Chapter 1304 Scheme

It had been almost half a month since Zhou Yuan refined the fourth Ancestral Dragon Pill.

In the small courtyard, the redness all over Zhou Yuan’s body gradually faded and his body emitted white mist, rippling the space around. 

He slowly opened his eyes.

A divine light flashed in his abyss-like eyes, calming down only after a long while. 

Zhou Yuan immediately examined the inside of his body. His Nascent Source in the Divine Dwellings had slightly grown. Although the growth was almost undetectable and seemed insignificant, Zhou Yuan was very excited because it showed that the Ancestral Dragon Pills indeed had an effect on his Nascent Source. 

If he continued to refine Ancestral Dragon Pills, his Nascent Source could perhaps grow to 9.8 inches or even more. 

Most importantly, the Ancestral Dragon Pills possessed a magical effect of raising one’s potential, which was an amazing advantage compared to other pills. Perhaps Zhou Yuan hadn’t felt this, but for those who had stagnated at the same cultivation stage for years, such an amazing effect brought them hope. 

This was because they could only continue to progress further by raising their potential. 

Unfortunately, Ancestral Dragon Pills were scarce.

Although Zhou Yuan's assistance had greatly increased the production rate of Ancestral Dragon Pill, there still wasn’t enough for the many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts in the All-Heavens City. 

But this was nothing anyone could change. The main material to refine Ancestral Dragon Pill was Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits, which were difficult to find even in the chaos void. Without enough materials, no one could make Ancestral Dragon Pills appear out of thin air regardless of how powerful someone was.

"It seems that I should find a chance to explore the chaos void while resting from pill refining,” sighed Zhou Yuan. The reward of four Ancestral Dragon Pills per month was more than enough to make many Law Domain experts envious. However, Zhou Yuan’s 9.7 inches Nascent Source was impossible to fill up like a bottomless pit.

Additionally, Yaoyao requested him to break the Nascent Source stage’s limit.

Even thinking about such a request made Zhou Yuan feel badly battered and scorched as though he was being hounded to death. 


The All-Heavens City, the west city area.   

A majestic hall towered aloft. Nascent Source and Law Domain experts constantly passed by in both groups and alone. This showed this place was bustling and popular.

This place was called the Treasure Hunting Hall, the place that Nascent Source and Law Domain experts in the All-Heavens City most like to gather. 

Once the Saints in the All-Heavens City calculated the spatial coordinates of where Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits could be found, they would announce it in the hall and then many teams would race there.

Su Youwei stood in front of a counter and took the bamboo slip in front of her, which noted down some of the new areas that were recently located. But she seemed to be preoccupied.

She had been in that state for one month.  

Su Youwei's mood hadn’t improved ever since Zhou Yuan spoke about his relationship with Yaoyao. She even took a lot less missions, which caused Wu Yao and Zhao Mushen to have no choice but partner up with each other to explore the new areas.

Su Youwei eventually understood that she couldn’t let those kinds of emotions control her. She organized her emotions and planned to take an exploration mission alone. She planned to form a team with Wu Yao and Zhao Mushen again after she had completely healed.  

“This one then,” she said to a maid and randomly chose a new location. 

The maid hurriedly responded and handed her a piece of copper. The mottled copper piece released a rippling aura because it was inscribed with spatial coordinates.

Su Youwei thanked her, took the copper piece and left. 

Standing outside the hall, Su Youwei raised her beautiful face towards the sun, drew a deep breath and clenched her hands to encourage herself. “Su Youwei, cheer up. You have suffered many setbacks before. When did you become so easily affected?” 

After invigorating herself, she kept her face towards the sunlight and quickly left. 

However, she didn’t notice a pair of eyes watching her on a nearby terrace.

“She chose that area?” 

On the terrace, Xu Beiyan, who looked exceptionally handsome, gazed into the distance and asked with a smile, “She chose that area?”

Someone in the shadow replied, "Just as young master thought.”

Xu Beiyan nodded, his eyes chilling. Zhou Yuan had replaced him and was so close to the goddess. He couldn't let that matter go. However, Zhou Yuan was very popular in the All-Heavens City and Zhou Yuan never left the city, so there was no perfect chance for Xu Beiyan to do anything to him. 

I can’t do anything to Zhou Yuan, but I can to his friends.

During this period, Xu Beiyan had investigated Su Youwei, Wu Yao, and Zhao Mushen, and he found out that Su Youwei was the closest to Zhou Yuan.

"Young Master, Su Youwei also has quite an impressive background. The region master of the Zixiao Region is as strong as supreme sovereign Cang Yuan,” reminded the person in the shadow.

Xu Beiyan chuckled and said, "I didn't do anything. I just let her select an ordinary area.”

While speaking, he suddenly blinked and a light dawned on his face. “Oh, I forgot. During this period, I ordered people to secretly spread rumors that Su Youwei is Zhou Yuan's little lover, and that Zhou Yuan gave her a lot of the Ancestral Dragon Pills he got from the goddess.” The corners of Xu Beiyan’s mouth curled in a smile.

"Ancestral Dragon Pills are the most dazzling items in the All-Heavens City. Although Su Youwei is exceptionally talented, she’s still only at the Nascent Source stage and would inevitably attract covetous gazes. She can only blame herself for underestimating the dark hearts of people. Some people would even betray their master and destroy their ancestors to progress further. Let alone the fact that she’s just a Nascent Source expert. How many teammates had fallen out with each other because of an Ancestral Dragon Pill in the past two years? And how many people have slandered each other because of an Ancestral Dragon Pill?”

Xu Beiyan put his ink flute to his mouth and smiled again. "I really didn't do anything that might have gone too far. Everything happened naturally. So, what can supreme sovereign Zi Xiao do to me?”

He didn’t say anything else and his flute produced a melodious tune.

It was just that, while playing the flute, his gaze shifted to the direction where Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan resided and his eyes reddened with jealousy.

He forgot to say that he had received information from his master Lu Liu that there seemed to be movements in that seemingly ordinary area. The movements seemed like those of the Sacred Race. According to the rules, the danger level of that area should be raised, but Xu Beiyan didn’t do that right away and Su Youwei happened to pick that area.

This is fate. Perhaps, heaven also dislikes that man who lives off a woman.

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