuttle had unknowingly appeared. The black light rays around it rapidly spread and corroded his flesh and blood wherever they passed.  

Zhao Mushen extended two fingers, gently pushing the spear tip away from him, and he inhaled sharply.

Black light spread and completely consumed the pill hunter. He soon was turned into black liquid and sucked into Zhao Mushen’s stomach.


Sensing the three pill hunters’ vitality was gone, Zhou Yuan turned his head and asked the beautiful girl who was tightly gripping her sword, “Are you alright?”

Su Youwei stared at Zhou Yuan for several seconds before her eyes drooped and she asked embarrassedly, “How come your Highness is here?”

"Wu Yao came to notify me about the news she heard and I rushed her immediately. Fortunately I came in time.” Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief and then he chided, “The chaos void is full of danger. How could you come here alone?”

Su Youwei pursed her lips and nodded with a smile, “I was careless. Your Highness is right.”

Wu Yao suddenly appeared next to her and she couldn’t help saying, “You’re so obedient. You’re not the Su Youwei I know!”

Su Youwei smiled. “That’s because his Highness is right. I shouldn’t have come out here alone and made everyone have to come find me.”

Her beautiful eyes twinkled slightly as she gazed at Zhou Yuan. It was obvious that she was in a much better mood after seeing Zhou Yuan. 

Wu Yao was at a loss for words and could only shake her head. “You’re really hopeless.”

Uncomfortable from Su Youwei’s gaze, Zhou Yuan cleared his throat  and said, “You should rest for a while and then we will leave together.”

Su Youwei nodded and obediently closed her eyes to recuperate.

Zhou Yuan turned around, vigilantly scanning the surroundings.

The space above him suddenly distorted and Tuntun leaped onto his head. Zhao Mushen appeared soon after and handed Tuntun a fragrant roasted leg that no one knew where he got from. “Lord, do you want to eat it?” 

Tuntun quickly swallowed the leg with a roll of his tongue and looked at Zhao Mushen with a satisfied face. 

Zhou Yuan: “…”  

He ignored the two weirdos and said to Wu Yao, “There were reports of movements from the Sacred Race in this area, isn’t that right?”

Wu Yao nodded. “But that isn’t confirmed. Forces from the All-Heavens City had searched this area, including Saints, but no one found anything in the end. The movements detected might be a mistake.” 

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment and said, “Regardless, we shouldn’t stay here too long. We should leave as soon as Youwei recovers.”

Wu Yao nodded in agreement.

Wu Yao and Zhou Yuan kept a sharp lookout but Zhao Mushen ignored everything and just constantly brought out all sorts of food for Tuntun, who was lying on Zhou Yuan’s head.

One fed happily and the other ate happily. They looked like they were on an outing.

As the veins on Zhou Yuan’s forehead pulsed increasingly faster, he finally snapped when a drop of grease trickled onto his face. “Enough you two!”

With his mouth stuffed, Tuntun waved his claws about, annoyed that Zhou Yuan interrupted his meal. 

"I'll tell Yaoyao when we get back that you ate someone else’s food. She will definitely starve you for a few days,” threatened Zhou Yuan.

Tuntun’s beast eyes widened and he swallowed the food in his mouth before protesting.

However, although he protested, he really didn’t dare to eat anymore. 

Zhao Mushen snapped, “Zhou Yuan, you went too far! What right do you have to stop Lord Tuntun from eating?!” 

Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes and couldn’t care about the two anymore.

However, while Zhao Mushen continued to fight for Tuntun’s right to eat, Zhou Yuan’s expression changed dramatically. He suddenly looked up and yelled, “Be careful!” 


The space around shattered and four gushes of terrifying Genesis Qi descended like natural disasters. Each one contained power comparable to a Law Domain expert!

But the momentum and force when four were shot out simultaneously were even more terrifying!

The attacks came too sudden. Just when Zhou Yuan reminded everyone to be careful, the Genesis Qi attacks had already struck. 


The area within thousands of miles was razed to the ground in a split second.

Including where Zhou Yuan and the others were.

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