Chapter 1306 Pill Hunters

It was impossible to determine the direction in the chaos void. Anyone without a set of fixed spatial coordinates in this strange space as a guide would eventually be lost in the chaos fog and die in the storm of chaos. That was no exception for Law Domain experts.

A huge continent floated somewhere in the chaos void. 

The terrain was steep and dangerous, and mountain peaks rose steeply from the ground like swords. Gusts of chaos wind occasionally whistled past but they had no destructive effect on the hard, solid mountain rocks. It was as though if anything with vitality touched the gusts of wind, their vitality would be drained away.

Next to a deep mountain stream somewhere on this continent.

Su Youwei sat with her back against an icy stone wall, her beautiful and gentle face icy-cold and her eyes filled with murderous intent.

A sword with black-and-white light flowing along the blade was inserted into the ground next to her. The sword was streaked with faint bloodstains.

Correct, Su Youwei was ambushed a few days ago.

She was ambushed by a total of five Law Domain experts. Their attacks were fierce and merciless, and their series of onslaughts made Su Youwei feel the aura of death. 

Fortunately Su Youwei hadn’t relaxed her guard at all in the chaos void. She evaded the fierce killing attacks at the critical moment and took the opportunity to strike back.  

She severely wounded a Law Domain expert with one sword strike.

But she had to end her attacks there. Her opponents had rich battle experience and they immediately encircled her again. She had no choice but to take the chance to flee. 

However, her opponents had no intention of giving up. For the next several days, she fled and the opponents relentlessly pursued. They fought several times during this period and every attack was merciless.

“Pill hunters?” Su Youwei murmured, killing intent flowing in her beautiful eyes. 

The Ancestral Dragon Pill’s appearance in the All-Heavens City gave hope to many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts who hadn’t made the slightest progress in the past many years. But Ancestral Dragon Pills were scarce, and it was extremely difficult to exchange for one. Thus, this resulted in shady people who walked in the darkness in search of those who hold Ancestral Dragon Pills and materials.  

These people were the infamous pill hunters in the All-Heavens City.

The majority of Nascent Source and Law Domain experts were gathered in the All-Heavens City, and so, there could be said to be a mix of good people and scumbags there. Additionally, everyone’s background was incredibly complicated. Even if Saints wanted to investigate them, they wouldn’t find anything definite. From this, it was clear that the water was very deep.  

Pill hunters were the most troublesome existences for many people in the All-Heavens City.

The pills hunters concealed themselves in the All-Heavens City in usual times and never exposed their identities to anyone. Even a kind-looking person could put on a mask and conceal their auras when darkness comes and become greedy beings that live only for Ancestral Dragon Pills.

"Why would a pill hunter target me? My exchange quota could bring out five pseudo Law Domain pill hunters?” Su Youwei frowned. Although her fame had risen in the past two years, she was still at the Nascent Source stage. There were countless people at the Nascent Source stage in the All-Heavens City. Moreover, Su Youwei felt she was clearly inferior to Wu Yao and Zhao Mushen.

It seems like a waste of resources to dispatch five top pseudo Law Domain experts to deal with me.

A light flashed in Su Youwei's beautiful eyes. “Could it be because of His Highness?”

However, while pondering, a tremendous feeling of danger shrouded her. She immediately reached for her black-and-light sword while trembling and vanished in a flash.


Endless Genesis Qi like enraged dragons roared towards her, abyss walls crumbled and boulders tumbled down like the rain.  

Su Youwei reappeared in midair, staring coldly at the steep icy mountain tops. There, five figures had sealed off all directions.

The five figures were all dressed in black robes but the most striking thing was what was worn on their heads. A blood-colored ball helmet that resembled a pill. The helmet was smooth and glossy but a pair of greedy and ruthless eyes peered out through two dark holes.

The pill helmet on their heads looked funny, but no expert in all-heavens would laugh when they saw them. 

"I don't have Ancestral Dragon Pills on me. I just want to know why pill hunters would target me?” asked Su Youwei in a cold voice.

"No Ancestral Dragon Pill? We will search your corpse,” someone among the five figures said indifferently. His voice was hoarse and without the slightest emotion as though deliberately concealing his real voice. 

“Kill!” The five pill hunters didn’t waste time saying any nonsense. Killing intent surged and they simultaneously launched an attack. Vast amounts of Genesis Qi enveloped Su Youwei like a mountain crashing down on her.

Although Su Youwei was only at the Nascent Source stage, the five pill hunters knew she wasn’t ordinary. Therefore, they had no intention of dealing with her alone, and instead, they planned to combine their strengths and end the battle with thunderous force.  


Genesis Qi whizzed towards her like a storm from all directions, blocking all escape routes.

Su Youwei took a deep breath, her eyes filled with black-and-white light. She stood still in midair, clasping her sword tight with the tip of the sword pointing downwards.

As that vast amount of Genesis Qi roared towards her, mysterious black-and-white light descended from above like a huge yin yang disc.

Su Youwei stood in the center of the yin yang disc while the five pill hunters surrounded her.

“Divine Yin Yang Disk, the Grand Shift!”   

Su Youwei flicked her sword and vanished from the spot in a flash. Right after, a pill hunter appeared where she was.

A horrified look appeared in the hole of his blood-colored pill helmet. 


But just when his panicked voice rang out, five different Genesis Qi attacks were already striking down.


Although one of the five Genesis Qi belonged to him, which he could control, the other four couldn’t stop in time. The Law Domain expert spurted out blood and blasted away.

While flying out, the space behind him twisted and Su Youwei’s figure sped out, clasping a sword with yin yang qi flowing along it. As a ray of sword light flashed, a human head wrapped in a blood-colored pill helmet whirled into the sky. 

As yin yang qi corroded it, even his Spirit was annihilated.

A pseudo Law Domain expert was killed in less than a few seconds. 

The other four pill hunters’ expressions changed dramatically. But as ruthless people, they disregarded their comrade’s bad luck and took advantage of the moment to strike Su Youwei. Four different Genesis arts were launched towards Su Youwei. 

Su Youwei could no longer just evade.    

Yin yang Genesis Qi rushed out her body, causing the space to ripple violently. She made a slashing stroke with her sword and four beams of yin yang sword qi slashed through the air along with countless stars. The spectacle was both stunning and dangerous. 


The full strength attacks from the two sides clashed.

The four sword lights smashed through the three Law Domain experts’ Genesis Qi attacks, only to break apart as it faced the last one.  

A fierce stream of Genesis Qi slammed Su Youwei's delicate body.


Su Youwei spurted out a jet of blood as she collapsed to the ground, causing a mountain to crumble. 

She staggered to her feet, tightly clasping her sword and an icy look flashed in her beautiful eyes.

Four shadows appeared around her.

“You indeed live up to the name Yin Yang Master Su Youwei…You only possessed strength of the Nascent Source stage yet you managed to kill one of us even while ambushed.” A pill hunter uttered, his voice edged with fear.

“If you were at the pseudo Law Domain stage, us five would likely be buried here today.”

Su Youwei said indifferently, “You are just a group of pests. Everyone in the All-Heavens City is preparing for the battle against the Sacred Race and only you guys are fighting your own people.”

“You heaven prides have unlimited potential and naturally don't understand our pain and despair. We have painstakingly cultivated for years, exhausted our potential but we still haven’t made any progress. We could only watch as the younger generation surpass us…”

“Do you think we could just watch that happen? Who doesn't want to reach the Law Domain stage or even the Saint stage?”

“Ancestral Dragon Pills are scarce and we can only obtain them through such a way. Also, do you think they need us to fight the Sacred Race?!”

The four pill hunters became increasingly aggravated as they spoke.

The corners of Su Youwei's lips curled disdainfully. “That’s just an excuse for your actions.”

The four pill hunters were silent for a moment, calming their emotions. Then, they said indifferently, “You don’t need to say anything else. You can’t escape your fate of being buried here today.”

Su Youwei tightened her grip around the sword and stood up proudly, “Even if I die here, I will bring you all with me.” Her beautiful eyes blazed with determination.

Since I can’t escape, I will drag whoever I can with me. However, with that thought, her beautiful eyes suddenly glazed over. She seemed to have zoned out for a moment.

The four pill hunters grasped that moment to launch an attack. Four terrifying blade lights slashed through the air and descended like meteors.

“Su Youwei, die!”   

Just as the blade lights were approaching Su Youwei, the space in front of her distorted and a figure strode forward, sending a gush of indescribable Spirit power out with a flick of his sleeve. 

Under that level of Spirit power, the blade lights that the four pseudo-Law Domain experts summoned with all their strengths were silently dissolved.

The four pill hunters’ expressions changed dramatically as they cried out in disbelief, “That’s…a Spirit apparition? Spirit of the Allroamer stage?!” 

Their voices even cracked when they saw the face of the Spirit apparition. “Zhou Yuan?!”

The figure was naturally Zhou Yuan’s Spirit apparition. He ran his eyes across the four pill hunters and a fierce expression came to his face. “It wasted me a lot of effort to find you guys. Who did say you want dead here?”

Feeling terrifying Spirit power surging around, the four pseudo-Law Domain pill hunters kept quiet. Then, they unhesitatingly transformed into streams of light and fled in four different directions. 

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